A Letter to the Holladay City Mayor and Council

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We are asking the Holladay City Mayor and Council to vote NO on the proposaed anti discrimination proposal 6 PM Thursday, February 20, 2014.

Public comment is a 6PM Individuals 3 minutes; organizations 5 minutes.

Here is my letter to them:

Dear Members of the Holladay City Council:

Last week I emailed a written statement opposing the anti-discrimination proposal, and I brought a copy for each of you at the working meeting that night. I hope you received it. It appeared that Pat Pignanelli is the only one that may have had time to read the statement prior to the meeting. I realize that she is my representative on the council, but I do hope that you understand that each vote on the council affects me – and all of us.

I did receive a thoughtful email from Sabrina as well, and I talked to the Mayor and Steve Gunn prior to the meeting.

From the working meeting discussion, it was not clear whether any had had time to watch the video prior to the working meeting that I suggested.

It was produced by my Boston friend Brian Camenker. He has carefully documented and summarized what anti-discrimination ordinances and laws, in addition to the legalization of same sex marriage, has done to undermine our constitutionally protected first freedoms.

Please read my statement and watch the video.

My concern is that this information was not being taken seriously at the meeting, as there were a few snickers over the connection between anti-discrimination laws and same sex marriage. Either existing biases and misconceptions are so entrenched that it was a useless exercise on my part or simply a lack of information prevails.

There is a definite connection and the video I provided illustrates it.

At this juncture, I wish to impress on you how concerned I am that so little regard has been given to the obvious: that religious liberty is being deliberately infringed in this statute and that safety, comfort and convenience is being put in jeopardy for Holladay residents – especially women and children.

I would like your responses to the following:

1. Where are the religious liberty and property rights protections in this proposed ordinance of those religious adherents – whether Muslim, Christian, or Jew – who live and work in Holladay and whose tenets define marriage as between a man and a woman and homosexual relationships as sinful. There is a huge difference between individual members/adherents and religious institutions. How will this be remedied?

2. How does this ordinance protect the privacy of women – or men – from being violated in a public locker room or rest room by a confused individual who has a sincerely-held belief that he is of a sex other than that which he was born? When the words “gender identity” are included in an ordinance, then the Massachusetts and elsewhere is inevitable in Holladay, Utah at some point, if this ordinance passes. How will you resolve this concern or prevent these outcomes?

3. How does this ordinance protect businesses and schools from being fined or sued if they do not comply with the demands of the sexual orientation-confused who declare they are of a sex other than that which they were born? Under such an ordinance a fifth grader can demand to use the girls bathroom/locker room because he may “identify” with the female sex. How will you prevent this chaos from happening in our schools and law suits from irate parents?

4. Have you read my statement and watched the video? If so, please comment.

I am out of town and will not be able to attend the meeting on Thursday. I will send a representative to speak for me, if possible. I represent the American Leadership Fund and request 5 minutes.