Obama’s War On Utah and Marriage: Time to Just Say NO!

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January 2, 2013 Report
The year 2013 did not end without a typical Obama-style surprise Christmas “present” the Friday before Christmas when U.S. District Judge Robert Shelby issued an unconstitutional ruling overturning Utah’s marriage Amendment 3.

With the stroke of a pen, with no trial and no jury, one Obama-appointed judge single-handedly overthrew the will of the majority, state law and the U.S. Supreme Court decision that the definition of marriage and the issuing of marriage licenses should be decided by the states. Instead he declared that same sex marriage was legal in Utah.

This is both illegal and unconstitutional.

It is now time for the People – the grassroots – to take action and to have the courage to just say no.  It’s time to say, “We’re sick and tired of being bullied by the federal government.  Don’t mess with Utah!”

If Utah’s elected officials do not ignore this ruling and start following the state’s own law as the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the states’ right to do so, marriage will fall across the nation state by state like dominoes. So say those who have been fighting this fight for years, including Massachusetts marriage advocate Brian Camenker.

“Utah citizens must understand that the rest of the nation is wondering what happened and why there is no outcry from the grassroots in a state that is so religiously dedicated to marriage and that is perceived to be so conservative. It’s like your house catching fire and people standing around calmly saying, ‘I think maybe we should call the fire department.’ No. This is not a time for no response. It’s a fight for states rights, and we must counter it accordingly.”

It’s Not Just About Marriage – It’s About State’s Rights

Make no mistake, YOUR family and YOUR children will be dramatically affected if you do not take personal action today and Utah will take a big step backwards in its fight for our land rights and local control over education as well. If you think this is an exaggeration, please continue reading to become better informed.

You may be shocked at what we can expect to happen if we do not take action now.

Take Action Now

We are about to lose our culture and society as we have known it. This is about saving our children from the onslaught of sexual exploitation that will soon come to our communities and public schools if we do not stop it now.  Here’s what we’re asking you to do.

1. Contact Your Elected Officials

Ask the Utah Governor, your state senator and state representative and legislative leadership to convene a special session immediately to protect our state’s rights and to stand up boldly against federal judicial activism and for the rule of law.

Governor Gary Herbert: 801-538-1000;  Governor Herbert’s email

State Senate Leadership

Senate President Wayne Niederhauser: 801-942-3398
Sen. Wayne Neidersauser’s email

Sen. Ralph Okerlund: 435-979-7077
Sen. Ralph Okerlund’s email

Sen. Stuart Adams: 801-593-1776
Sen. Stuart Adams’s email

Sen. Peter Knudson: 435-730-2026
Sen. Peter Knudson’s email

State Senate Roster

State House Leadership

House Speaker Becky Lockhart: 801-361-5457
Rep. Lockhart’s email

Rep. Brad Dee: 801-479-5495
Rep. Dee’s email

Rep. Greg Hughes: 801-572-5305
Rep. Hughes’s email

Rep. Don Ipson: 435-673-8216
Rep. Ipson’s email

State House Roster

If you do not know which district you are in, find your state senator and representative here.
Ask the Utah Attorney General and members of the Utah federal delegation to defend Utah’s constitutional law today.

Attorney General Sean Reyes: 801-538-9600 or 801-366-0300
AG Reyes’s email

2. Pack and attend County Sheriff Richard Mack’s presentation and invite your local officials to attend with you.
Saturday, January 4, 2014, 7 pm
Highland City Community Center
5378 W 10400 N, Highland, Utah

We will be rallying to get organized after this meeting.

Most elected officials are uninformed about what they can and must be doing. Invite the following:

  • Your state representatives
  • Your County Clerk
  • Your County Sheriff
  • Your County Attorney
  • Your City Council Members
  • Your County Commissioners


You can look them up easily by searching for your county websites.

Let them know it is imperative that they attend this vitally urgent and important presentation and training.

3. Sign the Petition to the right and we will deliver the results to your elected officials.  Yes, it does make a difference.

Our Elected Officials’ Duty to Defend States’ Rights
Sheriff Mack lays out exactly what the law is and what we MUST do with their leadership and protection. It’s this simple: They must uphold Utah law, not a federal judge’s ruling!

The fact is, most lack the courage or the knowledge and information to do so.

Sheriff Richard Mack, who won a lawsuit against the federal government for Graham County, Arizona, agrees.

Brian Camenker, President of MassResistance in Boston agrees.

They know that if this judge’s ruling sticks, marriage will fall in every other state. It is up to us to take immediate action.

If you aren’t outraged enough yet to pick up your phone and call your elected officials, read more:

Where is the Utah governor?

Astoundingly, the most Utah’s Governor Gary Herbert could say was “he was disappointed…” That’s like your house catching fire and you standing there and saying, “Hmm…I think we may need to call the fire department.”

No. Stop! The house is on fire – call the fire department, get water, put out the fire!!!

Then the worst possible action the governor could take aside from supporting the judge’s ruling outright was to order the county clerks, who were rightfully defying the judge’s ruling, to break Utah law and begin issuing the licenses!

Now nearly 1,000 gay marriage licenses have since been granted, and the governor stands ultimately responsible.  In addition, he has single-handedly put every other state in harm’s way so that their marriage laws will fall like dominoes.

We will apparently get no protection from our governor unless we contact him today.

Where is the Attorney General?

