LDS Church Makes Strong Case for Tighter Liquor Laws

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Utah’s liquor laws are actually not as strict as in other areas of the country. The LDS Church takes far too many hits from those who simply despise the Church and have an ax to grind. This chalkboard demonstration makes a strong case for why the LDS Church has a compelling interest, far beyond any doctrine, to protect our towns and cities from the negative influences of alcohol consumption. Take a look and let us know what you think about this video the Church produced:

One thought on “LDS Church Makes Strong Case for Tighter Liquor Laws”

  1. Please do not make liquor more available, keep our laws strict or even make them more strict so fewer people will be killed by drunk drivers.
    Why punish the majority just because the minority want to drink more and make it more dangerous on the road.  Please keep our laws strict for the protection  of our society as a whole…

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