Amnesty to Save Entitlements?

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Here’s what I believe is happening, in part. In 1973, the US Supreme Court legalized abortion. Feminists promoted the idea of limiting family size, along with Chicken Little Paul Erlich’s fallacies of population explosion. I was among the young moms debating the feminists about what an economic disaster this would bring in 30+ years.

Women bought those lies and for the past several decades, the US population has not been at replacement level.

Although no one’s talking about it, this discussion appears to be about how the US can equalize the number of workers with the number of retirees to keep Social Security and other entitlements from imploding.

We all know there aren’t enough workers to support the retiring Baby Boomers. The amnesty act could perhaps be titled the “Save Social Security and Entitlements Act” because they know it will not stop the influx of illegal aliens – it will encourage it.

We aborted 50 million. Now we’ve imported them. If they aren’t amnestied, Social Security, ObamaCare and other entitlements are not sustainable.

I do not support amnesty or the Gang of 8. I just think this is part of what is motivating the high pitch and fervor of this debate.