The Real War Behind Common Core Part 6: An Education Policy Action Plan

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Part 1 establishes a backdrop for how the people have lost local control and have confused the public with the private, and indeed have formed mergers called, “public private partnerships” or “P3s.”

I urge you to review each Part in sequence so that you can follow the logic and avoid confusion or out of context misinterpretation of this argument.

Part 2, describes the history behind the P3 and began to discuss what this sacred cow is and how it has killed “choice” in the trade market.

Part 3 explains more about what this sacred cow is, how it has damaged free enterprise and competition in the health care industry, and how it is applied to education policy.

Part 4, dissects the anatomy of the Charter school movement vs. the private school and show what has gone wrong – very wrong – enough to kill reduce parental choices and to destroy the private schools and force them into the public system.

Part 5, illustrates how open enrollment, the hallmark of school choice/charters, has forced loss of local control and accountability to the taxpayer, and how it is feeding the consolidation of power beast. I identify the charter school as the business model, funding plan and organizational structure for the regionalization and nationalization of public schools.

Solutions: Where To Begin?

  • Researchers, activists, policy think tanks, and citizen coalitions must understand the history and dynamics of these relationships and use caution not to adopt remedies that have unintended consequences.
  • Do not take action without having done the research.  Review Parts I-V.
  • Review Charlotte Iserbyt’s invaluable research to end all research.  She is the encyclopedia on what happened to education.  Order her book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.  It’s a classic. Also, she has published Back to Basics Reform, a short, easy to read and well-documented booklet, invaluable to understand the behavioral strategies being used today in the Computer Adaptive Test (CAT), which she predicted decades before the technology existed begin used today to mold attitudes and values and track them in longitudinal databases, a violation of privacy similar to the NSA.Charlotte discovered this information inside her office at the U.S. Department of Education where she was a former Senior Policy Advisor.   She is the Grand Dame of the research behind exposing this educational restructuring-reform movement.  Her research is impeccable.In my younger years, she saw what most did not.  As I’ve watched her every prediction come to pass over the last 25 years, I am here to testify that parents everywhere who are fighting the latest label, “Common Core,” owe her a huge debt of gratitude for remaining vigilant over the past 40 years as these new labels have come and gone and have become entrenched.

    At her age, she deserves to lose her patience with all the distractions, largely championed by conservatives, that have steered the very people that should have taken up the gauntlet, but instead ignored the warnings and went in the wrong direction to create this Trojan Horse.  Sadly, they include some credible conservative think tanks including Heritage Foundation and its like-minded affiliates – Heartland Institute, in Utah Sutherland Institute – Pioneer Institute in Massachusetts, Hoover Institute at Stanford, and American Principles Project and FreedomWorks in D.C.

    Eagle Forum has not taken a public position for or against school choice-charter schools because Phyllis Schlafly’s supporters have been split.  But to their credit, they added some of my suggestions in her earlier report this summer, highlighting that the charter, private and parochial schools are not immune from the Common Core reforms.

  • Local citizens, parents and activists must request a meeting with their elected officials and present a clear proposal for restoring our schools and representative government. Given the overwhelming socialist climate in both parties, locally and nationally, the current bi-partisan policies will be most difficult to abandon, stop, phase out, and prohibit.But it is our duty to educate elected officials who may not understand our form of government and this history and dynamic. We must urge them to be clear and honest about the state of the nation, rather than skirting around the truth, leading people to believe that the U.S may yet become a “socialist” nation if this or that measure passes.  If we truly examine the state of our nation, we have become a socialist nation already.
  • With this in mind, here is a proposed action plan for education policy on the federal/national, state/local and individual levels for your consideration.For those who may believe that some or all of these goals are daunting, “not pragmatic,” unlikely or impossible to achieve, they are right.For those who understand that all things are possible and that the mere discussion of these remedies is all it takes to make an idea popular,  they are right.

It’s your choice.  What is the choice at this juncture?

The status quo of socialist-fascist-collectivist-marxist policies of entitlement under national, regional and consolidated control that the majority of our leaders on both sides of the aisle so fiercely defend and cling to are destroying our economic stability and are unsustainable. It was pragmatism that got us to this awful place.  It will not be pragmatism that gets us out.  It will be enough courageous leaders who have read this history and understand it and who can be trusted to expose it and not to repeat it.

Radical reforms have been enacted.  It will take radical reforms from the courageous to remove us from this national take-over of education.  If you have a better plan, please contact me to discuss it:

An Education Policy Action Plan

1. Prohibit collection of private, personal data. Recent NSA disclosures illustrate the need for strengthening privacy laws. Data mining and sharing should be prohibited beyond the local school and only released upon request for application either to another school or for college application/entrance.

