California’s Referendum on Insanity: Stop Co-Ed Bathrooms

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In 1977 I attended the International Womens Year Conference in Normal, Illinois as a delegate. The feminists in attendance laughed at us when we suggested that their logic on equality, defined in the Yale Law Journal, would lead to “unisex” bathrooms. Today it’s a reality. And California is NOT laughing.

A referendum is now in the works to repeal its insane “co-ed” bathroom law, in which students of either sex may enter the opposite sex bathroom just because they “believe.” It’s based on the otherwise innocuous, but really very dangerous, “gender identity” language which includes phrases and terms such as “sincerely-held belief,” “deeply-held belief,” “internal sense” or “perceived orientation” that a person is of another gender than the DNA (the chromosomes, biology, science, medicine) and all logic indicates. Here’s how the 2013 Utah bill read:

Here are the definitions in the proposed 2013 Utah law:
“Gender identity” means an individual’s internal sense of gender, without regard to the individual’s designated sex at birth. Evidence of gender identity may include an individual’s self-identification, as well as the individual’s gender-related appearance, mannerisms, and other gender-related characteristics.” (Lines 88-91)

“Sexual orientation” means an individual’s actual or perceived orientation as heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. (Lines 124-125)

Non-discrimination laws that include this language have been passed in many states, and other states are considering it, including one of the most “conservative” states – Utah.

In fact, in that 2013 session, a Republican, Senator Steve Urquhart, sponsored it in the Senate. With the help of two other Republicans, Senators Okerland and Knudsen, (we call them “leadership”) for the first time in history, the measure passed out of committee, but remained dead in the rules committee.

The gay rights activists vow to pass it in the 2014 session, and it’s posted online already.

What should every state do about this? Many have determined that in public and business settings, the expense of a transgendered bathroom would be necessary to resolve the concerns of a man walking into a woman’s bathroom just because he believes he’s a woman, and has been able to change his birth certificate.

Really, at this point, anyone with half a brain must realize this is insanity.

But homosexuals don’t want a separate bathroom because they don’t want to share it with others who believe they are the opposite sex science says they are. So that’s not the solution, in their minds. These mentally-disturbed men want to share the bathroom with us women.

Defining Gender

Every state should rally its doctors who still believe in the science they were taught and support putting the biological, scientific, medical definition of gender into law. Everyone is born with a set of human chromosomes that determine sex. It’s either XX or XY. Yes, there are rare XXY chromosome structures. In those instances, if the child is allowed to mature long enough to determine which sex is dominant, the surgical correction can be made.

If you search “gender transitioning” and click on the “video” tab, you can watch what so many young people are doing to their bodies with aggressive hormone replacement therapy. They are literally changing the physical appearance of their bodies from men to women.

Some young people are confused or enamored with the ability to alter their physical appearance from one gender to another. What they may not know is that by so doing, in many instances, permanent sterility results, and a lack of any sex drive or the ability to have sex at all.

Psychiatric Reality vs Political Protection

Psychiatrists at Johns Hopkins University Hospital determined that patients that presented with psychological disorders and a desire for sex change surgeries were no better off after the surgery, and sometimes worse.

Gender and homosexuality has become such a politically protected matter that not even science has been able to knock some logic or common sense into the debate.

But for those elected officials who still have some common sense, we call upon them to put the DNA definition into law. A sex change operation or hormone replacement therapy, or a man putting make-up on or growing long, beautifully-coiffed hair cannot get away with this insanity on their birth certificates if gender is defined by the medical profession as they know it has been proven.

That is, if medical doctors want to maintain any credibility at all. If you are a doctor and you want to help, contact me at cherilyn at cherilyn eagar dot com. Your donations are appreciated as we move forward to defeat this next anti-discrimination effort led by Senator Urquhart.