Same-Sex Parenting Is Child Abuse and Exploitation – We’re Putting HRC On Notice

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The glorification of same-sex parenting and “gender identity” and its embrace of the sexual revolution is a danger to children and must be stopped. 

celebration of marriage sep 18

It’s time to stop the insanity and to revisit Truth and to call the “equality” movement hijacked by homosexuals what it is: Abuse.  Exploitation.  Medical Malpractice.  The Normalization of Perversion and Pathology.  And we’re putting the funders – the Human Rights Coalition – On Notice.  #HRC-EndTheLies.

In the 1980’s a woman I admire, Phyllis Schlafly, President of Eagle Forum, with the assistance of another champion of education, former U.S. Department of Education Senior Policy Advisor Charlotte Iserbyt, compiled a book titled Child Abuse in the Classroom. It is now time to compile a sequel, this time about the culture of homosexuality and same-sex parenting and its effects on children.Child abuse in the classroom

On Saturday, September 19, 2014 the Utah news media erupted in response to the pro-Marriage Celebration of Marriage rally at the Utah State Capitol. Organizer Mary Summerhays, commented on same sex parenting, displaying photos of lesbians – already in the news – and letting people know her view: that lesbians and homosexuals are intentionally separating these children from one or the other of their biological parents, rendering them fatherless or motherless. She boldly fired the shot: This is not a family, and this is not a marriage.

One would think this would be a simple and logical statement.

But logic has escaped the Ivory Halls of “Higher” Learning. Many have been brainwashed by lies over the past few decades of this Genderless Sexual Revolution that is running parallel with the social justice pandemic emanating from its pathological marketing source: Hollywood.

The whining of the LGBT Human Rights Campaign and its sympathizers is getting old. Look, when you put yourself and your name in a public place and you make a statement about your same-sex parenting “rights,” you are going to be criticized.  And you should be criticized.


Dykes on Bikes - New York City's Pride Parade
Dykes on Bikes – New York City’s Pride Parade

You have chosen to put yourself in the news. Own it and man up. (Or dyke up, whichever  gender identity you “sincerely believe” you are.)

No, I do not hold any hatred toward my gay friends. I have worked side by side with them on stage from New York to L.A. and I respect their talent and creative skills, their humor, their right to live and love and their humanity.

But I do discriminate when they force their sexual perversion on me and my children and when they demand to call their relationships a “marriage” and to claim parenthood for children.

I do discriminate against evil in the world, and anyone who evangelizes evil, especially when it comes to protecting our children.

It’s time to stop the child abuse and exploitation and the central focus on recruiting children into this sexually perverted indulgence, whether hetero or homo.

The LGBT campaign has spread enough lies over the past decade. Now it’s our time to talk back against all the bullying being bought with millions of corporate dollars and then dumped on those of us who know precisely what the damaging outcome of this politically-protected pathological experiment will be.

How do we know this outcome? Because several decades of growing decadence and destruction of the family were brought to us by the same political activists (primarily lesbians) running the feminist show of 1977 – the United Nations International Womens Year conference, which I personally witnessed in Illinois.

These foolish, disgusting and reprehensible experiments will continue to exploit innocent children, just as its predecessor – feminism – has done, which gave us empty promises of liberation.

No fault divorce has done more to damage women and their children by removing “cause” for husbands and fathers leaving them in the lurch, with courts mandating that they work outside the home, leaving their children in public day care, rather than with their mothers. Is this not a form of child abuse and exploitation?

It has created a demographic of poverty and increased the welfare rolls, and has messed up the emotions of little children who had nothing to say about the decisions being made for them to alienate them from one or the other of their biological parents – mother or father.

We can also look to Britain and Canada for what’s next.  This Canadian lesbian “teacher” is pure evil.  This teacher is a pathological pervert being allowed in the classroom under the guise of “sex education.” Lewd images of her are flying around the Internet, taken by a student in one of her classes, which show her lying on top of a school desk in various erotic positions, demonstrating how to use her sex toys.

Is this not an updated form of Child Abuse in the Classroom?

The HRC would like you to believe this is not the homosexual culture.  But it is. I have been in it, but not a participant of it.  I spent the bulk of my adult years in professional theatre. I’ve been on bus and truck tours, and out of necessity late at night after a show in a strange city gone to gay clubs with the cast to get something to eat.  I’ve heard the vulgar conversations, the obsession with sexual talk.  I’ve been in their homes and have seen the pornography on display.

