The BSA, Disney and Gay Scouts

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Not only has the Disney Channel embraced homosexuality and gay parenting, the brand has just thrown a bomb at the tattered and war-torn Boy Scouts of America.

Disney announced that it would withdraw support from the BSA in 2015 because of the BSA’s ban on gay boy scout leaders.

Do I say, “I told you so?”

This is death by a thousand stabs, and the LGBT community is laughing all the way to the bank.  In 2013 when this controversy erupted, I warned Scout leaders and church leaders alike that to approve of this slippery slope would weaken the BSA as well as the enthusiasm for support from within the ranks of sponsoring church organizations.

No surprises here. LGBT activists do not intend to stop until the BSA is destroyed, along with religious institutions that disapprove of their life style and continue to claim homosexuality be the sinful and deviant sexual behavior that it is.

Who’s behind this campaign? Check out the Scouts for Equality site and find out who its supporters are. You may be surprised.

These business “leaders” are doing great damage to this nation in what the late Robert Bork called “Slouching Toward Gomorrah” all in the name of “anti-discrimination” and “tolerance” and “anti-bullying” ordinances and programs teaching the upcoming generation that the lifestyle is normal.

Welcome, Trail Life!
The good news is that some leaders did not give in to the challenge against honor (“On my honor…”) and common sense, as Winston Churchill once put it so eloquently. They have formed a new scouting organization – Trail Life – based on Christian, moral values. 

I don’t know about you as a parent, but I’m IN.  (Although my four boys are all grown adults now, I do have some grandsons.)

To show extremist and despicable media bias, an AP wire showed a photo of a group of Trail Lifers supposedly saluting Hitler, when in fact they were singing Taps with their arms in the air, slowing being lowered to their sides. It went viral.

trail life AP

And then the AP was reticent to remove the misleading photo.

Shameful, AP.

(Perhaps Trail Life should sue for defamation of character.  What a great fundraiser that would be!)

Meanwhile, watch this video from Trail Life – what a refreshing program for today’s young men!


The Nicean “Triune God” reference in its creed may eliminate LDS boys from participation, but I can understand the frustration of Christian scout leaders as the dominant sponsoring church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, went along with the compromise to allow openly gay scouts to participate.

In my opinion, if the goal was to save the BSA and to protect sponsoring churches from litigation, that was a mistake on the part of religious sponsors that accepted the compromise.

I do believe that this step, taken by a group of Christian Eagle Scouts, will further weaken the BSA and over time, and will attract more and more Christian parents who were troubled by that compromise. They now have a clear choice.

Perhaps Trail Life will serve as a model and a catalyst for the LDS Church to develop its own program. I suspect LDS officials are busily crafting it as I write.

But the writing is on the wall: Admission of gay leaders will be the BSA’s next step.  Scouts for Equality has made that clear.

Frankly, if the BSA continues on this slippery slope, which I suspect it will, I anticipate that the life support line the LDS Church has provided in the interim will eventually be cut, which will then force the BSA’s ignoble death by asphyxiation.

I don’t hold out much hope for the BSA, and I look sadly back at all the good it did for my four adult sons. May it rest in peace.

I wish all the best to Trail Life – leading the way!

Oh and, as for Disney and Disney World, think twice when planning your next family vacation. It’s losing its family-friendly luster.

If you agree and want to be part of the campaign to save marriage, your donation to the American Leadership Fund is needed.