Surgical Breakthrough Could Stop ObamaCare

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This is an extraordinary video explaining a surgical breakthrough from Israel that allows formerly invasive surgery to be conducted without cutting into the body, and on an out-patient basis.

This is the surgery of the future that will revolutionize the treatment for tumors and fibroids, reducing or eliminating the need for hysterectomy – and costly overnight hospital stays.  It dovetails with another innovation that could spare us from the outrageous costs of hospital care and their ownership of our doctors. 

Hospital TakeoverAs such, this breakthrough is a powerful way to counter the hostile hospital take over that is costing patients a fortune, sometimes to bankruptcy, and reducing the physician to the status of government employee.

If hospitals continue, they themselves will be government employees. They don’t seem to care, and from this vantage point, it appears all that matters is their bottom line – at the expense of the quality of their profession and their doctors.

Doctors must take charge now, networking and collaborating with their peers to set up another breakthrough in medical care:  the direct-pay, doctor-owned outpatient surgical center, described here. This breakthrough has been promoted for many years by doctors affiliated with the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS).

A successful business model was launched by AAPS surgeon, Keith Smith, MD in Oklahoma City. In only four years, the center has gone from 12 doctors to 75. By posting their prices online, patients and CEOs alike from all over the country can compare their rates to those of the regular hospital. When they discover those rates are vastly lower (sometimes as much as 10 times) as the normal hospital rates, businesses and individuals are finding “medical tourism” to be the wave of the future, and are flying to Oklahoma City from everywhere.

The competition has kicked in, and some hospitals have taken note, and are dramatically reducing their own fees.  But the hospitals that are gearing up to partner with ObamaCare in what’s called a “public-private partnership” will soon find that the collaboration with the federal government will remove their autonomy to set their own pricing, and their own freedom from regulation will soon disappear.  Perhaps they have simply abandoned ship?

As in the United Kingdom, when ObamaCare is fully implemented, these hospitals will be a “public-private partnership”(P3), and we will watch as the US follows Britain’s history where the private sector has also merged with the government’s socialized system.

This is a disaster for doctors and patients alike.

If doctors and patients truly care about the quality of medicine delivered, and if they want to save the free enterprise, capitalist, competitive system to keep costs down and services high, they must once again take charge of their profession and medical care, respectively.

The business model of the Surgical Center of Oklahoma is the solution, and this Israeli surgical breakthrough is one of the vehicles that will allow surgeons to break away from the hospital model and to restore quality care at lower cost.

If you are a doctor and would like more information as we network to make this model a reality, contact