Who Would Mourn the Loss of California?

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American Leadership FundDemocratic State Representative Mark Leno from San Francisco sponsored a bill to ban “sexist” words “husband” and “wife” from the public vocabulary.  Governor Jerry Brown has signed it.

State Rep. Leno said of his legislation,”This legislation removes outdated and biased language from state codes and recognizes all married spouses equally, regardless of their gender.”

Now the sexually perverse on both sides – homo and hetero – are salivating. Discussion boards are musing about “Hey, I’m a guy and I have a gay friend. We’re a couple. And I have a girlfriend and I’m another couple there.” What about incest and pedophilia. “If it’s consentual, why not?”

Leftists are proving they have little regard for the rule of law.    And they are thinking between their waists and thighs. This is all the extremist extension of a sexual revolution that is harming children. Governor Jerry Brown, President Barack Obama, and all who support gay marriage have little concern about children and the negative impact forcing children to grow up in homes without a mother or a father have, which is what gay marriage imposes.

We told you so.

Speaking of children and President Obama, look at the disaster on the border.  Just another example. Our pro-gay, pro-amnesty president refuses to do anything to help those children, except to bus them to cities and towns without warning and then leave those municipalities to figure out how to care for these thousands of illegal children. 

That law (which many of us who had the foresight to know how it would be abused and who opposed it) was a crisis waiting to happen.

How is THAT law family-friendly? It has only created further chaos.

We told you so.  But even some conservative think tanks have supported amnesty-like proposals that are very damaging to children.

Whether gay marriage or illegal immigration, children are being harmed. When will Americans wake up and realize that their culture is falling apart around them, and that this chaos will not have a happy ending for anyone?

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Yes I know many voices are pulling you in many directions. My inbox is ridiculous. But you need to know that the American Leadership Fund is unique.  We are not a think tank. We appreciate them, but if you give to them, please reserve enough for making a difference at the ballot box. We are building a PAC unlike any other existing PAC. We are solely focused on the moral-social issues.

Will You Have the Courage?

If you think Mozilla was a warning signal, you have not seen what’s to come. Will you be among the intimidated and afraid to get involved? Or will you be as those patriots that pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor?

I have delivered speeches in many gatherings around this nation, and for years I have warned parents about the cultural quake to come.  I have held several gatherings recently with Brian Cammenker of MassResistance, and we have showed his revealing video far and wide.

Recently, one audience member responded to Cammenker’s laundry list that shows what happens when same-sex marriage is legalized a decade later.

If you missed it, here it is again. Forward this to your friends.

“Oh, but that’s Massachusetts!  We’re Utah,” one parent declared. “That will never happen here!”

We shall see. Utah will most likely win at the US Supreme Court and it will then be the last bastion to defend Marriage, and it will get more intense.  For months now, since Utah’s marriage law was challenged, I have been warning that all eyes are on Utah, and it will get worse.

Reality Check: If Utah legalizes same sex marriage, then by law the same chain of events that happened in Massachusetts will happen in Utah. It’s happening in California as well.

Would anyone miss California if we simply gave it back to Mexico, with all the immigration problems it has harbored and protected?  As one who was born and raised in Hollywood, having to use my passport to visit would be irritating, and I do love the weather and the amazing coast line and ocean breeze. But it already feels like a foreign country, compared to when I was growing up there.

Furthermore, what parent would want to stay in California and raise their children in a culture that is taking on dictator-like characteristics by banning the words “husband” and “wife?” California, do you read me: your Governor has just banned traditional language that has always defined Marriage.  Are you not concerned about this infringement of your freedom of speech – your civil rights – and dare I mention your religious liberty?

California parents, are you going to stand up against this unjust law or not? When will our side finally figure out that it needs to respond in the same way gay rights activists have responded? At the very least, we must file lawsuits and defend our rights.

If you are in California or Massachusetts, or any other state that is losing all common sense, if you will not stand up and speak out, consider moving to Utah.  It will likely be one of the last bastions to legalize insanity, and you are needed.

On second thought, if parents aren’t courageous enough to stand in California, what would make then courageous enough to stand in Utah? Stay in California.

But whether in Utah or California, or wherever you are, one thing you can do today is to donate to American Leadership Fund, click here.

Hang in there with us. We have some awesome announcements coming soon! And it’s because of you that we will be making them.