2. Challenge and discontinue the unconstitutional and illegal administration of behavioral/national tests and assessments. GEPA prohibits national testing, but NAEP is one example.

3. Pursue an anti-trust and/or class action law suit against the College Board – a private enterprise that receives massive public funding – to break up that monopoly. Reward colleges and universities that restore development and administration of their own entrance exams – unique and individual to each school.

4. End the federal funding of regional labs, which remove local control and outsource curriculum development for the USDOE.

5. Stop further ESEA reauthorizations. Because local control has been lost to federal over-reach and the purpose of education has been changed to government-managed workforce tracking instead of education, we must restore pre-1965 policies.

6. Phase out and defund federal control of education, setting a reasonable timeline to dismantle the US Dept. of Education. Leave only an oversight-monitoring office of one elected official from each state as a check on corporate and government activities related to data collection and other activities formerly carried out by the U.S. Department of Education.

7. Phase out block grants. A taxpayer sends $1.00 to Washington, only to get back 80 cents or less so that control and redistribution are federally controlled and then used against us.

8. Discontinue further voucher, school choice, charter school (“P3” private-public partnership), privatization grants. They constitute taxation without representation at the local level.

9. Phase out the practice of tax-funded research grants and student loans (“P3” vouchers) to private colleges and universities, binding those schools to federal regulations. This is the loss of religious liberty and socialization of our higher education system.

10. End the Computer-Adaptive Test (CAT) which employs behavioral strategies to change attitudes and values.

11. Require partisan school board and superintendent elections. In Utah, a strong Republican state, it is estimated that 70% of most school boards, state and district, vote progressively in funding and education policy. No regular or charter school board/superintendent should be appointed, including pre-selected candidates for a run-off.

12. Tie the funding to the geographical tax base, where the school physically resides, in order to restore neighborhood school accountability. This is the definition of local control and taxation with representation. Each local school must have an elected board representing – and accountable to – that tax base. Charter and School Community Council laws violate this definition of taxation with representation and must be repealed.

13. End federal funding of state schools by restoring local control of state trust lands. This property, when sold, should be allocated to the local school where that property is located.

14. Dismantle the large school districts as soon as the state is free of federal control, and allow local neighborhood schools to develop their own standards and curricula with direct accountability to the neighborhood tax base.

15. Prohibit local teacher/administrator unions and parent organizations from forcing participation and using dues for political purposes.

16. Phase out vouchers – or anything like them (“the funds follow the student”) – that mingle public funds with the private sector, and that results in taxation without representation.

17. Phase out open enrollment and school choice-charter schools in two phases: First, by ending additional charters. Then, by developing a transition plan under which current charters take responsibility for their own development by a certain cut-off date or go out of business. The intended consequence is authentic parental choices, local control, religious liberty in education, and the restoration of representative government.

Our liberty is the bottom line. “School choice” is a lie. It is killing authentic choice. Private and parochial schools cannot compete with FREE charters and are closing or secularizing to become publicly-funded charters!

18. Remove your children from schools that receive public subsidies, including public-private partnership (P3) schools (also known as “school choice”-charter-voucher schools). Research private and home school options to confirm they are not aligned with Common Core standards, behavioral tests, aligned computer adaptive tests (CAT), or sharing your student’s records with databases accessed by unauthorized outside entities (SLDS).

19. Have confidence that it is possible to teach a child the basics at home for a fraction of the time as in a public setting, and that students can still out-perform public-charter school students. If parents are concerned about “socialization” beyond their own family unit, find appropriate extracurricular activities in the private sector to give them additional social interaction.

20. Teach your children correct principles and forewarn them. Students must know that if they enter a college or university that takes federal money, they will be taught ideals that your family or religious beliefs may not support, increasing the chances that they will graduate with a more socialist/secular humanist view.

21. Avoid sending your children to private colleges and universities that accept public, tax dollars through research and student grants. Write letters to the colleges of your choice to let them know where you stand and that you will not consider them unless the policies change.

22. Have the courage to educate and inform the business and church community one-on-one. Show them how these reforms adversely affect them and how the “social justice” curriculum is teaching their future employees to rise up and unionize against them.

In the immortal words of C.S. Lewis:
“Vocational training…prepares the pupil not for leisure, but for work;
it aims at making not a good man but a good banker,
a good electrician, a good scavenger, or a good surgeon….
You see at once that education is essentially for freemen
and vocational training for slaves.”

Submitted by Cherilyn Bacon Eagar, August 30, 2013
Former Candidate U.S. Senate 2010/Congress 2012 –

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