How A Decade of Same Sex Marriage In Massachusetts Has Damaged Marriage, Family and Religious Liberty

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If you are among those who believe that legalizing same sex marriage will have no impact on you, your family, your marriage, your children, your religious liberty – please watch this powerful video produced by those who know and have experienced society post-gay marriage for a decade now. Led by Orthodox Jew Brian Camenker, MassResistance has produced this eye-opening video that every citizen of Utah and the United States must see – before it’s too late.

Here is a summary of what Brian Camenker has compiled. Please share this with your family and friends so that they can become better informed.

Brian Camenker – Mass Resistance – What A Decade of Legalized Gay Marriage Has Done to Massachusetts

Massachusetts: First state to legalize – Goodrich opinion 2003 – unconstitutional to ban SSM

• Within six months – high school assemblies were promoting SSM – now SSM is presented as normal
• Myth Sheet from the Gay Activist Defenders distributed:
• 2 myths: purpose of marriage is procreation and children are better off with mom/dad
• Middle school – campaign to normalize began
• 2004 – ruling opened door to teach/advocate for SSM: On NPR one teacher declared, “Give me a break – it’s legal now!”
• 2005 – Elementary school began to display hostile aggression toward traditional parents:
• Lexington MA Kindergarten “Who’s in a Family?” declared that a same sex marriage was “Just another kind of family – just like their own parents” pictures showing 2 moms and 2 dads throughout
• David Parker objected that he could not opt out his kindergartner, refused to back down – jailed overnight – sparked parent outrage across MA
• Second grade “King and King” – about two men who fall in love, marry – picture at end – kissing
• Rob & Robin Wirthlin – opt out request prohibited. [Editor’s note: Cherilyn Eagar and a friend of hers successfully raised $22,000 online in a matter of days for their federal civil rights lawsuit they filed.] 2007 – Federal panel of judges ruled in that case that because it’s legal, schools have a DUTY to teach that it’s normal – no obligation to notify parents
• Acceptance is now a matter of good citizenship
• School librariess are filled with books advocating for SSM
• Activist teachers display photos of their SS partners and bring them to school events
• When our side fought back, a well-funded campaign among the students erupted encouraging students to wear t-shirts saying “Some dudes marry dudes.” Students encouraged to ride in gay pride parades

• All biz must recognize SSM – car, health insurance, benefits, employee hiring – customers
• People can get fired for expressing religious objections in the workplace – a casual conversation with one employee caused his job loss
• Wedding industry must accept SSM clients or get fined or put out of business
• Some restaurant establishments have been strategically targeted and tested for tolerance when two gay people walk in and show public display of affection.

Legal System

• Boston man failed the bar exam because he refused to answer one question about SS law
• Seminars are funded and required by the state bar.
• Homosexual judges are overseeing the courts now
• Marriage licenses changed to Party A and Party B
• Justices of the Peace are ordered to marry despite religious objections
• Public officials cower – fearful of taking away rights
• Pro-family groups are intimidated
• Politicians have caved, now marching in gay pride parades
• City officials now celebrate and pay respects of their gay parades and events
• Even the Republican Party has caved – April 2009 – stated the party will no longer oppose SSM; some Republican leaders march in gay pride parades

Adoption and Foster Care
• Trained that homosexuality and transgenderism is normal
• Babies are adopted to gays against birth parents’ wishes
• State Adoption agency sports logo showing same sex couple icon – advocacy
• Birth certificates are now changed from mother/father to first partner, second partner
• 40% of all adoptions are to homosexual couples; agency now gives preference to SSC
• System is weeding out adoptive and foster parents who oppose SSM

Hospitals-Public Health

• 2007 Commissioner of Public Health Dept – gay – expressing how gay lifestyle is “wonderful” in spite of health stats – promising to increase funding for HIV testing
• Hypocrisy: Requirement for HIV test for gay marriage was discontinued and signed by commissioner
• Gay domestic violence stats rampant – costing the state millions to distribute literature at gay public events
• “Little Black Book” – gives tips to boys on how to perform anonymous sex – advocates for sexual rights with obscene and degrading language and images
• More resources are going to gay health care than ever
• Hospitals are now active supporters of homosexuality sponsoring gay seminars
• Beth Israel Medical Center – doctor fired for harassment and discrimination for pointing out the medical stats and risks

• Any religious group that denies marriage or supports anti-gay seminars – subjected to harassment and disruption during services, taunting, screaming, bull horns in chapel windows, terrorizing while police make no arrests. On one occasion activists were sued for assault and acquitted.
• Another church displayed a sign “Two men are friends – not spouses” – church was terrorized
• One pastor wrote against homosexuality and adherents were terrorized by Occupy activists. Police did nothing to arrest them and are largely sympathetic now

Slippery Slope
• Damage to children and society
• 2003 – before gay marriage, long term advocacy action plans were laid out by LGBT: youth, Boy Scouts, transgender, immigration, military, with aggressive push to normalize homosexuality in schools.
• 2005-2009 gay activity has risen 50%
• Now “Transcending Sexual Boundaries” to polygamy, sadomasochism being mainstreamed
• Cross-dressing celebrated by state government
• Medical procedures for transgender rights
• The focus is Children.
• Childrens Hospital – Boston
• Twins – one requested gender change; aggressive hormone therapy [editor’s note: that few doctors are willing to speak out about that can cause sterilization and impotence], irreversible body mutilization, boys can decide to dress as girls and use girls’ restrooms and locker rooms [editor’s note: based on “sincerely held belief” they are another gender], can play on girls teams without parental consent

Once SSM is legalized, politicians become cowards, and it gets a legal stamp of approval in all walks of society.

Where this is being threatened, DO NOT WAIT! Act now.

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