Pray for Andy Pugno and the Future of Marriage

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The legal team for marriage between a man and a woman is led by attorney Andy Pugno, defending Proposition 8 and The Defense of Marriage Act before the U.S. Supreme Court. Oral arguments are now under way. Please pray for Andy and his staff.

Celebration of Marriage
Join us in Utah this evening March 26 at the Utah State Capitol, 6:30 pm meet and mingle and 7:00 pm for a beautiful, upbeat, entertaining and inspiring evening of music and the spoken word. This is not a rally. Come prepared for an uplifting and positive evening in praise of marriage!

Celebration of Marriage

Sadly, this is what our opponents have to say about those of us who believe in religious liberty and freedom of conscience. It was taken from a Facebook page that was set up to oppose our event.

anti religious bigotry

The producers and creators of TV shows such as Glee and Modern Family have explained that their goals are to reshape the culture. We have watched it happen. In some families today children, now adults, who were once taught a moral and religious standard have been persuaded to abandon their parents’ counsel to uphold a moral standard in personal decisions and in the public square. It is a tragic situation, but we continue to have faith in the future.

I and others who have defended marriage and family have always been civil in this discourse, in spite of hateful and bigoted way in which we have been treated at times. For my religious beliefs, swastikas have been spray painted on my driveway. My car’s tires have been slashed. Vulgar voices messages calling me pornographic labels have been left on my phone. Threats on my life have been made. Our company has been for our support of California’s Proposition 8, resulting in a significant loss of business.

In spite of this intimidation, we remain strong in our religious convictions. The founders warned us that the Constitution was only for a moral and religious people.

So on this day and every Sunday between now and the Court’s decision (probably in June), let us also pray for the nine men and women who sit in judgment of our future and our children’s future. May they have the courage and strength to uphold the sacred and foundational institution that nurtures children best and provides a strong and safe society – marriage between a man and a woman.

Although we know the culture will continue to decline, in the words of columnist Cal Thomas we remain strong:

“I’ve read the Book, and, in the end…WE win!”

We invite everyone to join us this evening, including those who may be confused about this subject and those who have different opinions. Let us gather together in love and a sincere desire to learn more. We will have information that will answer some of the tough questions. See you tonight!

If you are not in Utah, google what your state is doing to celebrate marriage. Pass this information along to your friends and family.

God bless you!