American Leadership Fund Amicus Filed at US Supreme Court Defending Utah’s Marriage Law

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American Leadership Fund

The following news release was published today:

American Leadership Fund Amicus Filed at U.S. Supreme Court

Statement of Attorney Frank Mylar who filed amicus brief defending Utah’s Marriage law – Amendment 3
representing Utah’s grassroots and nationally renowned scholars

Salt Lake City, Utah. Attorney Frank Mylar filed an amicus brief for American Leadership Fund and Historians at the U.S. Supreme Court in defense of Utah’s Marriage law. He issued this statement today:

“Regardless of one’s position on the definition of marriage, it is not an overstatement that the recent decisions by lower courts, declaring unconstitutional state constitutional provisions that define marriage as one man and one woman, is a radical departure from prior decisions of just a few years ago. Changing a societal norm, such as the definition of marriage, that has existed since before recorded history, by means of judicial decisions, is a matter of great concern to this country and a matter worthy of timely review by this Court.

“As the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man,” so it is also true that the Court cannot roll back the swift judicial current sweeping away all of the marriage laws in this country if it fails to promptly review this issue.”


Friends, we are hopeful that the outcome will be more favorable at the U.S. Supreme Court than in the Circuit Courts. Either way, the well-funded efforts of the LGBT activists are not going away.  So we must fight a smarter fight now.  We must turn the Court of Public Opinion during this critical time.

Remember: This is not about the civil rights of adults to have a pleasurable relationship with someone they may love. The way Judge Vaughn Walker in the California Prop 8 case defined it, a “marriage” could be a relationship with a roommate, a parent, a friend or anyone.

To degrade and “un-define” the special definition of Marriage in this way is the ultimate in “deconstructionist” philosophy for the purpose of tearing down all traditions that have been instituted for the protection of family and children.

Remember again, and repeat it often:  This is not a civil rights movement for adults.  This is a civil rights movement for the protection of children and their legitimate interests.

In fact, Pastor William Owens, President of the Coalition of African American Pastors, has much to say about the LGBT activists’ hijacking of the real civil rights movement, of which he was a part years ago.

We are representing the real civil rights movement: It’s a movement that knows children have a legitimate interest in having both a mother and a father. It’s about the definition of Marriage and the protection of children – that every child deserves both a mom and a dad.

If the Court un-defines Marriage to be anything else, it is saying it believes children do not have a legitimate interest in the long-term relationship of a mother and father married to each other. It will be saying that children are no longer a legitimate interest that needs special protection, that it’s okay for society to deliberately alienate a child from either the father or the mother and that “equality” comes before protecting children’s interests. It will be telling a child that it’s okay for a child to be intentionally raised in a fatherless or motherless home.

This, my friends, is the definition – not of Marriage – but of insanity.

I need a mom and dad

We need your help today so that we can continue to speak truth to those officials and the many thousands across the nation that are receiving our email and social network posts. Without your support, we cannot turn the Court of Public Opinion, which must happen within the next few months. Your generous donation of $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more will help. If you are able, a monthly recurring donation of $10 or more adds up and makes a huge difference.

Please help us be able to cover these legal fees and our good attorney Frank Mylar who has done an incredible job defending Marriage and Family for many years. Thank you, Frank. Blessings to you and your family.


Thank you all, everyone, for your prayers. Please keep us in them.
Cherilyn Eagar