Definitive Speeches on Marriage and Religious Liberty

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Today is Sunday, July 27, 2014. I was home missing church this morning due to feeling under the weather, a rare occasion. I chose to be inspired anyway, and so I am sharing some words of inspiration with you. Incredible words. Amazing and powerful words.

These words are speaking to you and me, not just representing one religion, but the voices of four different religions that share different versions of Judeo-Christian traditions of Marriage and our fight for preserving these traditions.  They are Catholic, African-American Protestant and Evangelical, Jewish and Mormon.

The voices are different, but they are speaking Truth. The U.S. Constitution First Amendment protects these faiths and their voices and their self-determination to keep these traditions and share their beliefs publicly without punishment by government.

Please take time today – after church, mass or whatever you call your religious service, and watch and listen. Toward the end, I have found two videos of some spectacular Orthodox Jewish weddings that celebrate this sacred occasion in a way, frankly, that most religions have lost in today’s world. And finally, a moving video that calls for strengthening every Marriage.  You MUST watch!

These religious leaders are giving us a call to action because these traditions of Marriage are being seriously challenged and this nation under unrighteous and activist judges is losing its respect for the First Amendment protections.

Please join us today by subscribing and volunteering.  Join their calls to action. Watch each of these videos and you will be inspired! This is our childrens’ future and their religious liberty at stake.

Professor Robert George

Princeton University
2014 National Catholic Breakfast – 20 minutes

A real wake up call for all religious adherents and what our challenge will be if we stand for Marriage.

Reverend Bill Owens

President of the National Coalition for African-American Pastors
2014 March for Marriage Speech – 5 minutes
This fiery speech puts LGBT activists in their place! He knows what the real civil rights movement was all about, he was there. He calls the gay “civil rights movement” something you need to hear…and what his plan of action is for all of us.

New York City Orthodox Jewish Rabbis Protest Gay Marriage

This protest shows us what passion these good people have. I know from experience that it takes dramatic measures to win these tough battles. Do you have this kind of courage?

Do You Have This Kind Of Courage?

I am observing a slippery slope in the clergy across several denominations.  Some have already abandoned Marriage between a man and a woman.  Others are wavering.  Many business leaders of devout faith would rather not engage and are choosing to remain silent because the Bottom Line could be negatively affected.  Others are actually coming to the defense of gay “marriage” to protect their Bottom Line in a preventative fashion.

Is silence or neutrality courage?  John F. Kennedy once reflected on Dante’s Inferno when he said,

“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those that maintain neutrality in times of moral crisis.”

We are in a moral crisis. Are you willing to engage?

The “Title of Liberty” – A Parallel from Ancient Religious History

In Mormon theology there is a famous story in The Book of Mormon of a courageous man who lived in the ancient Americas. He wasn’t the religious leader, but he was a skilled military man, the chief captain of all the Nephite armies. They lived in similar times as we face today, about 73 B.C.: their religious liberty and their families were being threatened by godless leaders and judges who were imposing punitive laws.  His name was Moroni (pronounced with a long “i”).

Captain Moroni took his coat and tore a piece and wrote on it:

“In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children.”

He called it the “title of liberty.”

He then knelt down “and he prayed to God for the blessings of liberty…, “as long as there should a band of Christians remain to possess the land.”

[These were descendants of the ancient Hebrew culture that emigrated from Jerusalem to the Americas that believed in the coming of a Messiah – the Christ, similar to the God of the Old Testament Jehovah.]

Then he called the people together to “enter into a covenant that they will maintain their rights, and their religion, that the Lord God may bless them.”

And the people didn’t say, “This is the prophecy of the times, and we know we’re going to lose, so let us just stay home and take care of our families.”

No, in the last days of their fight for liberty (which is always the last fight for any civilization) they didn’t go silent. They didn’t allow themselves to be intimidated. They “came running together,” following this courageous leader, tearing their own coats as a covenant and laying them at their leader’s feat, covenanting that if they should ever fall into transgression and “be ashamed to take upon them the name of Christ,” the Lord would take their lives.

Will the Courts continue to fail us? Yes, they will, if we do not set aside our day-to-day activities long enough to learn who should be elected. We the People are responsible for what has happened to our government. We have elected the leaders who have appointed and confirmed the judges that are overturning our Marriage and religious liberty laws.

Are those times described above not the times in which we now live?  Who will stand with children?  Who will stand with Marriage? Who will stand with religious liberty?  Are we so ashamed that we would not do the same?

This is the very message from Professor Robert George above in this post.  We must have the same courage.  If we don’t have it – if we would be embarrassed to join in a protest and to carry a sign and march and chant along with Reverend Bill Owens or with these Rabbis in New York City, then we must find a way to get some.

I’ve been through Round One many years ago – fighting the Equal Rights Amendment – and that’s exactly what it took to defeat that proposed constitutional amendment.   If we had not gone to those “extreme” measures, everything we are facing today would have been enshrined in the Constitution and we would have destroyed this nation long ago.

But this appears to be the final chapter in this long struggle.  We are risking losing everything, if we don’t get that courage soon.

Dallin Oaks – Former member Utah Supreme Court
Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Here are the highlights for your review:

Now feel the joyful celebrations, diverse as they are, of some beautiful Marriages and the beauty of the most sacred bond known to the human race.

Celebrating Marriage

The Beauty of the Traditional Orthodox Jewish Wedding

This is the most comprehensive video I could find that shows the entire tradition behind the Orthodox Jewish wedding, which will explain why those rabbis above are so passionate about their religious beliefs and protecting this institution.

I not only respect their views, I applaud them for being so outspoken as leaders to preserve a the honor and respect that even some Christian religions have lost for the most sacred ordinance of all.

I am especially impressed with the ceremony before the wedding to prepare both the bride and groom for the seriousness of their vows. The men cover their heads with their traditional black hats and the groom honors the bride by placing the veil over her face.

In addition, I love the respect shown for both the fathers and mothers. Most Christian religions place the father in the sole position of honor at a wedding – where the father of the bride stands and the first dance, etc.

In the orthodox Jewish wedding, both mothers (when they are both able to be there) walk the bride down the aisle and both fathers walk the groom. In the celebration to follow, the men and women are separated by a thin veil for traditional dancing, with the bride and groom raised up on an overturned table for traditional tossing of hankerchief and bouquet.

This is truly a beautiful event.

The Traditional Orthodox Jewish Wedding – Beginning to End (visual only)
Chaish and Levi Mentz

In this video, with sound, Rikki and Moshe Gross share their music and sound in a more summarized version, but you can see the thin veil. After this traditional celebration, the entire party gathers for a sit-down dinner.  Mazel tov!

Elder Dallin H. Oaks

Former member Utah Supreme Court
Recipient of the Canterbury Award for Religious Freedom
Member Quorum of Twelve Apostles, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
And now the tear jerker. This video narrated by Elder Oaks focuses on saving the institution of Marriage itself. Powerful and short. Get your Kleenex!

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