Who Is Bob Corcoran? What Does He Want? And Who Cares?

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Well, I care.  And a lot of parents all across the nation who know care.  You must understand this information and then take action to pass it on.  If we expect to preserve our tradition of conservatism and liberty, we cannot have a society of low information voters and elected representatives.

Part I:  What You Need To Know

corcoran-carnegieThis may be TMI, but you need to know.

Earlier this week Bob Corcoran came to Salt Lake City and attended an education legislative hearing at the state capitol and met with key people. The next day, a friend approached us in the Senate Office Building and reported, “He was telling people that anyone who is against ‘Common Core State Standards’ is a liar.”

Those are rather harsh words, indeed.

I was sitting at my laptop and I went to work. “So, what’s his name?” I probed. She didn’t remember. “OK, did he say who he represented or what company he worked for?”

“I think he was with GE.” Google “Bob Corcoran GE.”


“Bob Corcoran … Vice President of Corporate Citizenship and President of GE Foundation. Is this what he looks like?” I asked.

“Yes, that looks like him.”

Next… a stream of consciousness – Google word association. Oh how I love Google. (Well not the progressives who created and administer it, but… how grateful I am that I don’t have to get in my car and go to the downtown library to look him up in a card catalog or periodical as we did when I was in college or first started out in public policy research in the mid-1970s.)

Google “Bob Corcoran Common Core.”  Ah…interesting.

So Who Is Bob Corcoran?

He just happens to be the man responsible for one of the largest corporate donations to date – over $18 million – toward the implementation of Common Core State Standards nationally through the GE Foundation.

How is it possible that in one week, I’m making it – big-time – on the “most favorite” list of who’s who in corporate America? I’ve just asked the AT&T and Ernst & Young CEOs to either stand up or step aside in the BSA battle to keep its morally straight standards.  Now I’m apparently taking on General Electric.

Sometimes, no, most of the time, it feels like David and Goliath.  But you may remember, David did win.  And I don’t like losing.

Next. Google “Bob Corcoran International Baccalaureate” (simply because I had just written a Fact Sheet on it for the state Senate.)

Wow. Bob Corcoran is also the man that threatened to pull millions of dollars out of the Stamford, CT schools because they are – horrors – t-r-a-c-k-ing their students.  This is education lingo for putting students who qualify in honors classes, or in ability groups or homogeneous levels according how well they’re doing in the subject areas.  Tracking can also be used to establish a dual Prussian system that places some students in a vocational track and others in a college track at an early age for the purpose of managing the workforce.  That’s a bad idea.   But read on…

Is Tracking Racist?
In the late 1980s, the education and government establishment considered tracking (or ability grouping) to be a racist practice in Dallas, Texas where I lived. Tracking placed students that were working at a similar pace and level of expertise in the same class and grouped them together homogeneously.  In a district with minority students, the stats showed that not enough minorities were getting into the more accelerated tracks.

So the logical solution was to eliminate honors classes. Right?  Seriously.  Okay, of course I’m being sarcastic.  But that proposal, which was very serious, got me into a school board race, and we saved the honors program.

But  “heterogeneous grouping” (putting students of all levels in the same class) became the standard for the public school classroom, making it much more difficult for teachers to teach to a wide range of levels.

One solution was to use the students to manage it within their cooperative learning groups – peer mentoring.  What a mess that was – and is.

Part II:  Social Justice in the Classroom

What did the research show about heterogeneous grouping that caused it to become a social justice cause celebre to remove honors classes?

The studies showed that when the faster students worked with the slower students, it “closed the gap” as they say. That means that the schools used, and still do, the faster students to bring the slower ones up to speed, causing the faster students to slow down and sometimes plateau. That’s what they mean by “closing the gap.”

Educators think that’s a good strategy. Social justice educators think that’s the fair strategy.

Parents who know think it’s a deliberate dumb down of education.  My longtime colleague and former Senior Policy Advisor in the U.S. Department of Education Charlotte Iserbyt during the Reagan Administration is the encyclopedia of that history. Where people once laughed at her assertions, no one’s laughing now.

Whether intended or unintended, the result is that the public school classroom has been lowering the basketball standard so all can shoot the basket equally for about a century now.  Consequently, America is full of Hannity’s “Man on the Street” who can’t even identify who the Vice President is.  Thanks in large part to the public school system that captured prime time of several generations exploited in an inferior system of education, we’re now a nation of low information voters – and elected officials, the most dangerous threat to a free society.