This is the “anything goes” culture our kids are being taught to “tolerate” in the name of “diversity,” “anti-bullying” and “non-discrimination.” We need your help to teach the truth.

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A friend and author, president of the Worldwide Organization of Women, Nicholeen Peck was recently lecturing in London where a group of parents confronted their children’s grammar school to let them know that unisex bathrooms with urinals on one wall and open-stall toilets on the other did not teach their children modesty and that it was immoral by their standards.  The school’s response? “It would be morally irresponsible to teach children that kind of discrimination.”

Is this not a form of child abuse and exploitation?

California trans lawIn 1977, I distinctly remember being wildly mocked and laughed at when I suggested that the Equal Rights Amendment would canonize in the Constitution the right to unisex bathrooms, women in foxholes in the military, and women on football teams – undermining the protection of women and the standards of engagement, based on the notion of “equality.”  Now, through non-discrimination laws, all of this has happened.  California, the land of fruits and nuts passed its law last year unleashing this abuse and insanity.

Among the more bizarre cases in the courts is that of the Mathis family of Colorado and their son Coy, six years old, who “identifies as female.” It’s an example of the collusion of an industry – the American Psychological Association that has abandoned its credibility for politically-correct ideological lies – influencing parents to proactively fuel their son’s “identity” and nurture confusion and emotional, sexually-driven pathology. I s the fact that this family is vigorously in the media, placing this young child on the public stage, talking about very private matters regarding his sexual identity not in itself child abuse and exploitation?

Medical Malpractice

Not much is being said about the medical precautions of what has become so chic and popular, especially among teenagers and college demographic – “gender transitioning.” I’m surprised that most people are not aware of this practice.  This is the process of changing from male to female or the reverse through aggressive hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  We do know that this aggressive and extreme hormone replacement therapy has serious side effects, among which can be impotence.   Here is an example of “gender transitioning:”

Time-Lapse Transitioning

Fortunately there are some voices of science and reason speaking out. Among them is Dr. Paul McHugh, former Chief of Psychiatry and Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University. He speaks from years of research conducted at that noted institution.  JHU was among the first to perform sex change surgery in the 1960s (SRS – sex reassignment surgery or GRS – gender reassignment surgery).

However, research through the 1970s and through his long-term experience with his patients, the findings turn the current trend to transgenderism on its ear. Not only did Johns Hopkins discontinue sex-change surgery, in an August 20, 2014 news interview, Dr. McHugh says that sex change from what nature assigned is biologically impossible, and those that promote it are promoting mental disorder.

The article also quotes McHugh on “a new study showing that the suicide rate among transgendered people who had reassignment surgery is 20 times higher than the suicide rate among non-transgender people.” Two other reputable medical science institutions – Vanterbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic of Children, have found that 70%-80% of children that express transgender feelings “spontaneously” lose those feelings over time.

“While the Obama administration, Hollywood, and major media such as Time magazine promote transgenderism as normal,” said Dr. McHugh, these “policy makers and the media are doing no favors either to the public or the transgendered by treating their confusions as a right in need of defending rather than as a mental disorder that deserves understanding, treatment and prevention.”

McHugh says, “This intensely felt sense of being transgendered constitutes a mental disorder in two respects. The first is that the idea of sex misalignment is simply mistaken – it does not correspond with physical reality. The second is that it can lead to grim psychological outcomes…. It is a disorder similar to a ‘dangerously thin’ person suffering anorexia who looks in the mirror and thinks they are ‘overweight.'”

Is it not only abusive, but exploitative, to an adult for a reputable physician to enable that psychiatric patient without truly helping that individual to overcome the disorder?

In the late 1990s, SRS and the doctors who performed SRS were caught up in the politicization of gender equality perpetuated by the Human Rights Campaign and were grossly misinformed. This video was one produced with dramatic license of the facts. The man/woman actually died of respiratory failure from the effects of AIDS, but the video is on the internet to propagandize and glamorize this pathology. This video has an R-rating with nudity in it, but it is critically important to know and understand the evil that prevails as good in this culture and how the Human Rights Campaign is exporting these lies.

A third example is that of the Navy Seal Christopher Beck, now Kristen Beck, who is being glorified in a feature film. Very little is said of his two children who have been left behind without a father because of his own narcissistic obsessive-compulsive pathology.

