Rand Paul & Mike Lee: No Compromise – Best Argument

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This nation is now $17 trillion in debt with no end in sight. Millions in the private sector have lost their jobs and many more to come. Government has shut down and now some of the 2.2 million on the fastest growing payroll in the nation – the government – are complaining.

This post is not meant to demean the horrific plight of anyone that loses a job and the families and children that suffer. However, in Utah furloughed military wives are now on newscasts acting as if they have been singled out from all the millions of livelihoods that the federal reserve, bureaucrats, lobbyists and elected officials have already destroyed through their reckless and regulatory policies.

Perhaps these federal employees thought their jobs were immune from the radically dangerous game of chicken Congress is playing with this nation’s economic stability? We are paying for those salaries, but we are throwing our money down a drain because it doesn’t even cover the debt service. Apparently the Left crafted a set up and Rand Paul was caught on a live mic … and Mike Lee has made the strongest case against ObamaCare

What a shame that President Obama has chosen to shut down the government because HE has refused to compromise with the courageous Senators that know ObamaCare will destroy this nation.

This is Washington. And this is political warfare.

Senator Mike Lee (R-UY) gets it.  He was my opponent in the U.S. Senate race in 2010.  But he knows that ObamaCare will destroy this nation’s economy.  And he’s obviously willing to put everything on the line – including re-election – for it.  I would have done the same.  All our representatives should be joining him, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz.  Where is Utah’s Senator Orrin Hatch?

Here’s what Senator Lee says about this fight to save our nation from ruin:
The Obama Administration’s behavior during the first week of the shutdown has been the best argument against Obamacare anyone has ever made.

“The American people do not want Obamacare, and they are demanding that Washington act to protect them from the harmful effects of this unfortunate law. The president’s response has been to ignore them, allow the government to shutdown, and then use his power to close national parks and monuments, stop paying veterans’ benefits, and cut off cancer research.

This is exactly why we should not expand the government’s power over our health care choices. What power the government has, it will use – and misuse – to advance its own interests, even if that means punishing the American people along the way.

The message behind the Administration’s shutdown bullying is the same message sent by his IRS’s abuses of political opponents: do what I say, or else. This is the abusive, partisan, unaccountable bureaucracy that, under Obamacare, will soon be running America’s health care system.

President Obama is not just using the vast powers of his office as leverage against Republicans – he is abusing his powers as leverage against the American people.

The scenes of World War II veterans being shut out of a monument built in their honor should be a bright red flag warning the American people what an out-of-control federal government is capable of. Each day brings a new and more vivid example of why it is critical that we not allow Washington to reach even further into our most personal and intimate decisions.

We now see how determined the president is to expand the power of the federal government and his willingness to use that power to harm the country to get what he wants. Congress cannot allow this to stand and should continue to work to end the shutdown and protect the American people from Obamacare.”

Meanwhile Mitt Romney appears to be paving the way for his son Josh’s emerging political run, rumored to be leaning toward challenging Senator Mike Lee.  The former presidential candidate declared recently that Senator Lee should never have put the nation in a government shut-down.  This mis-characterization of what is really happening was surprising to many who supported Romney in 2012.

In 2010 the tea party came out in droves to change the face of Congress to fix an astronomical debt – $1.4 trillion! (Now $17 trillion) Only a handful has risen to the occasion since.  Listen to what Rand Paul said.  And double down to get as many petitions signed as possible.

It’s never pleasant fixing personal debt. But the public debt is impacting everyone. We are all going to learn, one way or another, that we can no longer depend on government – especially the federal government – to fix anything.

In fact, we really don’t have true representation any more.  It’s a runaway bureaucracy that keeps on spinning those wheels, and the lobbyists who cut the deals.

I’m not only in favor of shutting down government, I would like to see a portion of it shut down permanently. We can start with the U.S. Department of Education that has all but merged with the Department of Labor to centrally manage the “global workforce.”  We need jobs – domestic jobs, right here at home.  And we don’t need the federal government to control them.

The states are tied to this sinking ship.  We’ve been a socialist nation for far too long now and just as it didn’t work in the USSR, it has not been working here either.

It’s time for our state legislatures to just say “no” to this reckless bureaucracy and to protect us from the unraveling of our nation.

From us in Utah, thank you Mike, Rand and Ted, for your singular courage to do the right thing in spite of your cowardly colleagues.

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