Don’t Miss this ACTION Event! Obama’s War Against Utah, Marriage and Family

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National and Local Media Event: Rally for Utah State Sovereignty and Marriage!

Obama’s War Against Utah’s State Sovereignty, Marriage, Family and Religious Liberty

After the “stay” – What Next?  Our house is still on fire and we need to get those fire hoses out NOW – together.  Make some noise and rally with us!

When:  Wednesday Noon, Golden Corral 225 W University Parkway, Orem, Ut.

Open to the Public (buy your own lunch)
National and local media will be there for photo ops and interviews

RSVP by replying to this email


State Rep. LaVar Christensen
The Amendment 3 Court Challenge – How Did This Happen in Utah?

Talk Show Host Sam Bushman
State Sovereignty, the Constitutional Sheriff and the Balance of Power

Former US Senate candidate Cherilyn Eagar
What a Decade of Legalized Same Sex Marriage in Massachusetts
Has Done to Marriage, Family, Schools, Business and Religious Liberty

Utah Eagle Forum President Gayle Ruzicka
Non-discrimination bill, upcoming convention, Thursday evening event, and volunteers for Legislative Session

Kris Kimball – United Womens Forum
Mary Fielding Summerhays – Celebration of Marriage Rally
Stephen and Jan Graham –
Senator Stuart Reid*
Senator Margaret Dayton*
Rep. Curt Oda*
Laura Bunker* – United Families International
Bill Duncan*, atty – Marriage Law Foundation
Renee Green*


If you care about your children and their future, be there!

From this line up of experts you will learn:

  • How a decade of legalized same-sex marriage in Massachusetts has damaged marriage and religious liberty – a stunning and revealing 26-minute video demonstrating what is coming soon to Utah and its public schools to sexually exploit and recruit our children.
  • The inside story of the lawsuit that deliberately overturned Utah’s Amendment 3 that defines marriage as between a man and a woman.
  • How Utah’s state officials allowed one Obama-appointed Judge to unconstitutionally rule Utah’s marriage law unconstitutional and why only a handful of our elected officials are willing to defend Amendment 3.
  • How the County Sheriff is a check and balance to protect the People’s constitutional rights.
  • Learn what We the People must do now – even though a temporary stay as been granted – to protect state sovereignty and Utah’s State Law protecting marriage.


On Monday, January 6, 2014, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor issued a temporary “stay” to stop issuing gay marriage licenses in Utah, but it did not put out the fire.  We must be ready and prepared with plenty of fire hoses.  Learn what we can do on Wednesday, January 8, 2013 NOON – Golden Corral, Orem, Utah!

If you care about your children’s future, you will be there…


Invite your family, neighbors, your County Sheriff, County Clerk, County Attorney, County Commissioners and other elected officials to attend with you.

Pass this message on to everyone!

The Left Resorts to Lies and Distortions

Remember, don’t believe everything you read.  It is an Alinksy tactic in Rules for Radicals to mock and ridicule and to deliberately lie and label and use guilt by association.

We are astonished at the distortions and lies surrounding the event with Sheriff Mack.  The Left has been trying to discredit this Sheriff for years when in fact he is giving a logical and inspiring presentation that just makes sense and he is now leading Sheriffs all across the country successfully.

And the truth is, that’s what they’re so afraid of.

On Monday, January 6, I was interviewed on a live chat with the Salt Lake Tribune and as I spoke I was following the tweets – It was amazingly and outrageously orchestrated to lie and twist every logical and rational word I used.  I began responding to the tweets with #lie1 #lie2 #lie3

This is an information source that our young people access and value.  This is why Barack Obama won.  No wonder we are losing!  We need to do better and we are organizing.



We are in a real war being waged against Utah by the Obama Administration.  It’s a war of words and ideas, but words have meaning.

We are building a grassroots campaign to defend our state Constitution and rule of law – not just to defend marriage, but to defend our land and property rights, local control of education and health care, to name a few.

We need your help today.  This is taking time and money to manage this crucial campaign.

First, we need volunteers!

Second, please consider a donation of any amount to American Leadership Fund.  We promise to use your money wisely.  One of Utah’s state legislators has been waging a twitter war against me accusing me of raising money for my personal gain calling it “#shameful.”

This is totally false.  We use every penny wisely.  Not one cent goes to me personally.

Your support will help us to continue to cover basic expenses to communicate, to print materials, to hold meetings in buildings that require deposits, to pay for necessary permits and other technology needed for events, and to pay for the accounting to file official required reports to the state.

