Lies of the Left and Why Conservatives Are Losing: We Must Unite!

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Utah’s Sovereignty and Marriage Law:  The Left Resorts – Again – to Lies and Distortions

Remember, don’t believe everything you read.  It is an Alinksy tactic in Rules for Radicals to mock and ridicule and to deliberately lie and label and use guilt by association.

We are astonished at the distortions and lies surrounding the event with Sheriff Mack held in Utah on January 4, 2014.  The Left has been trying to discredit this Sheriff for years, when in fact he is giving a logical and inspiring presentation that just makes sense.  He is now leading Sheriffs all across the country successfully.

And the truth is, that’s what they’re so afraid of: the truth.

Twitter Lies

On Monday, January 6, I was interviewed on a live chat with the Salt Lake Tribune. As I spoke I was also following the tweets.  It was astonishing.  An outrageously orchestrated twitter campaign erupted with tweets to lie and twist every logical and rational word I used.

I began responding to the tweets with #lie1 #lie2 #lie3, etc.

Friends, this is an information source that our young people access, trust and value daily.  This is one of the reasons why Barack Obama won!

No wonder we are losing!  We need to do better and we are organizing and training.


…and Utah is responding.  We are in a real war being waged against Utah by the Obama Administration.  It’s a war of words and ideas, but words have meaning.

We are building a grassroots campaign to defend our state Constitution and rule of law – not just to defend marriage, but to defend our land and property rights, local control of education and health care, to name a few.

We need your help today.  This is taking time and money to manage this crucial campaign.

First, we need volunteers!

Second, please consider a donation of any amount to American Leadership Fund.  We promise to use your money wisely.  One of Utah’s state legislators has been waging a twitter war against me accusing me of raising money for my personal gain calling it “#shameful.”

This is totally false.  We use every penny wisely.  Not one cent goes to me personally.

Your support will help us to continue to cover basic expenses to communicate, to print materials, to hold meetings in buildings that require deposits, to pay for necessary permits and other technology needed for events, and to pay for the accounting to file official required reports to the state.

It’s time for us to stand up and say, “We’re sick and tired of being bullied by the federal government.  Don’t mess with UTAH!”  If you agree…take step 3:
Contact your elected officials today!

    • Thank you so much for your kindness in the past and for your help today.
      American Leadership Fund

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  1. According to public records more than half the money raised by your PAC in the 2008 election cycle was spent on Fundraising and Administration. That doesn’t seem like it’s being used very wisely. Half of what remained was just converted to direct contributions to candidates and parties. It seems like it would be a lot more efficient to just donate to a candidate or party directly.

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