Gay Rights: The Destruction of Marriage

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Lesbian Masha Gessen describes the gay marriage debate in its true framework, which those of us who have been fighting the deconstruction of traditional, natural family since the radical feminists days of the Equal Rights Amendment where we first encountered them en masse.

This debate is not about social justice or civil rights. It never has been. This debate is about the definition of marriage. Once that definition is degraded or obscured through deconstructionist dialogue, it becomes meaningless, and marriage will disappear in America. Over the last decade in European nations that have adopted same sex marriage, this trend has been noted as well.

So the movement for tolerance is not so much to stop bullying youngsters who are questioning their gender identity in school, but to inject the LGBT curriculum into the schools with the hope that the next generation will embrace it and that marriage will be a thing of the past.

That is why the Church – whether Catholic, Baptist, Protestant, Orthodox Jew, Mormon or Muslim is under attack in the public square. The United States is on the fast track to this Orwellian and diabolical societal construct.

The political theory that envelopes this thinking is marxism, because the institution that stands between the individual and a state-managed and controlled economy is the family.

The institution that most defends and supports the family is, of course, the Church.

Therefore, both institutions – the family and the Church – must be destroyed in order to imagine the full benefit of redistribution of wealth in a utopian society. If ever there was an evil plan, this would be it.

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