A Time for Choosing: Medicaid Expansion or Medical Freedom?

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URGENT…Action Alert!

HB-391 S2 Prohibition of Medicaid Expansion (Anderegg)

This bill is at the top of the Utah State House calendar Monday, March 11th. It will be debated and then voted on. If passed, this bill will kill ObamaCare (the UN—Affordable Care Act) in Utah, and it could do the same in your state as well.


Please call your own state representative and email all before Monday morning, 8:00 am MDT.

Ask them to Please Vote YES HB 391 S2

Find Your Representative
Utah State House Phone List
Utah State House Email List
(Be sure to put HB 391 – Prohibition of Medicaid Expansion in the subject line.)

11 Reasons to Stop Medicaid Expansion in Utah
(and in your state)

  • This bill is a constitutional remedy.  It cites the Supreme Court ruling that gives the states the choice to reject Medicaid funding, declaring that this mandate was unconstitutional.  It reminds the states that they are sovereign and do not have to accept the federal mandate.
  • Utah cannot afford to pay for a Medicaid expansion at 138% of poverty level, adding 131,000 uninsured to the pool.  It’s unsustainable and unaffordable because the Federal government is extending Medicaid revenue to states with money it doesn’t have.  By 2020, Utah taxpayers can expect to shoulder a net expense of $263 million due directly to Medicaid expansion.
  • Medicaid expansion is a false promise. It gives false hopes to the vulnerable who are the ones being exploited in this debate.  Given the Fed’s reckless spending to date, there are no assurances that there will be any Medicaid funds available for the poor in a few years.  For those who are currently served, studies show Medicaid patients get worse access and consequently worse outcomes.
  • The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons conducted a recent survey showing that 54% of its doctors are enrolled as Medicaid providers; 41% plan to stop taking new Medicaid patients.  Of those not enrolled, 11% volunteer in a charity clinic, and 49% see patients that can’t afford to pay full fees, either pro bono or for what they can afford.
  • Utah has a long record of managing its own affairs better than the federal government’s one-size-fits-all approach.  The 2002 Utah Winter Olympics is just one example.  Utah has a unique volunteer pool that can provide charity care for the poor and the sick.  Authentic charity care business models that work would thrive in a free market, but they are undermined by the (UN)Affordable Care Act.
  • It’s wrong to ask Utahns to pay the bill for other states whose budgets, such as New York and California, are at bankruptcy’s doorstep because of out-of-control welfare policy they now want to force on us.
  • Medicaid’s track record shows misuse and 10% fraud.  Our premiums are already beginning to skyrocket.
  • As of March 6, 2013, all religious liberty exemptions have been removed from the ACA.  Medicaid expansion tramples on religious liberties and funds Planned Parenthood, leaving the states with a majority population of religious adherents and business owners without First Amendment protections.
  • As Medicaid expands in Utah, so will Planned Parenthood’s abortion outreach.  Consequently, state abortion laws will weaken as more abortions are funded by national health care policy.
  • The federal government is handcuffing Utah by controlling over 60% of its land that we cannot access, which could be a major source of revenue to help those that need our help. With some rural counties only able to access 10% of their land for taxable revenues, there is no room for more taxation.
  • It’s a time for choosing.  Now’s the time for Utah’s State Legislature to remind Governor Gary Herbert that he represents Utah’s best interests, not New York’s.


Please contact us today to connect with your state so that we can work together to strengthen every state that has not yet decided what course it will take. Here is the map.

Medicaid Map
Background Information
HB-391 was originally titled “Nullification of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” It was substituted by Representative Jake Anderegg in committee and is now titled “Prohibition of Medicaid Expansion.”

This substitution saved this bill from defeat. The language of the substitution is brilliant. It prohibits the expansion of Medicaid in Utah and includes original text from the Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare. Since Medicaid is the vehicle for implementing ObamaCare, it can effectively kill it.

Text from the Substitute Bill

34 “In the typical case we look to the States to defend their prerogatives by adopting

35 ‘the simple expedient of not yielding’ to federal blandishments when they do not want to

36 embrace the federal policies as their own. The States are separate and independent sovereigns.

37 Sometimes they have to act like it…’;

38 ” . . . As for the Medicaid expansion, that portion of the Affordable Care Act

39 violates the Constitution by threatening existing Medicaid funding. Congress has no authority

40 to order the States to regulate according to its instructions.

40 ” . . . Congress may offer the States

41 “. . . grants and require the States to comply with accompanying conditions, but the States must

42 have a genuine choice whether to accept the offer.

This was a smart strategic move. It turns the issue into a simple decision of whether or not the state wants to choose to accept the terms of ObamaCare and puts it in statute. The fact is, the original “nullification” bill had slim chances of passing through both houses and being signed by the governor.

A Time for Choosing – 1964 and 2013

In 1964, Ronald Reagan gave a riveting address endorsing Barry Goldwater for President. His words are even more important today than they were then. Americans did choose in 1964. And they chose wrong. They chose Lyndon B. Johnson, the president who gave us “The Great Society” and who brought us the first phase of socialized medicine.

Now today, it is once again a time for choosing. Will we choose to burden the states with the out-of-control spending that the Unaffordable Care Act is attempting to mandate state by state? With skyrocketing premiums we’re beginning to see? With the inferior quality of medical care delivery?

Or will we choose right this time and send our nation – and our children’s future – down the road less traveled – the road of freedom?

Please take a moment to watch this timely and enduring speech by the most conservative president of our time, Ronald Reagan. I hope his words will inspire you to take action. We need your help to defeat this disaster. Please donate now. God bless you!