The Global Road to Ruin Through Education – Iserbyt

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The author and Grand Dame of exposing The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, former Senior Education Policy Director for the USDOE, Charlotte Isberyt, has now produced an encore with noted colleagues from around the country that have been sounding the alarm for many, many years.

Cindi Weatherly directed the project and they have laid down a superior and comprehensive series of DVD’s charting what has happened to the United States through the Leftist take-over of education – public, private and parochial.

The 6-DVD set includes presentations from such noted experts as Sam Blumenfeld, Anita Hoge, Bettina Dobbs, and more – recorded at two education summits held in the Summer of 2013.

The DVD’s are available for only $39.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. You can order the set here or by printing out the order form below and mailing it.

The speakers are experts I’ve admired for many years and with whom I have had the honor of communicating and learning from since 1989 when I ran for the school board in Dallas, Texas as an alarmed young mother at the changes taking place in the schools my children attended.

Those were the years when societal restructuring was rolled out on a massive scale.

I urge you to order this set today. Watch it and show it to your children, and your children’s children so that they will know what has happened to them and who has been responsible for:

  • the indoctrination of their minds
  • the changing values
  • a government-managed workforce
  • the unelected councils and charter schools destroying authentic choice (private, home and public)
  • the molding a new “global citizen,”
  • the sustainable development lies of socialists’ Maurice Strong and Mikhail Gorbachev’s framework document entitled Agenda 21, and ultimately,
  • the destruction of our republican form of government – replaced by a consolidated, centralized model controlled from the top down.


Conservatives especially must watch these DVDs because they are leading the charge by falling into the traps of vouchers, charter schools and school choice.

If you believe the problem is limited to a “common core” set of standards and tests and that the solution is more “charter schools,” “school choice” and “vouchers,” you are part of the problem. Those who are crafting this total restructuring of society are counting on your being deceived to accomplish their centralist goals.

You must watch these videos and share them with your family and friends. This trailer gives a glimpse of the range of topics and documentation included in this set.


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