Doctors performing these surgeries, except in the rare instances of the appearance of a genetic defect, are engaging in medical abuse and malpractice.  McHugh and his colleagues at Johns Hopkins showed evidence that emotional problems that presented before the surgery are not typically resolved, and in most cases they are increased that when doctors perform sex change surgery (SRS or GRS -). These facts are being buried in the glamorization of SRS and GRS.

A politically-correct medical field, with the help of the Human Rights Campaign, has all but silenced these medical and scientific truths.

Also not being discussed is that HRC has serious side effects. We know this from years of using women as laboratory guinea pigs, those that listened to doctors tell them the side effects were rare and insignificant. Today the medical community has discovered just how dangerous those side effects are. They include blood clots, breast and ovarian cancer, stroke and cardiovascular disease.

These dangers apply to the regimen for menopausal women. What of the men overdosing to become women?  This HRT is so aggressive it can and does turn a man into a woman, minus the sex change surgery.  The medical profession has entered the Frankenstein Zone and unleashed a monster. One could reasonably say these doctors who promote HRT to gender transition-seekers are committing medical malpractice.

A third area of medical malpractice is the petri dish donor-birth by artificial insemination. Today babies can be hatched in a test tube without the natural expression of combining a mother and father to produce a baby. They can be artificially inseminated, and the child may never know the identity of the father. This experiment alienates a child from both the father and mother. Adult children of same sex parents such as Robert Oscar Lopez and donor births such as Bronagh Cassidy are speaking out, while HRC continues to fund propaganda.

Is this not a form of child abuse to deliberately create a child with the intention to take that child away from the biological parent for the wants and desires of two gay adults?  Who will be held accountable?

What About the Children? Where Are They in This Bizarre World of Same-Sex Parenting? What Do THEY Want and Need?

Ask a foster parent. Children want and need both a mother and father. That IS their identity. If they are being honest they will likely tell you that typically those children who have been removed from their mothers’ and fathers’ custody really just want to be with both of their parents, regardless of why they were removed from them.

What are we doing as a society to declare a fictitious “equality” or “civil rights” campaign? What are we thinking to create sperm-donor dads their kids will never know, and then leave these children to wonder what their identity really is, what their biology is, what their history is.

Dawn-StefanowiczDawn Stefanowicz was one of the first to publicly speak out. She’s the author of Out From Under, her story of growing up in the home of her father with his many homosexual partners. (I am writing a separate story on her experience.) To sum, she says, “As a child growing up in a homosexual environment, you don’t have the ability to put the shades on or the earplugs in and ignore. You are growing up in a sort of haunted house spiritually. It’s a very bizarre, sexualized culture that flaunts everything a healthy society finds perverted. You are thrown into a twisted, sexualized environment – the places you go – the topless beaches – , the conversations you hear, the pornographic books and movies around the house. Your conscience and innocence are ripped from you when you go to their gay pride events. From attending those marches, I became terrified of clowns and men dressed up as women. It traumatized me. For a number of years, I struggled with my faith in God that He would allow me to grow up in this very challenging situation for children.”

Is this not a form of child abuse and exploitation?

Dawn also explains that children deserve to know their biology. “When their father is an unknown sperm donor and that donor is a surrogate to lesbians in a community, they may father maybe 300 children. How does one keep track of whether some day that donor-birthed child will marry a half brother? How does that child know its own history, its medical and biological history, its very identity? These babies have no say, and they become commodities, part of a growing slave trade – a form of human trafficking.”

Buried in this glamorized same-sex parenting and homosexual culture is that children of same-sex parents experience more health issues than their counterparts in heterosexual homes. Young recruits to the homosexual lifestyle between 18-24 experience 40%-44% more cases of HIV, syphilis and anal cancer over their shortened lifespans.

How dare these LGBT propagandists presume to deliberately alienate an innocent child from both mother and father without consequence to them and to society. Who are funders of these child predators?

Funders: We’re Putting You “ON NOTICE”
Wherever an LGBT event is, there will be the $4 million/annual budget of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and the $200+ million annual budget of the Southern Poverty Law Center. They, Lambda Legal and GLSEN are on the prowl for their hearts and minds – and for us who vigorously and aggressively oppose them. They have an bullying campaign called “On Notice” in which they “out” those they call “the extremists.”

