Bill Gates Wants Cameras In Classrooms

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Bill and Melinda GatesDid Bill and Melinda Gates read 1984?  It appears so, but they didn’t get the message.  Not only do they want to test kids and share their personally identifiable information with multiple federal agencies and private entities, they now want to put cameras in classrooms to observe teachers.  The Gates Foundation has partnered with Measures of Effective Teaching and says that any good teacher would want a “surveillance” camera in the room to help improve teaching skills.

classroom cameraI’ve been a teacher myself.  A video evaluation would be amazing – as long as I request it and I know when it’s going to happen. There’s nothing better than seeing an instant replay of your self.  But anything more is invasive and unnatural.  It is right out of 1984, in fact.

The ideal situation would be for the school to set a reasonable, minimum number of times that a teacher would request a video observation and review. As for getting a good “read” on the teacher’s overall performance, it’s far better to ask the students to evaluate the teacher anonymously than to put a video camera in the classroom. 

I taught at two schools and both had a student evaluation the teachers were allowed to review. I consistently got top ratings at both schools, high school and university, not because I knew the students would be rating me, but because I loved what I taught and who I taught. 

However, we’re all human and … the student evaluations did work.