This is one messed-up education system. One wonders why the U.S. continues to pay more for less – and why intelligent parents continue to place their children in this inferior educational environment when they can afford alternatives.

I don’t fault them, however. It’s because unless you have the time to really dig in and do a ton of research, the marketing for public schools is incredibly effective. And what typical parent has the time?

So Who Is Bob Corcoran Now?

Bob Corcoran apparently wants more of the same of a past century of dumbing-down.  He’s a successful man, but he may simply be unfamiliar with this research.  Nevertheless, he plans to continue the madness of trying to fix it with what I call affirmative action in the classroom – or redistribution of the brain. They’re using cooperative learning strategies, progressive curricula, standards and assessments to track students into either college or trade tracks, and at a young age.

Many may not be aware, but this is the old dual Prussian central management model that paved the way for the National Socialist Party of Germany.

Now that’s tracking, I’d say! It’s top-down, central government management over the workforce.  Hardly a conservative idea. Whatever happened to local control and parental rights?

This Google search was getting too intriguing to stop there. It appeared that Corcoran flew all the way to Salt Lake City because he has thrown GE’s financial investment to Obama’s Common Core (we affectionately call it ObamaCore), and Utah citizens were carving out an effective campaign to throw it out.  But how can Utah – or any other state Corcoran may visit – resist an offer it can’t refuse?  But then Corcoran has also threatened to pull millions out of the schools in his home territory in Stamford, CT, almost a continent away.

What’s In It For Him?

Bob Corcoran is obviously a man who has learned that he can control a lot of people with a lot of money. He is pushing a system that uses technology to track its students, their habits, attitudes and beliefs (a perfect day in the marketing department).  Central managers are proposing the sharing of personal and private data, and to make common – or uniform – a national curriculum and assessment under the ruse that every state is creating its own.

The Affordable Care Act is doing the same because it needs the records -physical and behavioral – to dispense medical care through its school-based clinic grants.

This business model makes central management much easier.  And GE needs all the Green cheerleaders and future laborers the schools can produce for its own profit.

But an astute and persistent group of Utah moms and dads has kept the entire establishment on its toes and has discovered just how much privacy they and their children will be giving up in this centrally-managed approach.

Perhaps Bob Corcoran has heard that the Common Core “liars” are making headway in pushing back on these standards in Utah.  So it was time to pay a visit to Utah and set the record straight?  $18 million is a lot of money.

So again, what’s in it for him? I think you are getting the picture.  But there’s more…Read on…

So I Googled another association: “Bob Corcoran Democrat contributions.”

Part III:  Voila.  Now who is Bob Corcoran?

Bob Corcoran is a wealthy man who sits at the helm of the charitable foundation and PAC for General Electric. GE, the Global Green Giant, is almost single-handedly responsible for selling our nation’s energy soul to sustainable development and extremist environmental regulations at the expense of our vast natural resources, in favor of more costly and less dependable wind and solar energy – anything not fossil fuel.

GE gave us the green light bulbs filled with toxic mercury.  (Have you noticed that toxic, sickly green tint in your living room?) They don’t last as long as they said they would, but incandescent light bulb lovers will be out of luck as they become obsolete – whether we want it or not.  Well, I personally want my incandescent bulbs back.

The Suppression of Prosperity

His corporation is working with the Obama Administration, effectively keeping Utah and other states in the region from accessing the vast fossil fuels available. As the President promised, the intent is to bankrupt its clean coal plants, which has depressed the economy and stonewalled the funding needed for education. If Utah had it, the state wouldn’t need GE’s help and Utah could create its own superior schools.

Here’s President Obama on bankrupting those coal plants:

But GE wants the control.  GE is the champion of taxing the U.S.’s carbon footprint to redistribute our wealth globally with that tax to eradicate poverty while millions of Americans are out of work here because, let me repeat, in Utah we cannot access our natural resources because Democrats, such as Bob Corcoran, want to control the profits. I make no apology for that run-on sentence.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am a capitalist.  I’m all for people making a profit.

Even though I’m not an atheistic objectivist, I cheered along with the rest of the audience at the end of the recent film Atlas Shrugged II (which my nephew film-scored).  Anyone who wants to create wealth should be allowed to do so as long as it meets standards of decency.  It’s what successful people do with their money that matters.

