The Real War Behind Common Core Part 2: Origins of Public Private Partnerships

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In Part 1, I established a backdrop for this turbulent flight toward socialism the United States is on and how the people have lost local control. In their lack of understanding of basic representative government, they have confused the public with the private, and have formed mergers called, “public private partnerships” or “P3s.” Please review Part 1 before reading Part 2 to avoid confusion or misinterpretation of this second segment in the series of six.

Yes, there is history behind the P3’s that the United States public policy advocates and lawmakers are embracing, especially on the conservative Right. As my Russian friend explained in Part 1, these partnerships don’t have a happy ending. [Warning: More turbulence ahead. If you need a bag, it’s in the pocket on the seat in front of you.]

stalin-lenin-and-trotskyThe Historical Role Models
Lenin and Trotsky – during the Bolshevik Revolution, followed by Hitler’s National Socialist Party – under the Third Reich, Stalin’s Communist Party – post-Bolshevik Revolution, and Mussolini’s Italian Socialist Party, could not have done much better when they adopted their own forms of national socialism. They just didn’t have the advantage of today’s technology and communications.

In fact, U.S. presidents from Woodrow Wilson and Herbert Hoover to George Bush and Barack Obama, republican and democratic alike, have incrementally adopted socialist policies. Even a president that I’ve admired for his brilliant delivery of some of the best one-liners and his desire to dismantle the US Department of Education and get the US out of the United Nations, Ronald Reagan, was responsible for signing agreements with China and the USSR for education exchanges, which led to a merger of policy.

Perhaps you’ve never read any Marx. He should be in the Guinness Book of World Records for his most boring work – Das Capital.   But I recommend The Communist Manifesto. It’s short. He and Engels outline ten goals, commonly referred to as the “Ten Planks” of The Communist Manifesto.

These planks comprise the action plan for transforming society from capitalism to socialism, which they knew from history, if they could achieve them, they could usher in their utopia – communism.

If you haven’t read the 10 planks before, here they are.

Now for the quiz. How many of these goals have been accomplished? How many have been partially accomplished? Are there any that have not been written into U.S. law in some way? Based on your answers, what form of government has the U.S. adopted? [Come on now. You can say it. Don’t be afraid. It’s OK. I’ll hold your hand. Here, I’ll hold the bag for you because this flight will be crashing … in time.]

The Challenges

In all seriousness, the influence of education in this socialist transformation is paramount. In Part 6 of this series, a proposed Education Policy Action Plan is laid out.  It has been developed and reviewed by some of the most knowledgeable and skilled education researchers in this nation. They have not been afraid to call it what it is. Some have been ostracized and silenced. They have gone to hearings, contacted state and federal elected officials, their well-documented opinion editorials and letters to the editors have been censored. But they have had courage and have stayed the course.

This action plan is the only way to unravel these socialist education policies and restore our schools and our representative republic. Surprisingly, it will not be accomplished by destroying the public school system. It will be achieved by restoring the public school system.

It will be most difficult to achieve. But radical reforms require radical remedies.

The challenge is to educate elected officials and the majority of Americans, including millennials and boomers alike, who are so entrenched, indoctrinated in, and addicted to socialist, centralized policies, that many do not recognize them as socialist when they see them.

The Sacred Cow: First, What Is It?

Today, school choice is not only flourishing and charters schools exponentially expanding. Indeed they have become the most sacred cows of all – especially for Republicans. But Democrats are catching up after observing 25 years of unintended consequences that benefit them and that conservatives have handed to them on a platter.

Meanwhile, voucher proponents are figuring out that they don’t necessarily need vouchers to have school choice. If they have charter schools instead, because as with vouchers, “the money follows the student” to that school. That IS the definition of a voucher.

Both Bush administrations, along with the Clinton and Obama Administrations, have each given school choice/charters a green light through grants to the states in No Child Left Behind/ESEA legislation.

In 2003, George Bush re-entered the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and sent Secretary of Education Rod Paige to give the U.S.’s re-entry speech in which he praised its “Education for All – Dakar Framework” for providing the basis for the U.S. education policy: No Child Left Behind. Obama’s Race to the Top policy named several charters among its finalists.

Here’s Barack Obama’s Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, extolling the virtues of the 6,000 current charter schools ion July 2, 2013, laying the course for how they can “reach their dream.” [Read that: more federal regulation.]

Utah has over 100 of these charter schools. Per capita, that means Utah has more than other states.

To make some kind of restitution for what Utah has done to the rest of the nation, I am going after this sacred cow, because it’s now or never. [Do I hear any “moos” out there?]

Glenn Beck: “No Sacred Cows”

I’m counting on Glenn Beck to keep his pledge.

Glenn Beck and Christian historian David Barton have taken on the latest parent outcry, Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI). With the help of Utah Eagle Forum, he and David have gathered researchers from all over the nation “who have been studying these issues for many years” to develop a plan of action and a goal Beck says will remove Common Core from the schools by next year. (I decided to stay home to write this proposal instead.)

He pledged on air that he would put ideas on his show, as long as they do not go after his only sacred cow: The Constitution. I agree. As one who has also defended The Constitution on many occasions, I’m holding him to that pledge.  I’ve emailed his producers, but I have not heard back yet.

Listen to what Beck says:

Overall, most parents and educators fighting Common Core recognize that it’s a reform movement to nationalize education in the areas of standards, assessments, data collection/mining (impinging on privacy), which all influences curriculum and text books.

It parallels the same kind of national take-over that ObamaCare is attempting to implement.

Consider Utah again. I love Utah. It has great families, and it’s a great environment in which to raise children. Its mountains are beyond breathtaking. It’s the nation’s outdoor playground. The skiing is unrivaled. [If you ski.] The canyons are among the wonders of the world.

Utah still has lower taxes and cost of living. In education, it proves that strong families are the backbone of student achievement. With the lowest per-student expenditure nationally, and a larger-than-average class size, it has graduated students that have recently scored the highest in the nation on the ACT.

But Utah faces the same political pressures as other states. Follow the money.  Everyone needs it.

Utah is viewed as one of the most conservative states in the nation, holding a strong Republican majority in both houses of the state legislature and in the executive branch as well. Even some of that state’s most conservative representatives have passed measures that make Utah’s education policies one of the most progressive.

terrell bell
Terrell Bell
US Secretary of Education, former Utah Superintendent

In fact, in 1983 Utah requested and received the grant to pilot the foundational process of Common Core – “outcomes-based education.” OBE became the national model and was implemented in every state. It was the restructuring model for workforce training, modeled after Carnegie’s 1933 eight-year behavioral study from which followed the rationale for behavioral assessments with the first national test in 1967, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), even though it is illegal to administer a national test.  This one was testing, and continues to test, for attitudes and values, which are then assessed and curriculum suggested through the regional labs, and adopted state-by-state.

In this way, conservative Utah was responsible for launching the very societal transformation McCune and her cohorts promoted in the 1990s. Conservative Utah was also among the first to adopt “school-to-work” goals in the early 1990’s, radically changing the purpose of education to what has become popularly known as “the European tracking system.”

We were told that American students needed to compete in the global economy. To good moms and dads everywhere, that sounded like a worthy goal for their children.

Are you sitting down? Get some rest, because in Part 3, I’m about to mention some additional conservative sacred cows. [Brace. Brace. Brace. Put on your Left Brain seat belts, we are about to crash land into Free Market Principles 101.] Stay with me.

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