Common Core Reforms: Restore Local Control by Ending Private-Public Partnerships

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Comments by Cherilyn Eagar
Common Core Legislative Meeting
Utah State Capitol
July 17, 2013

Recently our coalition Utahns Against Common Core successfully passed a resolution opposing Common Core at the Utah State Republican Convention with a resounding 65.5%.

It reads, “Therefore, be it resolved that we call on the Governor and the Utah State School Board to withdraw from, and we ask the Utah State Legislature to discontinue funding programs in association with The Common Core State Standards Initiative/Utah’s Core and any other alliance that promotes and tests for un-American and inferior, curricula, standards and assessments…”

This won’t be easy.

And it didn’t happen overnight. The idea of uniform national standards codes were established in 1994 in the US Department of Education’s (USDOE) handbook to track both teachers and students. In 1992, the USDOE combined with the Department of Labor to establish SCANS, a centralized government workforce management system based on a Prussian dual track model, now benignly called “college and career readiness.”

We are counting on you to be accountable and to help us elect accountable school boards, and to end the collusion of private-public partnerships – our tax dollars and funding from unaccountable private corporations and non-profits. There’s a label for this kind of government, and I hope you are familiar with its history.

For decades the USDOE has circumvented the law that prohibits it from writing national curriculum and assessments by out-sourcing to its right arm, a non-profit DC-based lobbyist/trade organization – the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO). The CCSSO – along with another DC-based lobbyist/trade organization, the National Governors Association, for which Utah taxpayers pay dues exceeding $16,000 a year – have collaborated on these reforms. They commissioned Achieve, Inc. to build the standards.

The Common Core “architect” is also the President of the College Board, now aligning college entrance exams to Common Core. No child will be left behind in this Catch-22 monopoly which deserves to be challenged in the Courts.

With $16 billion from the federal government and $5 billion from the Gates Foundation, which funded all of these entities and more, where were YOU in this decision-making process?

If this is state-led, why then is our Secretary of Education fighting so fiercely to mandate it? It wouldn’t matter whether these standards were straight out of the Ten Commandments, where is the legal and constitutional authority for the unelected to fund and create standards for the states and then dare to call it “state-led?” It’s not state-led. It’s miss-led, and we’re counting on you to get us out. I look forward to working with you on the solutions. Thank you.

About Cherilyn Eagar and Common Core Background
Since 1991, Cherilyn Eagar has been a research director for World Class Education Research, now a project of the American Leadership Fund. Co-founder Charlotte Iserbyt, former Senior Policy Director with the U.S. Department of Education, and Cherilyn gathered original source materials and they have spoken nationally and published research that provides the historical background for the present education reforms. Cherilyn assisted in the early organization of Charlotte’s lifelong work, now a classic, called The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.

In 1989, Cherilyn testified before the Richardson Independent School Board in Dallas, Texas exposing the flawed research behind egalitarian reforms such as eliminating honors classes, competitive sports and cooperative “group-think” classroom pedagogies, all funded through private, non-profit and unaccountable corporations – at the time, Carnegie and Danforth. She was recruited to run for the school board and temporarily stayed these policies.

In 1993, Cherilyn wrote a manual for education researchers called Edugate 2000: The Deconstruction of a Culture and funded and co-authored the first state student and family privacy protection law – Utah’s Family and Educational Rights to Privacy Act. She testified before the Utah State Education Committee, exposing the deception of the USOE, which had denied that it had been the pilot state for Common Core’s predecessor – outcomes-based, performance-based and standards-based education reforms.

These policies deliberately transformed the school from the place where character and wisdom was taught through literature classics, history and sound math and turned them into the school-to-work, interdisciplinary social justice classroom with the goal of achieving a federally-managed workforce. Yesterday’s “school-to-work” is now called “college and career readiness.” It follows the European model of early tracking into vocational or college tracks, allowing government’s over-reach to limit our children’s choices.

In 1993 when she produced a copy of the original outcomes-based grant through the Far West Regional Laboratory, she exposed the misinformation the USOE was giving the legislature and the citizens, just as it is doing again today.

Cherilyn was the first Republican woman to run for US Senatein Utah in 2010 and in 2011 was named the Deseret News/Salt Lake Tribune’s “Wasatch Woman of the Year – Community Service.” She owned an Broadway workshop company in New York City rated along with NYU’s program as one of the top two of it kind by industry paper Back Stage. She was a top-rated faculty member at the Orange County School of the Arts (a charter school) and also at Brigham Young University. She now serves as a Republican State Delegate and member of the State Central Committee, as well as the Utah Coordinator for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. She is a frequent issues analyst on radio and TV, and is a mother of five and grandmother of 12, most of whom have been and are currently in three of Utah’s school districts.

She is Vice President of, a real estate internet marketing company. She manages her social networking and active blog site where you will find ongoing research and news updates. To contact Cherilyn Eagar: 801-592-4245
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