Why Senator Hatch Is Wrong On Non-Discrimination

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I won’t say I told you so. But I did. Once again, Senator Hatch shows why he is no conservative. Senator Stuart Reid has nailed this one in his guest editorial on the senator’s support of ENDA, the federal version of the non-discrimination proposals that continually come before our state legislature and never make it to the floor.

Please take a few moments to read that brief article. Then ask why Utah re-elected a man who is so far-removed from Utah, has not really lived in Utah outside of his BYU experience and more closely reflects the mentality of his origins – Pennsylvania.

Many newcomers to politics in the Tea Party truly believed in the promises of power and influence if they would only help him get re-elected to one more term.

This one man’s desperate attempt to stay in office through his mid-80s is frankly embarrassing. Why does he not want to spend his last years devoted to his family? Because his country is that much more important? Because he has developed a false sense of indispensability that no one else’s shoes could fill until they are carrying him out on a stretcher from the Senate floor to the morgue?

I like Senator Hatch as a person, but not as a senator. We had a friendly time on the campaign trail. He has done some things right, but over all, he has been among those who have incrementally compromised away our freedoms, placing more power and influence at the federal level and he is a strong reason why we are now facing the death masque of universal health care.

I did learn that he was not up to the task, seniority and power positioning aside, which we knew would not happen anyway because Republicans were most likely not going to get a majority in 2012. Respect must take a second place to honesty now. He is simply too old. When Senators Cruz, Paul, and Lee supported each other in the filibuster, where was Senator Hatch? He was simply too old to stand for hours and debate. It is not Senator Hatch who runs the show any more. It’s his staff.

It was time for him to retire to his family in 2012. After this term, I sincerely hope he does. I would like to ask him to gracefully retire before the end of this term, but I won’t. I fear more who would be selected to replace him.