It’s time for us to stand up and say, “We’re sick and tired of being bullied by the federal government.  Don’t mess with UTAH!”  If you agree…take step 3:
Contact your elected officials today!

    • Thank you so much for your kindness in the past and for your help today.
      Faithfully,Cherilyn Eagar
      American Leadership Fund

11 thoughts on “Don’t Miss this ACTION Event! Obama’s War Against Utah, Marriage and Family”

  1. Was this meeting today or is it next week? Forgive the confusion, if it’s next week I will definitely be there! And I absolutely support traditional marriage! – Resa WARCHICK Kirkland

  2. Have you seen this yet, in response to what’s happening in Utah with gay marriage?

  3. SO, how is this Obamas fault, he wasnt the one who did this. Believe me I dont like him, but, this was the Federal Judge, now that its in the supreme court, you will all have to live with what happens. IT is not up to you or anyone else now,. I have yet to see the terrible things that are in store for us as a nation , and as families, and as straight people in traditional marriages. If you can present to me, a REAL argument, other than you dont want it, I might be willing to listen. But since I have not heard any, for years, I will see to it, that the rights of individuals, regardless of bias from ones religion or political views, are respected. The stay , and whatever else gets pushed around, will fail, and Utah will look very foolish. I dont think you know what has happened here. You wont for decades.

  4. Is there a link I can send out to our GOP in Grand County where we can view the proceedings?  Thank you.

  5. Good day, I have heard alot of things said over the last few days, about same sex marriage, and how you seek to protect traditional marriage. For some reason, I have yet to hear a proper logical argument as to how you can damage the family or a threat to the marriage I have with my wife. No threat to my marriage has been noticed, nor do I think there will be to any future straight marriage from what I have seen. Though, I broke with traditional marriage to begin with, No one wore pants at my wedding, we wore kilts, and my wife kept her maiden name. So, yeah, even us straight people can threaten traditional marriages too. Though most of your argument centers around a judges ruling, and people dont like that, there is little beyond that as to how it is a real threat to the rest of us, and our unions and families . Let me help you with a few ideas

    Here are some arguments you can use against same sex marriages, as these
    Reasons how Same sex marriages threaten traditional marriage
    All of these do in fact change how traditional marriages function, and the threats are pretty serious as you will see.
    The ceremony has to be changed to , Wife and wife , or Husband and Husband, or Man and Man, or …. Oh crap….
    The county clerks office now has to order licenses reprinted to say, Groom and Groom, or Bride and Bride on separate forms in order to be accurate.
    Who is going to wear the pants or dress at the wedding ?
    Who is going to stand waiting, while the other is marched down the aisle ?
    The cake ornament vendors will have to offer two dudes in tuxes, or two women in dresses .
    Who takes on the last name of the other.
    Having two Mrs. Brinkerhoffs in the house, is going to suck for the telemarketers, “Hi, can I speak to Mrs Brinkerhoff? ” “Which one? , there are two of us? ” “Uh, whoever makes the decisions on … ….” “Ah, that is both of us, ” ….
    Who gets to file “Head of Household ” on tax forms.
    Who do you buy the lingerie for at the bachelorete parties?
    Do they have separate Bachelorete parties?

    These and countless other issues will threaten “T

      1. I read the list of things, and I see 95% of those things mentioned there, as GOOD THINGS. Please understand I am a straight, practicing mormon. I also studied at harvard divinity school, and have had to take on these issues . Almost all of these things they are complaining about in here, are the fact that you find tolerance to be a bad thing, accepting people who just might be different from you as a bad thing. And saying that if someone views love in a different way than you, then bad things are happening. But you know a less bigoted , more accepting society, with tolerant, caring , respectful people. The message here seems to be “WE cant have that”. I was able to speak at the state capitol today, explaining how marriage between two people should not be restricted because of gender. Doing so, is regulating love, and… well, how can the state regulate love, its a rather intangible concept. The complaints here seem to point out that they dislike the gay community because of some sort of base level carnal out of control sexual society. Im surprised people still feel that way. They are boring people, who have a sex life they wish to keep private , just like you and I . The only difference is, if you see them together saying they are married, you know whats happening behind closed doors, and that is what you really are against. I am only assuming that you feel this way, but, based on what the author of the list says, I feel I would be spot on. Just a heads up, the most vocal anti gay people, seem to think WAY MORE about homosexual intimacy than most gay people I know.

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