Utah’s Stars: A Tribute to the Lettermen’s Bobby Engemann

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carl w baconI recently received a phone call from my big brother Carl Bacon, who has been on the America’s Freedom Festival at Provo Board forever, it seems, producing the Stadium of Fire with Alan Osmond for over 25 years. He described a project he’s been working on for some months now, and then he asked if I’d tell you about it.

Immediately I thought, how would you respond because you typically only hear from me when there’s something political going on. And defining those principles is the purpose of this blog site.

I don’t usually do this here, but for my brother, and for this cause, I would do just about anything. Carl’s one of my heroes, and has been like a father to me, especially after our dad died when I was only 24 years old. He was one of my strongest supporters when I ran for U.S. Senate and then for Congress.

I just can’t turn him down, but more than that, what I’m about to tell you is something I’m very excited to tell you about.

A Panda Bear from Bobby

When I was just a kid, a talented young guy used to hang out with my older brother and sister. They were in high school. I was only five years old.

His name was Bobby Engemann. He was dating my beautiful and talented sister Chyleen (Bluth).  One day he brought me a very neat present – a black and white stuffed Panda bear. I was a shy little girl, but that little gift totally broke the ice with me.

Bobby was always very friendly and all smiles and laughter. He was that way his entire life.

The-LettermenHe was a member of the famous recording group The Lettermen. But even after all the platinum and gold records and the #1 spots on the charts, the fame didn’t change him. He was always cheerful Bobby, making everyone around him feel so comfortable and welcome in his circles of friends. He was such a great supporter of my campaigns, too.

Bobby passed away earlier this year. We will always miss his encouraging words and his smooth, sleek crooning voice. He’s the handsome guy in the middle and that’s how I remember him when I was five years old.

In later years, my brother Carl sang with him, too. So did my nieces Tammy Bacon Johnson and Sherry Bacon Christensen.

I loved The Lettermen’s music. When I was a teenager and through college and beyond, I sang in a trio with two of my friends LeeAndra Marsh Lowe (the Lowe Family of Branson) and Nancy Startup Schultz. Some of our favorite arrangements were the Lettermen’s greatest hits. “Goin’ Out of My Head” and “You’re Just Too Good to Be True” come to mind.

In fact, Bobby and Carl sang at my wedding reception with Tammy and Sherry. It was a real treasure!

So here it is: On June 18th Carl and Bob’s brother Karl Engemann and jazz icon Ray Smith are producing a star-studded line up of Utah’s best talent. Take a look at this!

UtahsStarsPoster.NoPSDSo on June 18, at the SCERA Shell in Orem, Utah a spectacular line up of Utah’s Stars will be gathering together in one big show to perform as a tribute to Bob Engemann.

Get your tickets here – before it sells out.

Some of my own family members will be in the show too, and my nephew Chris Bacon, a successful Hollywood film scorer, has arranged some of the music.

Larry King will be hanging out with us, and so …

Take a break from politics, the scandals and how to fix this crazy world we’re in.  I hope to see you all there!

3 thoughts on “Utah’s Stars: A Tribute to the Lettermen’s Bobby Engemann”

  1. Cherilyn:

    I had no idea that you are Carl’s sister. I grew up with the Bacon’s in our Provo ward. Bill and I are about the same age. I knew that Carl had a strong Lettermen connection, and that Karl helped produce an album for London Bridge. But wasn’t aware of the more direct connection.

    I’m heading to Israel the day of the concert. I’d be there if I could. It would be fun to catch up with some people. I saw Tammy and Sherrie a few years back at a funeral for Rex Kocherhans.

    I’ve seen you at the state and county meetings. I’m a precinct chair in Lehi.

    Sorry I’ll miss you and the concert. Thanks for reaching out however.


    Scott Sucher

    1. Cherilyn,

      While I understand supporting your brother,  I think you have taken advantage of your access to private emails given to the republican party as a way for helping Srate Delagates stay informed and make better decisions. These emails were not to be used for any sort of private gain. As a current State Delegate you have lost my respect and any possible future support. 



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