Utah Governor Praises Democratic Sympathizing Agnostic

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Bob Corcoran, President GE Foundation
Bob Corcoran, President GE Foundation

This original post was written on February 21, 2013. I’ve since talked to Governor Herbert and have added an update at the end of this post, April 27, 2013

Recently I wrote an article about GE Foundation’s president coming to religiously conservative Utah to sell its education policy – Common Core – on the state.  GE’s investment of $18 million is no small matter.  Think of the money Utah could get (facetiously, that is).

Never mind that Bob Corcoran is a liberal Democrat who has maxxed out for Barack Obama in both elections and whose foundation supports a gaggle of Democrat-socialist policies.  Lt. Governor Bell praised the man at a recent Republican State Central Committee meeting.  You can read more about who Corcoran really is and what GE supports here.

bill gates
Bill Gates, Microsoft

Yesterday Utah’s Governor Gary Herbert spoke to the Utah PTA where he praised another Democrat sympathizer and agnostic-atheist, Microsoft’s Bill Gates.  Does it matter to the Governor that Gates is on record as a non-believer and in favor of population control (abortion) and how that might impact what our children are taught in the classroom?  Read on to see the video…

But it does matter to the Common Core Crowd, because they know that in the classroom environment, science is god.  And Gates believes science trumps God.  That is precisely what is happening in the public school classroom today.  In 2008, I wrote a guest editorial about the International Baccalaureate and how it also undermines religious adherents.  Utah’s major newspaper, ironically owned by the largest religious sect in the state, declined to publish it.

Politically, Gates is like many CEO’s of large corporations: they hedge their bets by giving to both sides of the aisle.  But Gates puts most of his stock in Democrats, about 8% more.

And Gates has invested a lot in Common Core State Standards and is partnering with Pearson on software development.

Parents scratch their heads when their kids grow up to be agnostic – or even atheistic – after they raised them in a religious home, wondering how this could have happened.  Republican elected officials who vote for these liberal, agnostic, socialist education policies (after receiving campaign funding from these corporations) wonder why their voters are dwindling and, according to a Gallup Poll, those with socialist leanings are now around 36% of the electorate.

Don’t forget, it only took between 12% and 30% to carry on the American War for Independence – successfully.

Those of us who know our religious liberties are on the line in the public square are baffled that our “conservative” elected leaders in Utah would be listening to people who do not share the values of the majority of Utahns. Such as this, Bill Gates on his views of population control:

For State Senator Aaron Osmond, Lt. Governor Greg Bell, Governor Gary Herbert, all of whom I personally like, as well as others who consistently vote for these education policies,  I have just one question:

In what situation would you blindly follow someone without knowing what that person believed?

Apparently education is one of those situations.

I taught my children to know who they’re following before they commit. Our elected officials are no different.

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UPDATE: On April 19, 2013 I chatted with Governor Herbert briefly. Understandably he was very displeased with my assessment of his actions. We’ve known him on a more personal level, my husband worked with him years ago. We know him to be a good man. I attempted to reach his office during the legislative session without success. His Twitter staff alerted him to this post, and when he returns from Israel, he expressed a strong desire to meet with me. He did want me to let you know that I do believe he is a good man. Admittedly he’s in a tough situation as governor. It’s a bureaucratic maze. Many pressures weigh down on governors, corporations that want favors and that push an elected official to and fro.

Somewhere in all of this is the simplicity of limited government. Perhaps in my meeting with him, we can find a way to work ourselves out of the oligarchical maze we have unwittingly built from one generation to the next and restore our constitutional liberties, our free enterprise system and parental rights.

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