Utah Parents Speak Out Against Common Core Standards

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Utah State Legislators received an invitation to attend an important meeting to hear their constituents’ concerns about the Common Core Standards. It’s scheduled for Wednesday, July 17, from 5:30-8:00 pm, at the Utah State Capitol in the Hall of Governors.
Common Core invitation
The Utah State School Board has just tweeted its presentation that the state legislators will hear Tuesday, July 16. We will have an opportunity to rebut the fallacies of this information, but a school board member shared this link and I wanted you to have it.

Now YOU – the people – are invited to join other citizens to speak out against the Common Core Standards and reform movement. We especially welcome students and teachers who have experienced the negative effects of these reforms. To watch a school board member who is speaking out strongly against Common Core and to become involved…

Quick Steps To Get on the List to Testify

1. Prepare a written, 3-minute testimony against the Common Core education reforms. Do not go over-time.
2. Be specific and document your comments.
3. If you are able, provide a written copy of your testimony and any supplementary material for the legislators.
4. You will be heard on a first-come, first-served basis.
5. Email your comments and questions to me at Cherilyn@CherilynEagar.com. If you do not have an opportunity to speak, I will get those comments to your state legislators.

One More Way to Help
We are providing a box meal and want to print literature for each legislator. Your donation of any amount – $10, $25, $35, $50 $100 or more is very much appreciated and will be used wisely. Please click on the Donate button at the top and specify Option F – Utahns Against Common Core.

If you are not in Utah, your donation is still needed. We are nationally networked. Please know that a WIN in as many states as possible will grow the momentum that will then allow us to make the necessary changes to stop the ongoing federal control of local schools and the managing of our children’s career choices.

Listen to Alpine School District Wendy Hart speak out:

Why This Meeting Is So Important
Over 6,500 parents, teachers, students and citizens have signed the petition against Utah’s common core reforms. They have expressed indignation that they were not notified before such major changes were made.

Many parents have unsuccessfully attempted to communicate with State School Board members. They are frustrated that elected and appointed officials have disseminated so much misinformation and that they have so defensively expressed their unwillingness to reverse their decisions.

These responses lead citizens to believe they are being taxed without representation.

What You Can Do
The Utah State legislature has passed laws and appropriated funds that control Common Core testing. Assessments and testing drive the Common Core Standards, as well as the curriculum.

In Utah, education comprises about 60% of the state budget. How can Utah’s elected officials – or officials in any state that has a large education budget – support or vote to spend money for a massive, nationally-controlled education agenda they have not been able to review?

In fact, neither the state legislature or their constituents – you and I – were part of any informed decision to adopt Common Core. Yet proponents erroneously call it “state-led.”

Utah is not alone. But unlike Utah, several other state legislatures have already conducted thorough state-led Common Core cost analyses.

As a result, before proceeding with full implementation, these states have either immediately de-funded, or slowed down and analyzed Common Core and its ties to improper and illegal data collection that violates state and federal laws, as well as their children’s and family’s privacy.

Most disturbing is a comment from Brenda Hales of the Utah State Office of Education, in which she said that no cost analysis has ever been done.

Citizens are coming together to ask the Utah State Legislature to follow the leadership of these other states.

Even if you do not wish to speak at this event, we are counting on you to be there with us. This is a one-time opportunity to let our voices be heard.

We hope you’ll join us on Wednesday, July 17th at 5:30 pm. Thank you for your participation.

A Coalition of Parents and Legislators Opposed to Common Core Standards in Utah Schools – a grassroots coalition comprised of over 6,500 parents and citizens who have signed the petition on www.UtahnsAgainstCommonCore.com

Legislative Sponsors
Representatives Keith Grover, Jake Anderegg, Brian Greene, Mike Kennedy, David Lifferth, Curt Oda. Senators Margaret Dayton, Mark Madsen, Allen Christensen

Sponsoring Utah State Organizations and Projects

Citizens for Strong Families, Davis 9/12 Project, Freedom for Utah Education, Joyce and Dick Kinmont Family, LDS Home Educators Association, Principled Liberty Foundation, Proper Role of Government, Standard of Liberty, Sutherland Institute, Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Studies, United Women’s Forum, Utah Eagle Forum, World Class Education Research.

National and State Organizations That Oppose Common Core
American Principles Project, Californians United Against Common Core, CATO Institute, Concerned Women of Georgia, CURE – Citizens United for Responsible Education – A National Coalition Against Common Core, Florida Parents Against Common Core, FreedomWorks, Heartland Institute, Heritage Foundation, Hoosiers Against Common Core, Idaho Against Common Core, Liberty Central, Parent-Led Reform, Pioneer Institute, Restore Oklahoma Public Education.

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  1. Cherilyn,
    I would like to speak of my first hand knowledge of how Common Core is being implemented in Canyons District at the elementary level.  The teachers have been given a rigid schedule with constant monitoring by the principal, district personnel, reading specialist and the team leader of each grade level in addition to the excessive tests given in the computer lab along with other tests and the grilling of teachers after each test by the principal and reading specialist.  The teachers are under intense pressure and are being forced to teach to the tests.

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