Contact Utah’s Elected Officials

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Contact Your Elected Officials

Ask the Utah Governor, your state senator and state representative and legislative leadership to protect our state’s rights and to stand up boldly against federal judicial activism and for the rule of law.

Governor Gary Herbert: 801-538-1000; Governor Herbert’s email

State Senate Leadership

Senate President Wayne Niederhauser: 801-942-3398
Sen. Wayne Neidersauser’s email

Sen. Ralph Okerlund: 435-979-7077
Sen. Ralph Okerlund’s email

Sen. Stuart Adams: 801-593-1776
Sen. Stuart Adams’s email

Sen. Peter Knudson: 435-730-2026
Sen. Peter Knudson’s email

State Senate Roster

State House Leadership

House Speaker Becky Lockhart: 801-361-5457
Rep. Lockhart’s email

Rep. Brad Dee: 801-479-5495
Rep. Dee’s email

Rep. Greg Hughes: 801-572-5305
Rep. Hughes’s email

Rep. Don Ipson: 435-673-8216
Rep. Ipson’s email

State House Roster

If you do not know which district you are in, find your state senator and representative here.
Ask the Utah Attorney General and members of the Utah federal delegation to defend Utah’s constitutional law today.

Attorney General Sean Reyes: 801-538-9600 or 801-366-0300
AG Reyes’s email

3 thoughts on “Contact Utah’s Elected Officials”

  1. Cherilyn,

    Below are the words written by a Mormon woman, words I thought you should read.  After reading about your anti-gay marriage campaign and meetings, I was filled with so much sadness that that many people would devote so much of their time and resources to taking away basic human rights.  I have no doubt Jesus would not be proud of what you’ve chosen to dedicate your all to.  Life is short, people and their hearts and feeling a matter, and I’m sorry to say that you embarrass the heck out of me…I’m ashamed you in any way represent the state of Utah and the Mormon religion.  Looks beyond your fear, dear lady – you’ll find the love and compassion that Jesus taught.  That is what matters.  And, the words of Mary Danzig:

    I have thought all afternoon about what to say. I have such a heavy heart. I don’t know what to say to my friends who oppose same sex marriage because I love them and know they intend well, but what is happening is so wrong. I have to speak. There was a time when I would have thought Governor Herbert was right. I’m not proud of it. There was a time when I thought that it was OK for me to trust my religion to always know what was right or wrong. One day I really sat with a gay person’s journey. My heart opened and I realized that it was time for me to grow up spiritually. I couldn’t just set things on shelves or let other people do the thinking and just follow, God expected me to really search things out in my mind and heart. When I did that, when I really listened and thought and didn’t just trust that the answers had been given thousands of years ago, I realized I was very wrong. From religion I learned about the brotherhood of man, the Sermon on the Mount, the meaning of true love. I think Paul said it well when he said we see through a glass darkly. While religions have taught us so much, they are also colored by the biases of our times. I am grateful we have got past stoning people, calling women and lepers unclean, justifying racism with religious teachings and even justifying genocide. As I watch things unfold in Utah I can’t help but think that most people who oppose same sex marriage are trusting that what they have been taught is true. And, I can’t help but think that most will eventually feel ashamed they once thought the way they do. If they don’t, I am certain their grandchildren will. And someday, their religions will feel deep regret that they were not prophetic instead of reactionary. I have very dear friends who love their same sex spouse with all their hearts. This is the person they trust most in the world. The person that should be able to stand by them in every legal way. They are being discriminated against and it is shameful. I believe that God expects all of us to not just trust that religion has something right, too many times religious organizations are slow to hear God’s voice. Too many times we see through a glass darkly and allow discrimination to continue. I believe that God expects people of faith to actually have the faith to question, to think, to open our hearts and be open to the possibility that all is not the way we assumed. I hope and pray that the people of Utah will do this because we are hurting people in a very serious way and it is shameful.

    1. Jana,
      Utah officials are not taking away any rights from homosexuals. The US Constitution contains no rights regarding marriage, and the 10th Amendment relegates that legal authority to the individual states. Years ago Utah voters overwhelmingly chose to define marriage as between one man and one woman. And no one is denying individuals the natural right to love anyone they chose. Federal officials such as judges and the US Attorney General, as well as social activists have no right to disregard Utah’s constitution.

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