Well, truthfully, it’s no secret that the Utah AG office has been in complete disarray and the timing of the lawsuit was strategically planned accordingly to occur after a year of harassment and investigation and accusations against the elected AG.  Then immediately after he stepped down, it was fast tracked before the new AG could take office.

What’s a brand new AG that wasn’t officially in office until January 1, 2014 to do? He’s a good family man with strong personal beliefs in favor of marriage between a man and a woman. To give him the benefit of doubt, he should have stood up and immediately called a news conference to say, “Utah is not required to follow the order of this judge. We must obey our state code and constitution and I am here to defend it.”

Instead the AG has been – and still is – MIA.

To make matters worse, the previous standing AG Brian Tarbet and his staff completely botched the defense and deliberately excluded the two key points that had no precedent, ignoring our attorneys that tried to assist with the defense. This was a deliberately missed opportunity to have kept the case within Utah’s sovereign jurisdiction – morality and religious liberty.

We will apparently get no help or protection from our AG’s office unless we contact him today.

Where is the legislature? I’m in contact with a few legislators that are equally outraged. They could call a special session and pass a law to oust this rogue and tyrannical judge from the state of Utah. But they have been silent, and the word is that there is no passion or energy to call a special session because the annual session is about to begin at the end of the month.

We will apparently get no help or protection from our legislature unless we contact them today.

Where are Senators Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch? Where are Congressmen Rob Bishop, Jason Chaffetz and Chris Stewart and Democratic Congressman Jim Matheson?

Good Heavens!  It is their duty to protect our state from federal over-reach, intrusion, and unconstitutional judicial activism. Two of them – Senators Hatch and Lee – actually endorsed the appointment of this judge!

We will apparently get no help or protection from them unless we contact them today.

Where are the County Sheriffs, who have the authority to protect their counties from federal overreach and judicial tyranny?

Only three county clerks stood strong and refused to comply with the judge’s ruling until the governor told them they needed to follow his ruling, then they all caved in.

Every single one of our elected officials has been MIA.

And sadly, most do not even know what their authority is or what they can and MUST do. These elected officials are supposed to protect our state from federal intrusion.

I have news for all of them: Utah has been invaded by a hostile government and it’s time for the People to rise up and JUST SAY NO, because what Judge Shelby ruled is illegal and unconstitutional.  If they do not attend Sheriff Mack’s presentation, Utah will continue to be over-run by judicial activism and federal tyranny.

Take Action Now!

Even if you have never done such a thing before, call your elected officials and ask them to stand up for Utah’s states rights, its families and its children today.

Ask them to obey our state law and to STOP the illegal issuing of marriage licenses.

If you are uninformed and actually believe that this ruling will have no impact on you, your family, your marriage or your children and the sexual exploitation in the schools and in your community that looms around the corner, get informed.  Join us Saturday evening.

Oh, and watch this powerful video produced by those who know and have experienced society post-gay marriage for a decade now. Led by Orthodox Jew Brian Camenker, MassResistance has produced this eye-opening video.

You can get more information at his website.

Targeting Utah: A Long-Term Planned Strategy

What has happened to Utah is a stunning example of federal and judicial tyranny. Make no mistake about it, it was strategically planned.

Please read the following history carefully and then take action NOW.

We’ve been following the LGBTQ blogs and news alerts since 2003 and know that it was a national strategy to target Utah, seemingly the most conservative stronghold in the nation. The strategy included deliberately stacking Utah with a large demographic of LGBTQ voters and even asked them to move to Salt Lake City.

Regrettably, we have since lost those earlier email notices, but we do see its effects: Scott McCoy, an attorney, was one of those who relocated, and he served in the state legislature pushing for non-discrimination laws and same sex marriage advocacy.

As of a May 2013 report, Salt Lake City now has the largest percentage in the U.S. of same sex couples raising children. “In Utah?” you say. Yes, in Utah.

The early strategy also targeted the Mormon Church, focusing on tragic suicides and Mormon missionaries that struggled with the “stigma they endured” while growing up in the Mormon culture. Dramatic presentations, readers theaters, films, books and even a Tony-award winning musical were developed and presented in a disgusting display ranging from exploitation to mocking satire.

The citizens of Utah should have been outraged. But most were focused on their families during the Christmas and New Year week. Now it’s time to wake up and take action.  Please contact your elected officials today, be with us at the event Saturday evening and sign the petition now!

And one more request:  Please consider a donation of any amount to the American Leadership Fund by clicking on the donation link above so that we can continue to advocate for states rights and our families.

Blessings, Cherilyn Eagar

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    1. With all due respect, “The will of the people” is exactly what we’re getting!  We have put, with our own apathy and unprincipled choices, the very men into office who are allowing these things to take place. Please instead pray that the will of the people will be overturned and that “[His] will” will “be done on earth as it is in heaven!”

  1. Unless we stand up and let our voice be heard in social media, the White House, The State House, The legislatures both State and Federal, NOTHING will happen. WE have to take action, stand up, let these people including the judge that WE THE PEOPLE will not let his judgement stand and WE CAN RECALL this jackass judge! We can have him FIRED if you will. We can also force him to resign if we stand outside his offices/courthouse and protest him and ask for his resignation/removal. This judge does NOT represent us! He needs to be run out of town on a rail! Chased by a pack of dogs and not allowed to come back into our state!

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