Salt Lake Pre-School Proposal Equals Taxation without Representation

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The Salt Lake Tribune reported on a pre-school proposal that is gaining momentum in Utah. But beware – the devil is in the details, as they say.

The article identifies a public-private partnership (P3) that is funding this proposal to provide 600 children with funding to attend pre-school. What’s wrong with that, you say? You applaud humanitarianism?

Here’s another look at what has become the standard for supporting government policies that we can’t afford and what it is really costing us:

A P3 is the definition of taxation without representation.  Here’s why: I did not elect a private corporation, in this case Goldman Sachs, and the United Way – a non-profit organization that donates millions to Planned Parenthood (both focusing on reducing the black population worldwide), or any family foundation to impose its “vision” of education in my county.

Yet my taxes (the “public” side of the equation) are paying for this proposal.

With a P3, we lose our voting power because our votes cannot compete with the massive amount of money a private enterprise can funnel into education – or any publicly-funded project.

If a private enterprise wants to fund education, let them do it on THEIR dime, not mine.  That’s called “private education.”  If they want to set up scholarships, that’s where their money would be better spent, but do not include MY money in that scholarship, because that’s a voucher.

School choice and charter schools are also dependent upon P3s and vouchers for their sustenance.  These concepts are killing private and religious education because they can’t compete with the “FREE” option.  This is NOT choice at all.  And it’s definitely NOT free enterprise.

There is a history of this public-private relationship in other countries, and it did not have a happy ending.  Yet, at least two Republican Utah governors have signed an identical letter agreeing to federal funds to support “cradle-to-grave” education, of which this proposal is a part.  This is the loss of local control and representative government, and it’s supported by both parties.

Shame on them.

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