AG Investigation Lacks Accountability

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The Deseret News posted an article announcing that 61 law firms have submitted proposals to be selected as the investigative team in the Utah Attorney General case.

Who wouldn’t want this contract? Especially when the state legislature rejected an amendment to require a periodic billable hours report, standard procedure in any reputable law firm.

Whoever gets this contract will get $3 million of our taxes carte blanche and won’t need to be accountable to how that money is spent. Asking for a review of the expenses every $500,000 was rejected.

I’m disappointed in the Republicans who profess to want an accountable government and who hold the vast majority in the Utah State Legislature.

These lawmakers have proven that they are no different from any other, including their colleagues across the aisle, and especially no different from their counterparts in Washington DC who they criticize for the same reckless practices.

This lack of accountability is typical of government contracts across the board. But, the Utah taxpayers that were polled wanted it. They wanted a full-blown legislative investigation. Now they’ll “get it.” On their next tax bill.