Selling GE, Common Core and the Democratic Party to Republican Utah

And that’s my point with what Bob Corcoran is doing with his money – GE’s money. GE is a major, major, MAJOR donor to the uncommonly-common Common Core State Standards as well as a champion of social justice classroom strategies that the Obama Administration is imposing on the states in the name of “voluntary” (e.g. if you want the money, it’s mandatory). GE Foundation has given $7 million to Achieve to implement Common Core.

And for my Republican friends, even though Common Core has funding from both sides of the aisle, Corcoran is also a major, major, MAJOR donor to the Democratic Party, having supported and maxxed out for Barack Obama in both elections, and was a consistent donor for other Democrats for several years.

So Bob Corcoran came to the Utah State Capitol to meet with mostly Republican legislators who are governed by a Republican governor, who were just wined and dined by a powerful Democrat.  No wonder Utah is a Red State with some very Democratic-sounding bills and laws.

Corcoran, the Sustainability Professional

I’m obviously addicted to Google searching, but I needed to make a point, almost certain of what I would find.  So, next…”Bob Corcoran sustainable development”

Did you know that Bob Corcoran is the Sustainability Professional?

He supports the “college and career ready” model (remember, the old Prussian model of separating students into two or three different courses of study at an early age – one for college and the other for trade school.)  Much has been written about this, but the point is that Germany centrally-managed its workforce which gave the emerging Third Reich enormous power and control over the people.

Here’s the Achieve conference where Bob was a keynote speaker:

Here is Corcoran speaking at the Carnegie Council recently on GE’s business practices with China.


Part IV:  What’s the common core here?  Putting It Together

GE received $646 billion in bailouts from the Obama administration in 2009. Read that: GE was ready to fold.  Then in 2010 GE, Exelon, Caterpillar were three of the major corporations that pushed for either “cap and trade” or a carbon tax.  Naturally, they desire to capture the market. But in order to make that happen, the old fossil fuel, natural resources market had to be suppressed.  Plus they needed to lock in their future buyers and laborers, especially the low-level workers.  What better marketing scheme could there be than to sell the Global Green Giant collectivist plan to save our planet on our vulnerable and impressionable children and who will one day graduate from the Common Core school to be career-ready for GE?

What’s in it for Bob Corcoran, isn’t what’s “in it” for Utahns who know what’s happening. Let me repeat:

These environmental laws are costing Utah millions in lost revenue that could be otherwise be used to improve education locally – without federal intrusion and without GE’s philanthropic intervention.

Growing Green

The curriculum itself has turned a strong shade of green.  Just walk through the hallways of your local elementary school and you will see it everywhere on the walls.  If you want to own that corner of the market for generations of profits, you will need a generation of workers who passionately support the lie that humans are destroying the planet.  And you will need a strong coalition.

Some Leaders at the Top

Maurice Strong
Maurice Strong

Let me introduce of key leaders in this coalition.  First, chairman of 1992 Rio The Earth Summit – former U.N. Under Secretary for the Environment, Maurice Strong, a former Canadian oil entrepreneur turned green technology investor.  Strong developed the U.N.’s environmental policy beginning in the mid-1970s, during the Paul Ehrlich sky-is-falling days of The Population Bomb which triggered a parallel fervor in the feminist movement to pass Roe v. Wade and urge the United States to reduce its population.  I lay today’s social security crisis at the feet of these socialist central managers who must have known the disparity in population would create economic havoc.

Maurice (pronounced MOR-ris) chaired the 1992 Rio Earth Summit and moved the event’s declaration forward.  It is called Agenda 21.  His opening speech and more about Agenda 21 is here.  In 1999, Strong was responsible for restoring the U.N. University of Peace in Costa Rica after mismanagement.

Mikhail Gorbachev
Mikhail Gorbachev

Next, meet his friend Mikhail Gorbachev, founder of Green Cross International and of course former Prime Minister of the U.S.S.R.  Many believe that Gorbachev renounced socialism/communism. In reality, while his power and influence was diminishing, his message to the Politburo was one of re-dedication to communism.  Post-Perestroika/Glastnost. he recreated a new strategy to take socialism global.  Around 1991, Gorbachev founded two non-profits in San Francisco, the Gorbachev Foundation and the Green Cross International.  My eye caught that tiny article about Green Cross, and I called Charlotte.  She had been following it as well.

