How to Beat ObamaCare

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I represent the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons in Utah at the legislature. One of the hallmarks of that association, aside from the fact that it was the organization that exposed the closed doors talks for HillaryCare and defeated it, and that it was the only doctor’s association to file a lawsuit against ObamaCare, is that it’s mission is to restore the doctor-patient relationship.

One of our doctors is Keith Smith, an anesthesiologist and owner of the Surgical Center of Oklahoma who is becoming a celebrity for rewriting the business model for medical delivery. Ironically, he and his partners are going back to the way things once were. By simplifying the delivery, posting the rates online, eliminating third-party payers and the extravagant and wasteful overhead of hospital administration, patients can receive medical procedures at a fraction of the cost, even less than what Medicare charges.

Watch this short video as Dr. Smith explains how it’s done and how you can save on your medical costs – and give ObamaCare and your state’s monopoly hospital system cardiac arrest.

Here’s a video that goes into more detail on how these doctors are beating the system.

In one instance, a patient priced a surgery at $40,000 in a local hospital, but the surgical center was able to provide that same surgery for under $4,000.

It’s a game-changer and is causing local hospitals to take notice, and even drop their own prices. The free market is resilient because doctors are taking responsibility for their own future and their patient’s well-being and finding great opportunity.

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