Take the Anti-Discrimination Poll

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anti-discriminationUtah had an anti-discrimination bill that made its way out of a Senate committee, but it died a sudden death today on the Senate floor.  In a press announcement, Senate leadership confirmed the bill was circled indefinitely on the calendar.

KSL-TV has a poll on its website.  Please take a moment to let your voice be heard.  If you are in doubt as to why this was – and is – a bad bill, you can read the bill yourself.  I will also post more as soon as I am able.  I’m on the hill full-time monitoring bills and lobbying.

In brief, one major problem is that no religious liberty is protected in this piece of legislation.  If people knew what was in the bill and how it would impact our state, our neighborhoods, businesses and families, they would not be voting in favor of “anti-discrimination.”  Stay tuned for more to come…But here’s a glimpse of what we’re dealing with from the Wall Street Journal – Make Way for the Transgender High School.