Knowing what we know about the filth and evil they are funding, it is a badge of honor to be “on notice” and targeted by them.  Bring it on. HRC has just invaded my world. HRC has not only put one of our recent Marriage rally speakers on notice as “an exporter of hate,” but they’ve just added two others who were part of last weekend’s events: Sharon Slater of Family Watch International and Brian Brown of National Organization of Marriage.

The Human Rights Campaign claims we are the bullies and the “exporters of hate.” HRC is lying to you.

Check out this “hate speech:”

What did Lopez say that was so hateful? That every child deserves a mom and a dad. Are you listening, folks?

HRC is the definition of insanity. HRC owns the definition of abuse and exploitation. Knowing the truth, they are nothing short of a child predator organization.













Their sympathizers also showed up to the rally with some rather “loving” signage with photos of Brian Brown and Utah’s local Eagle Forum President Gayle Ruzicka superimposed with pig noses, again identifying them as “haters.” The Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News didn’t show you those images of “love,” did they? But they did broadcast the “hate” we somehow displayed by standing with children and decency.

We’re putting HRC on notice:  End the bullying.  End the Lies.  End the Child Abuse and Sex Exploitation and Trafficking.   End HRS.  

We need your help to get this Truth out.

To donate now text “ALF” to 313131




A Message to Business Owners

HRC and any business owners that have sponsored, partnered with and bought their lies of “equality” in the workplace and “non-discrimination” laws must be accountable.

Are you listening?  Your participation in this heinous campaign is your endorsement of child abuse and exploitation.

Many powerful and influential business “leaders” have joined HRC to exploit children and to incite and embrace gender confusion and sexual pathology through their support of phony “equality” and “non-discrimination” laws and school curriculum.

Take a look a this partial list of corporate sponsors and supporters of Utah’s Gay Pride Festival and Parade. Here’s the news interview I did about this troubling situation that has been growing in Salt Lake City as well as in other communities around the county while our side has been silent and limited to the talking points of “every child needing a mom and a dad.”  We have allow the other side to take stage in the public theatre on “equality.”  It has nothing to do with equality.

This list was provided by Women for Decency, Shelley Devries and was gathered from images documented at the event. It shows which corporations support this child abuse and exploitation. Whether or not they realized it, they participated in a parade of pornographic lewdness demonstrating sado-masachism and bondage, strippers in cages – all parading in front of little children not unlike Dawn. This happens in most major cities, but this was in Salt Lake City, Utah – the home of “family values” and the Mormon Church.

Marching in the Parade:

Overstock – $50,000 sponsor!
Chase Bank
Wells Fargo
ZIONS Bank – carrying a sign “Zions Bank = Equality” (Are you kidding me? This is the bank that carries the Mormon Church’s brand!)
First Unitarian Church
Salt Lake Acting Company
West High School – the school touted as one of the best and the leader in the International Baccalaureate diploma and “divserity.” This is abusive and exploitative.
ADP Payroll Services
Eagle and Beagle (eBay gay alliance)
Humane Society of Utah
Mormons Building Bridges – (Shelley Devries reported that Erika Munson invited everyone at her Mormon church to attend the parade, telling them they would “really feel the Spirit” if they went.)
More Light Presbyterians
SlutwalkSLC (for rape victims)
Slug Magazine
Rowland Hall High School – a private school where one of the plaintiffs in the Utah Court challenge now at the U.S. Supreme Court teaches. They held an assembly in which the teachers, parents and students came to applaud and praise that teacher and her partner for challenging Utah’s Marriage law. This is an act of abuse and exploitation happening in Utah.
Bud Light
Community of Christ Church
Sacred Light of God Church

Vendors at Booths at the 2013 event

Direct Buy
Unity Salon
Aspen Ski Resort
City Weekly
One of a Kind Tye Dye
Farmers Insurance
Log Cabin Republicans (
Best Friends Animal Society
Young Automotive Group
The Art Institutes
Eckankar (Religion of Light and Sound of God)
UCASA – Utah Coaltition Against Sexual Assault)
Utah Polyamory Society (from the website — mutually consensual non-monogamy relationship style, which is typically what same sex parenting is.)
IHG – (There were several beds and the people manning the booth were wearing t-shirts that said, “We want you in our beds” and a poster advertising free picture in bed)
First Baptist Church
Recreation Outlet
Salt Lake County Library (our tax dollars at work)
SaltLake AIDS walk
Utah AIDS Foundation
Aids Coaltion Utah
Winder Dairy Farms (This is one of Utah’s wholesome-branded families.)
Kuer 90.1
Holiday Travel Utah
Accuracy Automotive
Planned Parenthood (the perpetrators of millions of unborn deaths by abortion annually)
Real Caring Integrative Therapy
American Family Insurance
Humane Society of Utah
Home Depot (branded “Homo Depot” in the Gay Pride Parade)
Mormons Building Bridges

