Utah Neighborhood Elections – Caucus Instructions

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This post will tell you when the Republican Neighborhood Election (Caucus) is, how to find where it’s held, how to pre-register, what a caucus neighborhood election is, how it works, how the voting is to be conducted.

On Thursday evening, March 20, 2014 at 7 PM Utah will hold its Republican Caucus.  This is your opportunity to attend and to let your voice be heard in your neighborhood. Many of the delegates you elected in 2012 have worked very hard to make improvements so that the evening will go more smoothly and quickly and so that more can be involved.  I’m one of those delegates.  We want to preserve this system because it is truly grassroots.  

Where Is My Caucus Meeting?

You can go to the Lieutenant Governor’s website to find out where your caucus is.

How to Pre-Register and Run for Precinct and Delegate Office

You can go to the Utah GOP website to pre-register. Click on the “pre-register online here” text.

Neighborhood Election Commercial


All About the Utah Caucus System in 5 minutes If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of Utah’s caucus, here’s a short video that will help you know why this is one of the best ways to elect the best candidates.

Caucus Training Video

Here is a training video to orient caucus leaders. It also describes preferential voting. The various counties have latitude on the voting procedures and can select multiple round or the one shown here, IRV – preferential voting. IRV goes much faster. The ballot counters need to know how this works, so be sure to study this. It’s about 1/2 the way through the video:


For the background on why Utah’s neighborhood voices are being silenced, read more here.