Successful Gay Therapy Ban Upheld in CA

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Another blow to homosexuals struggling to find themselves and the sexual identity that God assigned them, as well as a way out of their perverse and emotionally destructive lifestyle came on January 31, 2014 in California.  It was no surprise that the liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals would uphold a politically-correct ban against a highly successful brand of therapy for homosexuals called “reparative therapy.” 

This therapy has been developed and championed by a collaboration of international therapists who unite around a professional association called NARTH.  Proof of its success and how off-base the American Psychologist Association has been for many years, now joined by the 9th Circuit Court, is found on NARTH’s website.

The decision is headed for the U.S. Supreme Court. Whether or not SCOTUS will hear this case is not yet known. Former lesbian Janet Boynes, a national crusader in this cause through her ministry, (#CalledOutMovement) has sent me a passionate letter from David H. Pickup, the lead plaintiff in Pickup v Brown. Please read and then help us debunk the myths that the gay rights campaign has successfully portrayed to U.S. citizens with a generous donation today.

David H. Pickup Letter