The Definition of Bullying

Is it “bullying” on my part to suggest that these businesses are promoting vulgarity, pornography and the exploitation and abuse of all those little children who lined the street along this parade route?  Like Dawn once did, with vacuous eyes, gawking at unnatural drag queens strutting, they watched obscenities and sexual perversion on public display at the hands of their own parents – some of them Mormon.  They observed their parents applauding this decadence as the floats and displays went by.

Is this not a form of child abuse and exploitation?

How dare the business community support this exploitation and abuse of innocent children at the hands of a debauched culture that deliberately removes children from one or the other of their parents – either their mother or father and puts them in harm’s way.

We ask these business leaders two simple questions: This is your defining moment. Who are you, and what do you really stand for?

We desperately need your help today to stop this child abuse.

To donate now text “ALF” to 313131



GLSEN and the Exploitation of School Children and Its Sponsors
The following corporations have given millions of dollars to GLSEN (pronounced “glisten” as in “shine”) the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network invading the schools to indoctrinate the next generation to their perverse view of the world. And then these despicable activists have taken those funds and flooded this space with their lies of “tolerance.”

Read this again: They are LYING to us and to our children. This is not about tolerance or anti-bullying. It’s not about civil rights. This is about propagandizing and evangelizing kids to believe “anything goes.” It doesn’t matter whether it’s gay or straight – it’s perversion on parade. Not only are parents are allowing it to happen, the business community is funding it!

Here are a few in the business community that must be held accountable for this unconscionable trafficking of children and their participation in the normalization of perversion they are promoting in schools. GLSEN’s website shows the names of these shameful partners:

Titanium Level: AT&T and Wells Fargo

Platinum Level: JPMorgan Chase & Co., Target and IBM

Gold Level: DISNEY, HBO and DiversityInc.

Silver Level: MATTEL, Sodex and CharactersUnite

Bronze Level: GOOGLE, Citibank, Colgate Palmolive, Comcast, Goldman Sachs, Hilton, Kellogs, Johnson& Johnson, MassMutual, Merck, Morgan Stanley, NBA, State Farm ank, Time Warner, UBS, WLRK

Unless we speak out as boldly as I have in this lengthy post, we will continue to lose this war for the hearts and minds of our children. HRC, GLSEN and the business community will continue to destroy the natural family. They will continue to confuse and destroy more children leaving them bloodied on the battlefield of the fractured family through the Sexual Revolution that promotes no fault divorce, the feminist-lesbian hatred of men, the demasculinization of the curriculum and themes in Hollywood movies (Disney and Pixar) and TV sit-coms. They will destroy through the normalizing pedophilia, incest, bondage rape, bestiality – all the perversions that have victimized so many and led to increased emotional pain.

They will declare this perversion as normal and good, but then these same businesses will continue to wonder why their productivity and the economy is failing them in the work place. They will complain about needing higher education standards and question why they are paying higher taxes for more and more government fixes to these social problems that were created in the name of “tolerance,” “diversity,” “equality” and “anti-bullying” in the first place.

The judges will continue to rule because they don’t want to be “on the wrong side of history.”

To them I say:  “We’ll see you on the other side of history.” #Shameful.

If you agree, let your voices be heard. We need your help. The hearts and minds of our children are at stake.

Please help us get the Truth out. #standup4Truth

To donate now text “ALF” to 313131




15 thoughts on “Same-Sex Parenting Is Child Abuse and Exploitation – We’re Putting HRC On Notice”

  1. Yes, it’s time for us to speak out about the evil of homosexuality. It is against God’s law, and is physically and emotionally harmful, not to mention life-threatening. America needs to repent of our cultural acceptance of homosexuality in all its forms, thoughts, desires, and deeds. Notice they never describe the act of sodomy, which is the essence of homosexuality. Stop right now and think about it. (WARNING: Graphic language follows!) Is one man inserting his penis into another man’s anus loving, decent, healthy, worthy of emulation? Is it what you want your kids taught in school? Never in history has such sexual perversion been openly accepted by an entire society.

