Fact Vs. Fiction?

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On Thursday, as expected, you received an expensive slick mailer called “Fact vs. Fiction” and another letter, sent at taxpayer expense from the Utah State Office of Education – full of….well, fiction.

It’s what we call an 11th hour “October Surprise.” It’s a “sting” operation that seeks to control and it’s about power and money. These consultants are hired seek to deceive you by twisting the truth with smoke and mirrors. It’s an illusion.

We can count on it. And we can count on one hand the names of those that do it or orchestrate it.

You will know it’s bogus because it will either have no “disclaimer” on the literature, or it will have some sensational aspect to it.

In 2010, it was a “temple mailer” attempting to frame one of the candidates. That candidate filed an FEC complaint. Two years later, the culprit was found and given a $1,400 slap on the hand.

He was once a local Utah boy, now a D.C. lobbyist, connected to another member of Congress. We suspect it was all worth it to him because he and others raise millions for long-term Congressmen to buy their votes.

The sting happened again in 2012 on a Thursday, and then again on the convention floor, framing innocent candidates. Again an FEC complaint was filed with some of the same players named, and we suspect, if the culprit is ever found, once again, another slap on the hand.

When I ran for U.S. Senate, a party operative met with me and introduced me to another who he said would help me “in the shadows.” I would never know what he was doing, and he would not have his name on my campaign, but “we have our ways.”

Welcome to politics. I ran the other way. It’s disgusting. Especially in the Republican Party.

These lobbyists and “consultants” are shrewd with smoke and mirrors, twisting the truth, but it’s all an illusion. But it will cost you, and that is why I am writing.

I am grassroots. I am you, and I’m fighting to protect the little guy and to expose the big party bosses and lobbyists that are corrupting our state and nation.

I’m not running for anything now, but I’ve returned to what I do best: researching, following the money, and “getting to the bottom of it.”

I’m a fellow state delegate, and I also serve on the State Central Committee. I’m one of a handful on that committee that has gotten little sleep over the past few months, uncovering the truth.

You may be told that this is about a “magic” threshold that will save us all from disaster. We have known that it’s really about destroying the one truly republican form of election remaining in this nation.

For many years now, talk show host Doug Wright has been on the air, 3 hours a day, five days a week. He’s “the voice of reason,” right? He says he’s republican, but he has crafted a disparaging message about republican issues and especially the caucus system.

I’ve reviewed the history. He has influenced many that the caucus system is “narrow” and not “inclusive.” In the early 1990s he invited me on his show, and by the time I was finished, I had so discredited him with facts and research, it was embarrassing.

He has never invited me on since, although I have requested to rebut what he is saying.

I’m not the only one.

I don’t know what information you will receive on Saturday, but the stakes are high for these lobbyists and consultants and Thursday’s mailer tells us they will go to any extreme to give you the illusion that they are “saving” the caucus. They will give you misleading polls. And you are going to need to rely on your best ability to discern truth from error.