Eric Holder, don’t mess with Utah – Are you outraged yet? Take a stand for Utah marriage, state sovereignty and religious liberty

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On January 8, 2014 Utah Governor Gary Herbert announced that the state would not recognize the gay marriages performed after a federal judge unilaterally through summary judgment, without trial, that Utah’s marriage law was unconstitutional.

After the US Supreme Court ruled that Utah’s subsequent stay would be granted, Governor Herbert courageously and constitutionally announced that Utah would not recognize the marriages that had been performed before the stay was granted. We applaud him for his decision.

Eric HolderToday Attorney General Eric Holder unilaterally struck down Utah’s Governor and Attorney General Sean Reyes’ decision.

The U.S. Attorney General is acting dictatorially and out of jurisdiction by overstepping the bounds of the federal government by entering into sovereign state domestic territory. Domestic matters are constitutionally enumerated to the states.

By so doing, he is participating in a strategically orchestrated campaign to unleash litigation upon litigation in the state of Utah to force the federal government’s will and religiously oppressive policies upon the people of Utah, and subsequently upon all 50 states. As Utah goes – so goes the nation.

Please stand up and speak out now.  Our house is burning and we need YOUR fire hose to put out the fire! Silence is not golden in this situation.  It is YELLOW and cowardly.  We cannot and WILL not be intimidated.

What price do you put on saving marriage and family?  It is priceless.

Please ACT today in five critical ways:

1. No matter where you live, contact Utah’s elected officials immediately!  Here are the phone numbers and email addresses.

Thank the Governor for his courage in defending Utah’s sovereignty and the right to determine its domestic policy.  He stands on solid constitutional grounds.  Thank him for standing on principle – this is a moral and religious issue.  He must hear from us – not just those in Utah, but all across the nation.

Ask the Attorney General Sean Reyes to stand up strongly for our law.  His source of authority is NOT Eric Holder, it is the people who elected him and the republican form of government we are guaranteed.

Ask the legislature to take appropriate steps to nullify the federal government’s unconstitutional meddling with domestic policy.  It is not a federally enumerated power.

2. Please forward this message to everyone you know – not only in Utah, but across the nation.

3. Donate NOW.  Your contribution of any amount – $35, $50, $100 or more is desperately needed.  We are on the ground in Utah, organizing the grassroots and raising a large sum of money to counter the tyrannical and arrogant actions of the Obama Administration in very targetted, effective and specific ways.

4. Volunteer now.  contact Cherilyn Eagar

5. Fast and Pray. This is not merely a state sovereignty issue, nor is it a matter of the will of the people. Sometimes the majority is wrong.

This is a matter of moral and religious liberty, of preserving the republic which Article 4 guarantees.* What was that republic? It was the right of the people to be represesnted by moral and religious leaders who understood the law of Nature and of Nature’s God.

This is no small matter.  Utah has been in a war with the federal government on land issues, health care, education, and now marriage.  We cannot lose this war!  The eyes of the world are watching.

Recently while interviewed on Sandy Rios’ nationally syndicated American Family Association radio program, I was told that the rest of the country is looking to Utah, questioning whether we are going to stand strong.

The rest of the nation needs to know that we will not back down, because if we do, Utah will be the state that will be remembered as the state that launched the domino effect state by state as they all fall down.

This is the most important action call of our generation. We cannot fail our children.  

Friends in Utah, let’s show the rest of the world that Utah is not a weakling in the playground, and we will NOT be bullied!  We cannot succeed without your help. Get your firehoses out today and help us SAVE MARRIAGE USA and UTAH!  Utah Unite!


Cherilyn Eagar
American Leadership Fund

* Corrected from email version resulting from lack of sleep. 😉

2 thoughts on “Eric Holder, don’t mess with Utah – Are you outraged yet? Take a stand for Utah marriage, state sovereignty and religious liberty”

  1. Thanks, Cherilyn!

    BTW, Sean Reyes, while assuming the office of Utah Attorney General constitutionally, was not elected by the people.

  2. Thanks for your work defending marriage. What do you think of this idea to preserve marriage? I know you don’t generally like federal laws that trump state laws, but in this case, I think you should make an exception since it is really necessary to stop states from destroying marriage. The idea is to pass a federal law that prohibits labs from creating human beings any way other than joining a man and a woman’s sperm and egg, which would prohibit labs from trying to create genetic offspring of a same-sex couple using stem cell derived gametes or any other method (as well as cloning, animal human hybrids, etc). That would be Constitutional because it would create interstate commerce if it were offered by any labs. And the law would also, prescribe the effect of marriage as approving and allowing the couple to conceive offspring together using their own genes. That also is Constitutional, as the Full Faith and Credit clause allows Congress to prescribe the effect of state acts so that they are uniform in every state. Both parts of the law are very necessary to preserve natural marriage and reproduction rights. I have been calling it the Natural Marriage and Reproduction Act, and I hope you will consider supporting it. It would void all same-sex marriages in the US, and stop courts from imposing it on us. What do you think?

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