Webb and Pignanelli on Compulsory Ed: Wrong Again

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The latest debate between the two lobbyists Webb and Pignanelli is now compulsory education.

Frank, you dishonor Jefferson for so grossly aligning him with compulsory-anything. He was one of the great libertarians of the day and is rolling over in his grave.

LaVarr, about those common core standards and the “choices” you list: Prove it. Seriously. Prove that they are merely state standards and that, by the way, standards state or national are even correlated with the outcomes. And prove that charter schools have anything to do with “choice.”

I’ll match my 20+ years’ of intense research on this endless march toward state and national standards against yours any day.

Gentlemen, as a former teacher, you need to do your homework before you do too much more typing on this subject.

For now, let me just say that I’ve taught in a charter arts school that was first by audition only. The students were thrilled to be there by their choice. Then the state intervened and a group of students from the community had to attend. The two different type of students was as night and day. One group – the auditioned group – wanted to learn. The other group – the ones forced to attend – exuded body language that said, “Just try to teach me!”

Once again, this is about money and control, and keeping teachers on a payroll for far too long throughout the 13 years it takes to poorly educate students in the U.S.