Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Out – Doctor Urges at Prayer Breakfast

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Watch national Prayer Breakfast speaker Dr. Benjamin Carlson, pediatric neurosurgeon, Johns Hopkins, kindly and gently blasting the PC Police for trying to shut down our First Amendment right to free speech as he calls for civility – and standing at the rostrum only two seats away from from the PC King himself – President Obama!  obama prayer breakfast

Carlson’s message embodies the courage of a conservative mind. It represents what this site is about – not being afraid to define who we are blodly, clearly and not being ashamed to recognize Truth, enduring principles, and to embrace the wisdom of history.

Those who complain about “hate groups” are also frequently those who shout profane labels at us, resort to personal attacks, and are quick to even de-friend us on Facebook. With all the noise, they completely miss the message of what conservatism is really about: less government and more allegiance to God, family and country. And being intelligent enough to dig more deeply to analyze all sides of an issue.

So here he is, Dr. Benjamin Carlson. If you want to be inspired and emboldened, you won’t want to miss this one – especially to find out what happened to those two $5,000 birds he bought his mother:

Now, my conservative friends, go out and do the Right thing! Carpe Diem.

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    1. Thanks for your comment – and the tip. I changed it to “profane,” because it was a more accurate fit. I’ve had plenty of pornographic expletives thrown my way, a swastika spray painted on my driveway and death threats.

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