We commiserated.  “Cherilyn, this is the most dangerous time of all.”  I agreed.  Some who had grown up during the Cold War and Khrushchev pounding threats of “We will bury you!” let the euphoria give them a false sense of security.  After all, if there’s no more Evil Empire, what’s there to worry about?

Meanwhile, the U.S. had entered into another war, this time in the Middle East.  All attention simultaneously turned to a new demon – Islamic terrorism.  While no one was really watching, Gorbachev had successfully seized upon a moment to evangelize worldwide, this time using environmentalism.  In 1992, as I was wall papering my bathroom, I listened to the commentary coming from Rio, The Earth Summit.

What a deceptive coup.  Charlotte, I and others in our communications circles (pre-Internet) felt virtually alone in our skepticism of the Evil Empire having fallen for good.

Gorbachev conveniently became a major Global Green Guru assisting Strong in creating The Earth Charter – a manifesto of “new commandments” of extreme environmentalism, unilateral disarmament, population control, and redistribution of wealth – inspired by the Earth Summit.

Robert Muller
Robert Muller

Another prominent player on the education side of this coalition is Robert Muller.

The late and former Assistant Secretary General of the U.N. Robert Muller created the World Core Curriculum for the University in collaboration with UNESCO.  He is known as the “father of global education.”  I subscribed to his daily “Good Morning World” blog posts until his death.  He and his curriculum was extremist in environmental and social philosophy and policy, advocating world governance and redistribution of wealth.

And of course there’s also Al Gore, who just sold his TV empire to Big Middle East oil Emir Al Jazeera, the very industry he and his friends (did I mention George Soros?) want to inch out of the market.

Not bad for the guy that invented the Internet.

It’s not the Internet itself.  It’s how they’re using it.  They have networked for the perfect and equitable socialist world they seek to control.


Speaking of Soros

I couldn’t remember the numbers, so I did one last Google search.  I promise.  This is the last one.  For this article.

General Electric George Soros.

I knew Soros is a major investor in GE.  He owns much of the mainstream-liberal media as well.  And of course, GE owns most of the media.  It’s a matrix of money.

Here’s George Soros speaking on why capitalism is standing in the way of “open society”

This analysis would not be complete without one more…OK I’m breaking my promise…just ONE more Google search: “U.S. Chamber of Commerce Common Core”

I couldn’t help myself because I’ve learned that, in following the money, the Chamber is usually there and does have a powerful voice in public policy setting. They need a labor force as well. Here’s the Chamber’s 2010 endorsement of the Common Core Standards.


We’ve made such headway in the pushback on Common Core, panic is breaking out. Now Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is urging the Chamber to get involved to help them in the states that are pulling back or refusing to adopt the standards. You can expect media, radio and TV, to join in with Exxon Mobil to convince us all that this is a terrific plan for college and career-readiness.

How Will Utah – and Other States – Respond to the Pressure?

This control through the manipulation of money and markets is being done entirely at the expense of liberty.  Our children are being exploited with a curriculum controlled by the very money that bought it, designed to recruit faithful followers and massive profits.  Bob Corcoran knows his mission is to convince our elected officials to trust the Obama administration’s move toward a national curriculum and assessment that will connect the world in UNESCO’s goal of  one Common Global Core.

What does this do to the power of the vote? There is a name for this form of governance. it’s called an oligarchy.

Will members of the Utah state legislature be susceptible to these pressures – or threats – as happened with Corcoran in Connecticut?

The power of this matrix to manipulate the states is enormous.  Utah is populated with predominantly conservative, religious families who would oppose these curriculum goals, if they were aware of them.  The well-funded, but unwanted, imposition of a set of lowered standards and content is daunting.

Through a brave new world of technology in education (as well as in health care)  we’re primed for the next phase: technology to track students nationally and globally.  This is a stunning invasion of privacy and a violation of Constitutional protections.

But what better way to control the huge workforce these corporations will need in a world where we’ll all be walking and/or riding bikes and mass transit to protect the environment, while the endangered species will be running the insane asylum, and General Electric will bring us all the Green Gadgets that require electricity and not fossil fuel!

GE doesn’t care about our children, really.  It cares about controlling them – for their own profit.

Follow the money and if there’s corruption, you’ll find it.

Do you get the picture?

That’s why I do care about Bob Corcoran and what he wants.  And that’s why you should too.

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