Sheriff Mack Event – Live Streaming Information

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Sheriff Mack

For the LIVE streamed broadcast click here.

County Sheriff Richard Mack
Protect Utah’s States Rights and Constitution
What We the People, the County Sheriff and Clerk Can and MUST DO NOW!

Saturday, January 4, 2014, 7 pm
Highland City Community Center
5378 W 10400 N, Highland, Utah
I-15 S Exit 284 – Thanksgiving Point, east to 5300 W, turn south to 10400 S turn west

Sponsored by Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officers

5 thoughts on “Sheriff Mack Event – Live Streaming Information”

    1. Of course, I agree.  But, that’s really up to us and how many people we can motivate to be politically active with effectiveness.  On my post on wanting a ride there, I’m watching my emails for a reply now and close to the 9000 south exit:

  1. I want to be there.  I would love to ride with anyone going from Sandy.  My truck is overloaded for that trip.  This information may be shared.  RonaldHLevine4548@yahoo.comp

  2. Conservative women. What a joke.

    If conservatives had their way you would not have the right to vote, Cherilyn.

    Oh, and you are a bigot and you will lose.

  3. Thanks you so much for the wurk your doing to help rid us of these “fashionable” intelectuel elites who want to tell us what do in our own state! I for one, am sick and tired of all of these people who think the Federal Constetution was written so that perverts can push thier agendas down our throats! 

    I was at this event, and while I was listening to the good sherriff talk the Holy spirit told me I we would have to rise up against peaple who would tell us what to do with our freedoms!

    Thank you for every keeping the conversative movement strong and inteligent! Great and important information!

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