Heartless Immigration Law? Or Media Bias?

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Today Salt Lake City’s Deseret News’ front page story showed an illegal alien mom in distress:  she and her four children are to be deported to their deaths in El Salvador.

It was truly heart-wrenching.

Immigrant family torn apart
Credit: Deseret News

But the message that came across was that Americans must show more compassion to illegal aliens, and that our policy is heartless and must be more “family-friendly.”  Look at the banner in the background.

At the same time, it neglected to inform what this woman could have done – should have done – and probably still CAN do.

It’s quite simple: Even though she didn’t declare political asylum upon crossing the border, she still can do it, according to the information on this website.

Either the writer wasn’t aware of this option, or the paper was deliberately miss-reporting the facts.  I hope it’s the former.

Utah is ranked #4 in the nation for illegal aliens.  The Drug Enforcement Agency told me that drug-related crime is rising.  The longer we postpone a reasonable solution, the worse it will get.

One thought on “Heartless Immigration Law? Or Media Bias?”

  1. I am all for asylum, in any given case, including this one, where it may be legitimately warranted.

    Meanwhile, and as in the case of the Avelar Sisters, reported on last summer, this case too is about an intergenerational legacy of illegality, dishonesty, dishonor, and disrespect for one’s neighbor, passed from generation, to generation, to generation.

    That’s the really despicable thing about this situation, and that of the Avelar Sisters: CHILDREN are being taught that disregard for the law, lying, cheating, stealing, deviously manipulating people’s emotions, and deviously exploiting people’s religious convictions, is the right way.

    I note, for example, the banner which reads, “Keep Families Together.” In this instance, use of this banner is dishonest and guileful. Cunningly playing on community religious belief in the family, it purposely IMPLIES that deportation would result in this family being “torn apart,” when that is not true — they COULD choose to remain together as a family, in any event. The use of that banner is especially disingenuous since actual separation of the family occurred, on multiple occasions, it turns out, as a result of illegal entry INTO this country — not deportation OUT OF this country. And in that process, at least one child was taught, by the parent, that stealing one’s way into a sovereign nation in order to make more money, is the right way.

    But the most despicable thing of all is how people in this community — who know better, the Deseret News, for example — are deliberately perverting the principle of “compassion” to mean endorsing and looking the other way at illegality, in fact an INTERGENERATIONAL LEGACY of illegality, dishonesty, dishonor, and disrespect for one’s fellow man.

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