Losing Patience With Misinformed Citizens on Gay Marriage

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I routinely get emails from people who support indefensible views and who are merely regurgitating what they have heard in the media, without doing much research on their own. This is one such comment, and admittedly my impatient response, which I decided to expand upon and publish here.

Time is running out and if we do not get bolder and more direct with our opposition, we will concede valuable time and effort to the enemy, and that is an intolerable choice at this juncture.

If you disagree with me and my response, I am quite certain you will let me know.

This is the message from Maureen:

I’m kind of confused on this website. Are you pro same-sex marriage? What other elected official’s are pro same sex marriage. It’s a waste of my time talking to officials, that are against!! Utah will spend 2million+dollars on an out-side attorney, to stop same sex marriage, but school districts in Utah, are bullying, children and not letting them eat because their parents for some reason (maybe they lost their jobs, are to proud) can’t pay for their lunch (40 at just 1 school ) other schools in this District, follow the same rules, from I don’t know who. We as citizen pay for public education. Do they know how many children, we could feed, with 2million+dollars. Our priorities in this country, and Utah are all “Wrong”. Officials in Utah are afraid of the church! So sad ,so bad. Next election I want to know who’s pro or con. By the way I’m straight, which really doesn’t matter and not LDS.

And this is my reply:


Thank you for taking time to reply. I’m confused about your confusion.

I’m sorry that you are misinformed about this issue and about public schools and their purpose, which is not to rely upon taxpayers to feed their children. That is a parental responsibility. Lest you believe me to be a hard-hearted Scrooge, read on:

Where do you get your moral authority to steal my money to feed children when I already voluntarily give a substantial amount of my income to provide that assistance privately? When did the role of government become to be a “charitable” giver?

Charity is not charity at all when it is mandated or forced.

I will be even more direct with you: I assume you want those children in public schools to be taught that homosexuality and gay marriage is normal and once that becomes law, that you also want them to be taught how to do it and that you agree that gay marriage really isn’t the end game, but more to break down and destroy all morality and religious input in the matter. At least that is what a decade of legalized gay marriage in Massachusetts has taught.

I also assume that you believe all children, regardless what their parents want, should be taught the same disgusting, immoral concepts and that it is moral and right for all taxpayers, even if they oppose those ideas, to fund them in public schools.

Where do you get your moral authority to steal my money to teach children concepts to which I do not subscribe and which I consider immoral and an infringement on my constitutionally-protected religious liberty?

If you disagree with me, then don’t waste your time watching this video. But if by chance you may have any ounce of concern about what I’ve just written, I do hope you will take time to watch this important video and then tell me this end result is what you favor.

Marriage is not an LDS matter. It is a tenet of multiple religions worldwide from Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Mormon, Catholic, Hindu, and Buddhist.

It is the small but vocal modernist, post-modern liberal factions of these religions that have departed from the mainstream’s time-honored principles and tenets from the Torah, the New Testament, the Book of Mormon, the Qur’an and other revered writings of religious scholars and sages through the centuries who had some common sense when they penned these noble and enduring truths.

You and your vulgar-minded friends do not have the power to overturn centuries of truth. Truth always triumphs over the fleeting fancies of the moment one way or another. But it does take those who believe in truth to let their voices be heard and when they do, your empty platitudes and drivel about all things being “equal” will be drowned out and will cower in the presence of truth and finally ignominiously fade away.

Final question: Who will fight for the civil rights of innocent children to be raised in a home with a mom and a dad? And what price will you cap on that effort? Perhaps Amelia might have something to say about your misguided and misinformed view in this video.

Cherilyn Eagar

If any among you agree with me, come join the cause. Your voices need to be heard.