Colbert’s PAC – DNC Lobbyists Threaten Utah Caucus

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The Salt Lake Tribune published a column on Utah’s Caucus Convention challenge omitting a few important facts. Everyone needs to understand what this is all about and this is the place to learn about it. If you haven’t already, please sign up to receive regular news updates.

This is the first in a series of articles that will give you the knowledge and power to Protect Your Vote.

Let’s start with my friend Jack Abramoff, former lobbyist extraordinaire, so good, except for … oops. He got caught and put in jail. Of course, the GOP distanced itself and he was barbequed in committee hearings by some of the very people who were guilty of doing the very thing that he did that much better. Hypocrisy at its best.

Jack Abramoff Former Lobbyist
Jack Abramoff

Jack is spending his time now to restore constitutional governance. Here’s Jack’s advice on what he learned about how to get your perk in a bill:

What does this have to do with the challenge to Utah’s Caucus-Convention system?


stephen colbert
Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert’s SuperPAC Lobbyists

The threat is coming from a group of D.C. back-room-boys. They’re part of the attorney – lobbyist culture that funds both sides of the aisle, the Democratic National Committee and even liberal comedian Stephen Colbert’s satirical SuperPAC used to mock Republican candidates.

Mike Leavitt
Former Utah Governor Mike Leavitt


Spokesman Mike Leavitt

Their spokesman is former Utah Governor Mike Leavitt, now lobbyist.  (In case you haven’t noticed, old elected officials never die, they just become lobbyists.)  He’s the rich and famous part of the campaign.

While director of the EPA, Leavitt postured at home as a conservative, he also advocated for cap and trade regulations in DC. While director of HHS, he claimed he had seen the conservative light while in DC, at the same time championing the key ObamaCare element without which socialized medicine cannot be implemented: the state insurance exchange.

He’s the biggest reason conservative Utah is presently among only 16 states that put a state exchange in place. Now we know that the exchange is the gate through which Medicaid expansion will be pushed online, by federally-funded “navigators” (government insurance brokers). They can’t wait to market taxpayer funded health care and sliding scale services to families of four who have an annual income of $29,000 while families below the poverty line get no such perks.

Now Utah is looking at 131,100 uninsured, the majority of which would qualify for Medicaid, at an average cost of $6,662/year.  Over 1 in 5 kids are already on Medicaid in Utah and 58% of them would qualify at an average cost of $2,525/year.  Where will these perks be marketed?  On the state insurance exchange.  How do you compete with FREE?  This could cost Utah approximately $700,000,000/year.  Not including the illegal aliens that already drain Utah’s taxpayers for social services at around $453 million/year.

Quite a legacy of conservatism there.

These lobbyists have collaborated on a 26-page legal brief with a multi-million threat to the Utah Republican Party to change its caucus-convention system, the true grassroots system that every state used until the progressive era at the turn of the 20th Century.

They want to put the issue on the ballot with a deceptively clever slogan “Count My Vote!”

No. It’s not Count My Vote. It’s Buy My Vote!

What we really need is to Protect My Vote! – from these scheming DC lobbyists.

Why So Much attention to Little Utah?

Because they want to get rid of the one remaining grassroots system that stands in their way: the system that favors the little guy – you and me – over the elite power brokers. They plan to transform our grassroots system into a Connecticut-style Dual Primary system that favors them – the lobbyists and special interests that keep incumbents in office for a lifetime.

If you like career politicians, you will love the Dual Primary. They want to OWN their votes and silence our voices with their wealthy and famous candidates who they have bought.

Utah State central Committee
Utah SCC Discusses Improvements to Utah’s Caucus

Many of us on the Utah State Central Committee think that’s downright un-American.

If you are a Utah voter or delegate, and you agree, please support preserving the caucus-convention system. Help us improve it in ways that won’t weaken our voices and our influence on our elected officials.

For more details on who else is behind this campaign, to compare Utah’s Caucus-Convention system with the proposed “Connecticut Dual Primary,” and to cut through the truth and error, subscribe and read more here as the news breaks.

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