Utah: What’s Going on With Gay Rights and Which Candidate is the “Real” Conservative?

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If you listen to the news, you are aware that there’s an all-out assault on Decency, Family, Religious Liberty, Marriage and all things Local Control.  They are inseparably connected and those issues are also inseparably connected to the fiscal issues.  The personal choices people make are reflected in fiscal policy and especially the Entitlements.

This gay rights law is the same one that has sparked a chain reaction of persecution against Christian-owned businesses across the United States – fining them or forcing them to render services in ways that violate their First Amendment protections and religious liberty – or go out of business.

This is the same law that allowed a lesbian mayor in Houston to subpoena the sermons of five Houston pastors, violating their First Amendment religious liberty and voting rights.

This is the same law that is allowing men to enter women’s public restrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities.

These gay rights laws have been passed in over 20 communities in Utah citing an endorsement of the Salt Lake City ordinance saying, “It is fair and reasonable and does not do violation to the institution of marriage.”  We now see that is not the case.

LGBT activists in Utah are promising they will get this law passed in the next session.

You MUST see for yourself what this ordinance has done to Salt Lake City.  You will NOT believe your eyes.  And it is now coming to Utah County.

Tonight, November 13, in Orem you will have an opportunity to see this provocative 15-minute video that is sparking much controversy and shocking so many across Utah and the nation.

It’s the video that the LGBT activists do NOT want you to see.  Please join us tonight.

ALF 20141113 - Orem - Snelgrove

Senate District 14 Convention – Who’s the Best Candidate?

On Saturday you have the privilege of electing a state senator in a special election to replace John Valentine who is heading up the State Tax Commission.

Who we elect is critically important.  And knowing where they stand on the issues is only part of the equation.  Knowing their character, specifically what they would DIE for under pressure is a question we ought to begin asking of our candidates.  What would YOU die for?

For many, it boils down to our first freedoms of speech, association, assembly,  religion (including Life and Marriage).  Chipping away at the original intent and the protections the U.S. Constitution established as our rule of law is our right to own property, and the right to bear arms and the principles of local control, state sovereignty and national sovereignty.

Actions speak louder than words.  It’s easy to say, “Yeah, I’d die for freedom,” but if an elected official has a tough time casting a conservative vote because they may stand alone, that’s the action that shows who they really are: cowards.

We need courage, not cowardice.  Our first freedoms are under serious attack, and in many cases, those who have called themselves “conservatives” are to blame.

American Leadership Fund has been actively engaged at the legislature representing key issues that we have targeted: opposing the pro-abortion Medicaid Expansion and the gay rights agenda and its attack on religious liberty are two.  ALF has been vocally opposed to common core reforms which turn our schools into puppets of a national master controlled by radical unions and socialist engineers working right within the state. They have crafted NEA-approved legislation and put it into law to control charter schools. This is the agenda of the Obama Administration and those who support a centralized, bureaucratic government, the hallmark of socialist nations.

We here this most from immigrants that have fled their socialist nations, who are now sounding an alarm that they see right here in America was was established in their totalitarian governments. they say the first freedoms to go were religious liberty and gun rights.

We know the voting records of those candidates who ran as “conservatives” but after elected typically get between 50-60% conservative ratings from Grassroots Conservatives – the only conservative reporting association listed on the most reliable source of voting records – www.VoteSmart.org.

Other organizations that report are either inconsistently conservative, moderate or downright radical Left-leaning. When you see a lower score from Grassroots Conservatives but higher scores from other reporting organizations, you will begin to see who’s who. We know who they are because we working coalitions and know which “conservative” organizations will not join with us on critical issues.

You may be surprised to know that there are only a handful of state senators that we can depend on as conservatives to vote their values across the board.  It is critically important that you know what is happening and that you vote for the strongest candidate.  Most under attack are the votes for social-moral issues, including education.

I know each of these fine candidates running for state senate in your district.  They are good people.  They each call themselves “conservative.”

What It Means to be Conservative

Let’s get specific. Believe it or not, in Utah’s state legislature, a REPUBLICAN senator – Steve Urquhart –  is sponsoring the gay rights (so-called “non-discrimination”) law.  Yet he runs as a “conservative.”  They all do.

This is why I established this blog site.
It’s not just a Utah problem.  It’s a national problem.  It is why we are building the American Leadership Fund.  We must clearly define what we mean by “conservative” and support the true American Leaders.

Republican candidates all brand “conservative,” even Utah’s favorite adopted son – Mitt Romney, whose liberal record from Massachusetts supporting gay rights and abortion dogged him throughout the presidential race, and in part was responsible for not engaging the party base as it needed to do.

Do you hear people say about a candidate, “Oh, he’s an extremist, he’s the far right,” or “He won’t be able to get along and compromise,” or “They’re part of that tea party that’s ruined the Republican Party?”

To this I say, remember history:  Those were the same kind of labels used against Ronald Reagan – from WITHIN the Republican Party – when he ran against Gerry Ford, Jack Kemp and George Bush.

Ford, Kemp and Bush called themselves “conservative” when they ran, but they were all moderates or liberals in their voting records.  Those records showed they became the moderate-liberal wing of the Republican Party.   The longer an elected official remains in office, typically – and sadly – the more liberal they become.

The fact is, government has gotten too big and it has been at the hands of the moderate Republican votes that compromise with the socialists in the Democratic Party.

Who killed Reagan and the Reagan Revolution?  

Two words: Karl Rove.  He was never for Reagan until Reagan became the likely nominee.  A young Rove brokered his candidate – George Bush – as the running mate in order to agree to hand over the nomination to Reagan.  Those were the days of red meat conventions.