    So, when you talk about marriage, or comprehensive sex education, or gay rights, remember what you’re talking about is accepting sinful, perverse, gross, filthy (literally), unloving, fake sex.

    It’s high time we spoke clearly and openly about the evil in our midst, and which businesses are supporting. (Example: Zions Bank’s entry in the SLC Pride parade.) It is OK to be against sin and error, and to point it out when it raises its ugly head. We don’t judge people, but we judge right and wrong every day. Some say we should only speak of beautiful things. Sorry, but we just don’t have that luxury. Evil is on the march, and if we don’t actively stand against it, we will be overrun by it.

    Don’t be intimidated into silence! Stand up! Speak up!

  2. Would you please cite the empirical studies and anthropological resources that support your claims that children in same sex parent households are being abused and that traditional marriage is between one man and one woman? I pick up a tremendous amount of fear in your writing which makes it very difficult to see the Love I’m sure you intend to convey here. Could you please clarify your points from the perspective of Love. Thank you.

  3. A great list of companies to support, I’ll be using it on my next shopping trip!

    p.s. your bizarre and antiquated viewpoint is not shared by most of the civilized Western nations. No country makes advances in human rights, then suddenly goes backwards. Yours is a dinosaur of an opinion that’s slowly, but surely, becoming extinct! ;D

  4. You don’t claim hatred against your “gay friends” yet you call their attraction a “perversion” and demean who they are all through this article. This is the exact way a person shows hatred. In fact it’s the very definition of hatred in our modern society. You are obviously not listening to yourself or even rationally thinking about what you are saying or trying to achieve Your whole goal with this article it to demean and rationalize a group of people and their families. You talk about a family needing a father and a mother but does this mean straight divorcees shouldn’t be allowed to have their kids? What about widows or widowers? Your argument isn’t even based on any fact or scientific reasoning. Your claims that gay people aren’t “natural” are profoundly incorrect and totally emotionally based and charged. I suggest you actually look up accredited independent scientific studies and not that shade-tree discredited crap you that finds its way into such blogs or “traditional marriage defenses” (fun fact: Utah almost lost its case before court hearings even begun because it filed a brief with such discredited studies). To finish, your beliefs are wrong and you will lose this fight as a small and loud groups hatred will only go so far. Human nature is to show love and compassion to those around them and people are starting to see (in droves) that what your type of people are preaching isn’t love, its hate thinly veiled as a moral standard that you’re trying to push much to the extent that certain factions try to impose Sharia Law on others.

  5. Your statements on this matter are incorrect, insulting and irresponsible.  We are just people.  Modern science has come to understand that people with a different sexual orientation are just a naturally occurring variation in the species.  The current scientific view on people who are transgender is that it is caused by a neurological phenomenon.  This is just how some people are.  No quantity of force or duress can change that.  The only product of the hatred and venomous attacks on the LGBT+ community is discrimination.  Hatred has no merit, we are people.  We may be different, but we are people just like you.  Let’s end the hate.

  6. Pretty sure churches, grocery stores, banks, rape centers and the humane society don’t support child abuse and exploitation.

  7. “The article also quotes McHugh on “a new study showing that the suicide rate among transgendered people who had reassignment surgery is 20 times higher than the suicide rate among non-transgender people.”

    It’s true he said that. Except that what he said is untrue, to put it bluntly.

    Actual figures show over 20 times higher rate *without* treatment, no more than double afterwards, probably less.

    I quote:
    Two of the reviewed studies showed that “[ s ]uicidality was significantly reduced postoperatively” and that in MF patients there were no suicide attempts after surgery as opposed to three attempts before surgery.
    — Department of Health and Human Services NCD140.3,Transsexual Surgery
    Docket No. A-13-87 Decision No. 2576 May 30, 2014

    McHugh is on record as saying he opposed treatment on ideological grounds before joining Johns Hopkins, and subsequently manufactured evidence in support of his views.

