Cherilyn Eagar’s Upgrade from the Left

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Paul RollyAccording to Paul Rolly, Salt Lake’s Leftist satirical columnist, he has just given me an upgrade: Apparently I’m a goddess now.  I was once honored by the Troublemakers Club, a group of women speaking out and making a difference in Utah and they gave me a plastic crown for my achievements.  But this is truly a real honor of a lifetime, especially coming from the Left.

I truly enjoy Rolly’s humor.  No seriously, honestly. He’s a clever writer and sometimes has me…no pun…rolling.

However, his post tries to make a point that I’m wrong about the politicizing of the investigation of the Attorney General. But what the post accomplished is exactly the opposite: It proves my point.

The point is, I – a conservative woman – made it to Rolly’s Leftist hit list!  That is a badge of honor.  And if I weren’t so Right about the Left having a heyday with the AG investigation, I would never have made it into his column at all.

I can understand why he associates me with the tea party. I ran for US Senate during the year the tea party formed. However, I have kept an independent position, and not all of them supported me.  In fact, I predate any tea party movement by three decades.

Frankly, as I predicted, today although a few tea party groups have remained grassroots. others have been co-opted by DC lobbying groups with which I have a strong difference of opinion on trade, education, PNTR, and immigration policy.  Not all tea parties are created equal.

I have been on record opposing NAFTA-GATT and the dumping of imports unfairly on our nation since its inception. That flawed policy has killed our domestic jobs and sent them overseas.

I also strongly opposed Sutherland Institute’s and the Salt Lake Chamber’s endorsement of amnesty on the state level as well as the influence of Dick Armey and the US Chamber at the national level.

Several years ago, I met with Sutherland to warn them why they should not push for a voucher law. Then, in order to keep the union from having a huge win on the ballot initiative to stop vouchers, I temporarily reversed and wrote an email opposing the initiative.  It’s complicated, but as I predicted, Utah took a big hit and the union took a big win.

Not only do I not support vouchers, I have also committed Republican heresy:  I oppose school choice and charter schools (and have since 1989) because they compete with the truly private independent schools that find it impossible to compete with FREE.

Conservatives and tea party supporters who claim to support “free enterprise” and then get behind measures that kill it make no sense to me.

Charter Schools In Utah Killing Private Ed
apple stabbed with scissorsIn Utah, there are over 100 charter schools now, and the Catholic schools are fighting for their lives. One has shut down already. Many charter schools do not have elected boards and so aren’t accountable to the students and parents they serve.

That’s not to say that they don’t carry some benefits of smaller class size and a departure from the “one size fits all” model of the public school system.  I’ve taught in one myself, and I’ve had grandchildren attend one.

The bottom line is:  a school that accepts federal or state subsidies is beholden to the standards and assessments, proven to be substandard and advocating the social justice curriculum that the Left loves.  I assume that’s why the National Education Association (the teacher’s union) and President Obama also support charter schools.

Why would the good ol’ boys of Utah in the Chamber of Commerce, whose brand is to promote business, endorse such policies when the curriculum is raising up the very generation that will HATE them and unionize against them?  That’s precisely what the social activist curriculum is teaching them. Eventually there will be No School Left Behind – home, public, private or charter.

It makes no sense.

This is moving our nation one step closer to the frequent strikes from union-controlled countries such as Italy and Spain, and if we do not make a sharp reversal in direction, we will soon be Greece.

I also do not support the good ol’ boys club of Utah that loves the big money at all costs – that includes both Republicans and Democrats that feed from the same trough of lobbyists (not all) that run around the state capitol corrupting the process promoting policies and outcomes that impact the taxpayers negatively.

Whether guilty or innocent, those who live in glass houses in state or municipal elected office must be willing to be scrutinized by the same procedure this legislature will set forth in stone for the future.

Political Hot Potatoes and Sacrificial Lambs

Jack Abramoff Former Lobbyist
Jack Abramoff

To understand the truth about what’s happening here in Utah (or everywhere for that matter) read former DC lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s book Capitol Punishment. He makes a vivid and compelling case showing how both parties are quite corrupted.

Some Republicans may be rushing to distance themselves from Republican AG John Swallow  – before the other investigations have played out.  They clearly set this special session on the day before the 4th of July when many cannot come, and that lends itself to the idea that they have done so intentionally.  That strategy ensures that those who are the most invested in a highly-publicized controversy – and willing to politically lynch for their own benefit – will more likely be in attendance.

Is it such a foreign or obscure thought that some may have political motives?

Is it possible that those who stand in judgment may have questionable collaborations and relationships that could also be scrutinized in the same way they are scrutinizing the AG?

Glass Houses?
Jack explained to me that some Republicans that questioned him in Congressional hearings were guilty of the same unethical actions they accused him of, so he became a political “hot potato” and “sacrificial lamb.”

I’m not saying that’s the case here. But it is not outside the realm of possibility, and some engaging investigative reporter should check that out.

The truth is, none of us has enough information – not even King Paul – to make a final judgment at this juncture. (I thought I might give him an upgrade too).

But let the process be fair and one that YOU would want if it were you.

Suspiciously Political?

Here’s a glaring question: Why did the legislature wait to accuse the AG’s office for wrongdoing when evidence existed during the previous administration, which I vociferously broadcast during my run for US Senate?

Could it be that the former AG was more closely aligned with more Leftist causes, such as supporting the Bastian wing of the Democratic party, the violent-pornographic gaming industry campaign contributions, the unwillingness to defend pro-Life legislation, and the big gorilla in the room: support of amnesty, a measure that the Salt Lake Chamber and other special interests control in Utah?

I mean, come on boys, our former AG was waving a Mexican flag at an amnesty rally and chanting “Si, se puede!” the rally cry from the self-proclaimed marxists in my home state California – Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta, both being praised in Utah’s new informational school texts.

Of course Paul Rolly would have rallied around both, just as my Hollywood High School honors English teacher Harry Major did.  And he would have praised the former AG as well.

That’s why this matter smells slightly political to me, and I don’t need to be Danish to smell it.

I’m not suggesting that the AG’s office does not have some major issues that need to be resolved. That’s a given. I have personal experience with it from about seven years ago.

I am suggesting that our elected officials may want to hold the mirror up to themselves first before they jump to disregard constitutional questions and set unbalanced policy for the future.

That’s just common sense.

Meanwhile, we shall see how this plays out, won’t we?

PS…Note to Rolly:  As for education, let’s debate.  Name the time and place.

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  1. You are a sicko aren’t you? Never read such diatribe from a “lady”.You quote: “Is it possible that those who stand in judgment may have questionable collaborations and relationships that could also be scrutinized in the same way they are scrutinizing the AG?” Why you answer your own dilemma ! Utah has so many past questionable ” collaborations and relationships” that you yourself have never addressed. Take for example Kevin Garn. Now that your darling political boy toy is on the firing line you don’t like it. 

    Glass Houses?

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