A Petition to STOP Nationalized Education and Restore Local Control

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This petition has a pre-requisite:  that you first read the blog post Restoring Our Schools  – An Education Policy Action Plan and this additional informational article.  These provide essential background information about which you may not be aware and will most likely answer any questions you may have.

The petition is directed to elected officials at the local, state and national levels and is offered for endorsement and use by policy organizations and individuals who share the perspective that what’s at stake in this current Common Core Standards debate over whose standards are best – yours or mine – is largely a battle overlooking the real war that must be won: the fight over loss of local control, free enterprise and our representative form of government.

It wouldn’t matter if the standards were from the Ten Commandments or the Communist Manifesto, debating the merits of standards merely lends credibility to the unconstitutional role of the federal government to control society with common – or uniform – national standards.

If you agree with us that there’s much more at stake, or if you have suggestions, please comment, but be sure to study this issue thoroughly, and then sign this petition.  Click “more” to read it.  The petition is to the right of this blog site. 

A Petition to STOP Nationalized Education
and Restore Local Control

We, the undersigned, agree that the Common Core State Standards Initiative is merely the current label in a long list of reform/restructuring initiatives that have transformed the purpose of education from “educating” to “skills and workforce training;”


  • Advocate regionalism/consolidation, central control, management and planning, along with the central gathering and sharing of private data, hallmarks of fascist-socialist-collectivist-communist political and economic systems;
  • Have removed local control and taxpayer accountability by equalizing (redistributing) the tax base at the state and federal levels;
  • Are being forced on the states through the over-reaching and unconstitutional collaboration of the U.S. Department of Labor, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Education, both major political parties and the majority of their elected representatives at the federal, state and local levels, with funding from private foundations from Carnegie to Gates, and from one of the largest lobbies: the U.S. and International Chambers of Commerce;
  • Have primarily originated from key documents associated with the United Nations’ Education, Science and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) “Education for All” Dakar Framework, with its accompanying collaborative documents, that provided guidelines for national and state education policies (including No Child Left Behind and the Common Core Standards); 
  • Are funded by the same private foundations and lobbies, including two additional private, but federally-funded and controlled, Washington D.C. lobbies – the National Governor’s Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers;


  • The College Board is the portal through which every student must pass for college entrance – whether in public, private, parochial, religious, charter or home school settings and is a private-public monopoly whose college entrance exams – the ACT and SAT – are aligned with these “Education for All” (Common Core) goals;
  • The business and funding model for private-public partnerships in education is tax-supported privatization known as “school choice/charter schools,” rendering this reform model unaccountable to teachers, students, and voters;
  • The history of the voucher/choice/charter movement has undermined free enterprise by placing the private and parochial schools into unfair competition with these publicly-subsidized charter schools, causing private schools either to be forced out of business, to sell to a charter, or to become a charter school themselves, thereby putting their school under the same government laws and regulations as regular public schools, forcing secularization;
  • After 25 years of experience, the voucher/choice/charter movement has proven to be the catalyst for equalizing tax funding, which removes local control of the neighborhood school through open enrollment;
  • Specifically, the choice/charter model engages state and local charter school boards that are unelected, or if elected, are not elected by a local tax base – e.g. consolidation of power, regionalism, redistribution, and taxation without representation;
  • The Obama Administration, the American Federation of Teachers, National Education Association, and other organizations representing the progressive Left support the choice/charter movement because it is a vehicle for consolidating, centralizing and bringing all schools under government control; and,
  • Some conservative policy organizations also support the choice/charter movement with its private-public partnerships under the false assumption that it is a free market concept;

THEREFORE,  we urge elected officials to join us in signing this petition and to take a stand opposing any restructuring/reform strategy, business plan, organizational model or federal or state subsidy/grant that consolidates and centralizes control, infringes on privacy, merges private-public funds, and removes accountability to the taxpayers and a representative form of government.


  • To educate and develop action plans through our congressional delegations and state legislatures to defund the departments and agencies promoting these reforms;
  • To support a Congressional investigation on the legality of private foundations merging with public funds;
  • To stop, defund or repeal measures that invade privacy through behavioral assessments and computer-adaptive testing for purposes of tracking and managing the workforce or for any other reason; and,
  • To support an investigation and anti-trust and/or class action legal challenge against the College Board monopoly.

Submitted by
Cherilyn Bacon Eagar
Director, American Leadership Fund
Former Candidate, U.S. Senate 2010/Congress 2012

August 23, 2013

I encourage you to leave your comments, experiences and suggestions here.  If you would like to help, let me know.