    “This interrelationship of cultural antinomianism and a
    psychiatric misplaced emphasis is seen at its grimmest in the
    practice known as sex-reassignment surgery. I happen to know about
    this because Johns Hopkins was one of the places in the United
    States where this practice was given its start. It was part of my
    intention, when I arrived in Baltimore in 1975, to help end it.”

    — McHugh, Psychiatric Misadventures

    Johns Hopkins no longer performs surgery. They refer patients to surgeons who do.

  8. As regards HRT

    Cross-sex hormone treatment of transgender adults leads to very few long-term side effects, according to the authors of the largest study to date to examine this issue.
    More than 2000 patients from 15 US and European centers participated in the retrospective study, called Comorbidity and Side Effects of Cross-Sex Hormone Treatment in Transsexual Subjects, and nearly 1600 received at least 1 year of follow-up, the authors reported.
    “Our results are very reassuring,” principal investigator Henk Asscheman, MD, PhD, who heads HAJAP, his clinical research company in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, told Medscape Medical News. “There are mostly minor side effects and no new [adverse events] observed in this large population.”
    Speaking at ICE/ENDO 2014 last week, where he presented the initial results of the research, Dr. Asscheman said the data confirm findings from smaller studies published in the past decade.
    “The take-home message,” he said, “is that when using the guidelines from the Endocrine Society [“Endocrine Treatment of Transsexual Persons”], you are not going to see a lot of comorbidities with cross-sex hormone treatment.”

    I’m sorry you’ve been so sadly misinformed about these issues.

  9. HI this is GOD remember me! Its seems we have lost touch? Your article is filled with hate and is destroying wonderful loving families. If your church or the wannabe god of your church teaches discrimination you should probably question that church. You know God loves and accepts everyone maybe you should have a true one on one non-brainwashed convo with me, I can guide help guide you through the healing process of your sickened soul and heart.

  10. All I can say is,  untill you have walked in our shoes, you can shut up lady, secondly, if you want us to stop “shoving” it down your throat,  then do us the honour of not shoving your beliefs down ours.  I know same sex parents who love their children with all their hearts, I also know heterosexual parents who really do abuse their children on a daily basis. 

  11. You’re talking about my baby girl. My daughter who I brought home from the hospital at 6 pounds 4 ounces. My daughter who attempted suicide twice because she felt there was no hope for her future. My daughter who finally embraced who she was and found someone who loved her in every way a person can love her. They traveled abroad and brought home a child who was not being loved. A child who had been abandoned by her biology and left for dead. My daughter gave her life, a shelter, loves, and everything else that a mother gives her baby. 

    How dare you. How dare you proclaim to be pro family and pro marriage when you are against so many. Are you also anti adoption and anti fertility treatments for straight couples? What about straight men with bad swimmers or women with bad eggs? They shouldn’t have a family because of biology? 

    What this conference did was wrong. What if we held an anti Mormon campaign and held up pictures of families the church has used? 

    Leave my granddaughter out of this. Her community should be supporting her, not slandering and using her for propaganda. 

    How dare you attack MY family like this. We are doing nothing to you and want to be left alone. My daughter, her wife and their child deserve all of the rights and privelaged that I, as a straight Mormon woman, has. They have full support of their family, friends and most of their community. This, however, is nothing but a blatant attack on my sweet baby girl. 

    Leave my family alone. 

  12. I am moved to share a message. God must know the true hearts and thoughts of all of his children. In this he has giving all sentient beings free agency. Do we know the depths of what that means? I plead with all in the sound of my voice. Stop mistreating your fellow man. Love one another. Remember the charge to humanity “Do unto others as you would have done to you” “Judge not, least you are judged”. I am authorized by the holy spirit of God to remind all people. I send this message out now, “Do no harm, physical, emotional or mental, to all people. Great judgment will come to those that harm the least of my children.” In my heart I feel this deeply and cry out to God for peace in this world. Therefore, I feel the need to type these words …..and Yes, I feel God works in wondrous, mysterious ways; ways that no person can truly understand. “I God say, can you fathom even the least of the glories of the universe. No man knows what exist in my kingdom. Remember the judgment of the Pharisees towards Jesus, my son. They denied his spirit. Will you do this now?” Please, turn away from judgment of others. Allow all beings to live freely. This I feel is the great challenge to you all.

  13. What the hell is wrong with you. So blind in your ignorance. There’s no room in the world for more hateful people, also, you will not succeed, love wins out every time. Congratulations on wasting your life. 

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