They are gone now because of the Kingmakers. Rove and Bush turned nominating conventions into multi-million dollar week-long marketing commercials for the “presumptive” nominee by threatening and extorting potential delegates pre-convention and even on the floor at national conventions because some state parties adopted the “winner takes all” approach to state delegations. There was absolutely no room for any dissent at the convention.

In addition, Rove – with libertarian funding – has been messaging that no Republican can ever get elected again on the national stage unless they are pro-gay rights and pro-abortion.  This began with the “Big Tent” marketing scheme in the mid-1990s. In 1996 the GOP allowed pro-choice and pro-gay speakers on the podium but exiled the social conservatives.

Rove pulled out all stops again in the 2014 mid-term elections, but he and his donor friends were sorely mistaken.  The message of the 2014 mid-terms was:  the base of the Republican Party is still God-fearing, pro-Marriage and pro-Life.

Had it not been for that base getting funded and engaged, we would not now have a Republican majority in both houses. But just how “conservative” will these Republicans be? Watch carefully. This is a dangerous time.

We must be “vote smart” going forward to select candidates nationally and locally that are strong on both the social-moral issues as well as the fiscal because they are inseparably connected.  When people make immoral choices, they end up on the welfare rolls, and we all pay for their mistakes.

What A Conservative Represents

A conservative will consistently vote pro-Family, pro-Life, pro-Marriage, pro-Decency, pro-State Sovereignty and pro-National Sovereignty – pro-original intent Constitutional principles.  This means they understand the limited powers of the federal government, as Reagan did. The bureaucracy is so out of control, it is impossible for a president to cut back without both houses to support those measures.

Conservatives support the constitutional form of elections – a caucus system.  They know it is the system closest to the people.  Anyone can attend and elect representatives to the convention to vote for the candidates they believe are the best.

A caucus prevents others who do not share our conservative values from crossing over to elect candidates that would be allowed to get on the ballot as “Republicans” otherwise.

It prevents other parties and independents from strategically crossing over to elect the weakest Republican candidate on the ballot to give the Democrat an advantage.

Although not perfect, it allows you and me – the grassroots – to run for public office and have a fighting chance of winning against the rich and famous, who are typically NOT committed to conservative principles and who are the very same people trying to destroy this constitutional system of election.

Conservatives do not vote for union-endorsed education programs. Many are not aware, but Utah is completely controlled by the National Education Association union bosses. Also unknown, the National PTA endorses that progressive legislative agenda.  Their agenda is entirely opposed to our conservative values.

Conservatives do not support the union goals of government-funded pre-school, nationalized education and government-managed workforce training. The Utah Education Association and PTA do.  Yet you will find that these two organizations have one of the strongest grips on our elected officials.

Call it what you may, they support the education policies that socialist nations depend upon to manage a nation’s workforce.  Yet the majority of Utah’s “conservative” elected officials vote for these programs.

Many of these programs started in Utah decades ago through Utah’s contribution to the national stage – Secretary of Education T.H. Bell. He completely ignored President Reagan’s promise to dismantle the U.S. Department of Education and strengthened a runaway bureaucracy.  My friend and colleague Charlotte Iserbyt was one of Reagan’s senior policy advisors.  Bell fired her for exposing to the media what the USED was doing to undercut Reagan’s campaign promise.

We can thank her for raising awareness of the movement with its latest label “common core.”

True conservatives do not support gay rights laws, they do not support federal land grabs, they do not support Medicaid Expansion (which is how taxpayers are funding abortions), and they do not support amnesty in any form.  They support a limited form of government under the U.S. Constitution.

ALF’s Top Two Picks

The strongest conservative in this race for State Senate is Al Jackson.

Al Jackson is on the American Leadership Fund board.  I am better acquainted with Al on a personal level.  I know he is courageous and will do all he can to stand on principle.  He understands the Constitution as the Founders viewed it.

In addition, the radical left will have a difficult time trying to convince any of us that the gay rights laws – or another other imposter “equality” laws have anything to do with “civil rights” with Al in the Utah State Senate.

In fact, American Leadership Fund has just been with the Coalition of African-American Pastors. We know how deeply offended African Americans are that LGBT activists and judges are using the 14th Amendment to declare civil rights.

To quote Reverend Bill Owens: “I never marched a single step with Martin Luther King for gay rights. This isn’t a civil rights movement. This is a BULLYING movement!”

We hope you will consider voting for Al Jackson.

Second Choice: Ken Sumsion

If Al does not get the required votes and is eliminated, please give your support to Ken Sumsion.

Here is how Grassroots Conservatives rate the candidates who have a voting record from the Utah State Legislature as reported at  www.votesmart.org.

Ken Sumsion – 86% life time rating.

Steve Sandstrom – 78% life time rating.

Even Stratton – 59% lifetime rating.

The Convention will be held Saturday, November 14, 2014 – 8 AM meet the candidates, Pleasant Grove Junior High, 810 North 100 East, Pleasant Grove, Auditorium.  8:30 AM Credentialing – must bring photo ID, 9:00 AM CALL.

We hope you will become acquainted with the work of American Leadership Fund, and that you will help us get our messages out as we build and develop larger bases of grassroots conservatives.  We are reaching nearly 100,000 people across the nation now – including Utah.  It costs $400 a month alone just to send email updates and alerts.  Please consider a generous contribution of $15, $25, $50, $100 or more today.

On your smart phone: Text “ALF” to 313131


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