The Core of Common Core Exposed

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This upcoming legislative session in Utah will be revealing on many fronts. Take education, for example.

I suspect it will be the same in your state legislature because education reform is nationally controlled now through the “common core” movement. So when I speak of Utah, your state is likely to be facing the same kinds of bills coming through the process. It’s likely that special interests, funded by your chambers of commerce and local think tanks that have locked arms with them are pushing for a reform that is not in the interests of parents and children.

Rather the focus is entirely on their own interests, turning education into a massive workforce training machine, funded by the industries that are controlling the curriculum (Gates et al).

How many of Utah’s legislators will vote to increase the funding for workforce training this year? I testified in a Utah Education Committee hearing in 1993 and warned them that workforce training, controlled by the federal government in collaboration with the private sector, was in the works. These public private partnerships are in full force, removing local control and the people’s voice from their schools.

Evidence: Education bills are increasingly found in the labor and workforce committees in your state legislatures and they are the bills to target.

Recently in a Wisconsin hearing, a school superintendent spelled it out loud and clear – this is workforce training and tracking. What kinds of nations and governments need to control from the top down and track their citizens into a workforce?

Here’s a report of his classic lambasting to a Wisconsin state legislature and will make your blood curdle. “Enjoy.”

Workforce Training or Education?

This is the stuff of socialist planned economies originating in the old USSR. If you are an elected official and you choose to laugh or mock this description, then you may want to open your sights to the vast amount of research that has been done and ask yourself, “What does a socialist economy need of its schools?”

What is it, I ask?  Is it not to control the workforce and manage the economy?

This is the model. So to those elected officials who like to ridicule and mock, (Senator Urquhart, I’m speaking to you and others among you) either you are supporting a socialist ideal that you believe in, or you are uninformed and actually aiding and abetting the very principles that you opposed when you were elected.

This superintendent continued his diatribe with the fear-mongering about not being able to compete with China. Not long ago, I sat on a plane with a man from India who told me he was given perks to come to the US to get his college degree in engineering because he was told the US did not have enough engineers. He asked why the US has such a deficit.

I showed him the videos on common core and new math and he was shocked. “No wonder they aren’t competing!” he announced. Indeed.

Here’s a great video that demonstrates how Utah schools and schools around the nation are now teaching math – this is the dumbing down process. I showed my grandchildren this video, and they are being taught this kind of math in Utah right now.

Do As Asians Do

If we want to compete with Asia, then do as Asia does: Get rid of the politically correct, liberal workforce training, environmental chicken little disaster drivel in the math word problems and the goofy new ways to work otherwise simple linear math problems – and start drilling the basics.

My two oldest sons raised their ACT scores with just a few weeks in this Korean math program called Kumon Math. In the 11th grade, they pre-tested at the 2nd GRADE LEVEL!!! But at school they were getting “good” grades. Do you see a problem here?

Watch this five year old. This child is not a genius. It’s how the program works. I’ve seen these children at work, and it’s how Asia learns these computational skills.


Then contact your state elected officials right away and ask them to read this article.  If they support this dangerous socialist agenda that is destroying education and turning it into job training, regurgitating clones on an assembly line (which does benefit Exxon, Microsoft, and other multinational corporations controlling this agenda from the top down), tell them they will lose your support in the next election if they do not stop these bills from being railroaded through committees.

Follow the Money

You might also want to contact your state and local chambers of commerce and let them know how concerned you are with their workforce agenda. Here’s the Salt Lake Chamber.

Even some “conservative” state think tanks are collaborating with the chambers.  In Utah for example, surprisingly it is the Sutherland Institute. While we are in passionate agreement on other issues –  marriage and family policy specifically – this is one in which Sutherland has been entirely silent. In 2007 Sutherland began its collaboration with the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and so one can only assume that Sutherland has made a compromise.

Please contact Sutherland and first thank them for taking leadership on the marriage and non-discrimination issue.  Then let them know you want them to speak out strongly against workforce training and the Salt Lake Chamber’s support of Common Core and workforce training.

Let them know that you oppose their position supporting voucher-receiving charter schools because they are not really “school choice.”  Rather, they are undercutting real choice – the private market of authentic independent schools.  By so doing, they are putting pressure on private schools to apply for government vouchers through charters, and thereby increasing workforce training-driven public private partnerships removing our voices with their unelected and unrepresentative boards. Because these schools are voucher-receiving, they now must come under the federal and state regulations, including testing, which is Common Core-driven.

For more information here is an accompanying article.

This is very serious, friends.

If you are in Utah, here is how you contact your legislators.

4 thoughts on “The Core of Common Core Exposed”

  1. I am not stupid.  However, I had trouble following the examples
    given on how children are to learn to do math.  It is so confusing
    that I think it will be counter productive to teach the children — or
    rather TRY to teach them.  Also the parents, for the most part, will have difficulty supporting their children because they won’t understand it either.  These children are being taught to be robots.  That is
    evil!  Please spare the children from this math program.  I have no
    doubt that few will comprehend it.  Plus, the difficulty parents will
    have trying to understand the childrens’ assignments will cause a huge amount of pressure between them, thus dividing families.
    This must be stopped!!!

  2. I’ve never understood why we think we need to keep up with the Asians, who have some of the the highest suicide rates among teens in the world. Japan is #1, and China is #7. They put a lot of pressure on the school children. I agree that we can do a lot better in educating children, but I think we ought to drop the international competition mantra. 

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