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boy scouts - flagThe Boy Scouts of America needs to hear from you today.  On February 6, 2013 the BSA will make a decision as to whether it will discontinue its current policy of prohibiting openly homosexual scout leaders in its ranks.  Pressure is coming from gay activists who will not stop until the BSA redefines its standard of morality.  They have been targeting some corporate CEOs who serve on the BSA Board.

To read more click here, but be sure to sign the petition on the top right. 

Like millions of mothers, I am also a mother of four boys who were active in the Boy Scout program.  All but one received the Eagle Scout Award.

For seven years, I served as a Cub Scout leader for each of my boys.  When I lived in Dallas, I became a Unit Commissioner.  I worked directly with a BSA scout executive in the Irving, Texas national office as a contributor to the development of the Cub Scout Song Book.

If the BSA changes its “sexual orientation” policy, parents will no longer have the degree of trust they have had in the past.  It will open the organization and any sponsoring organization to increased risks of lawsuits if any child is harmed under this policy.

My church is one of the largest sponsors of the BSA, and I do not want it or any other church to be exposed to additional legal challenges.

Three Quick Steps to Make A Difference

If you want to make a difference, here is the action you can take today:

1. Please sign this petition letter to the BSA Board Members today (located at the top right).  You can edit it as you wish.

2. Call the national office:




and/or call selected board members:

  • David L. Beck: (801) 240-1000
  • R. Thomas Buffenbarger: (310) 967-4500
  • Keith A. Clark: (717) 763-1121
  • William F. “Rick” Cronk: (925) 283-7229
  • John C. Cushman III: (904) 393-9020
  • R. Michael Daniel: (412) 297-4989
  • Jack D. Furst: (972) 982-8250
  • T. Michael Goodrich: (205) 328-9445 ext. 200
  • Earl G. Graves: (212) 242-8000
  • Aubrey B. Harwell Jr.: (615) 244-1713
  • Stephen Hemsley: (800) 328-5979
  • Larry W. Kellner: (713) 468-4050
  • Robert J. LaFortune: (918) 582-2981
  • Joseph P. Landy: (212) 878-0600
  • Francis R. McAllister: (406) 373-8700
  • Scott D. Oki: (425) 454-2800
  • Arthur F. Oppenheimer: (208) 343-4883
  • Tico A. Perez: (407) 849-1235
  • Robert H. Reynolds: (317) 231-7227
  • Matthew K. Rose: (909) 386-4140
  • Nathan O. Rosenberg: (949) 494-4553
  • Roger M. Schrimp: (209) 526-3500
  • Marshall M. Sloane: (781) 395-3000
  • Rex W. Tillerson: (972) 444-1000
  • David M. Weekley: (713) 659-8111
  • Togo D. West, Jr.: (202) 775-1775

3. Share this message with others on your Facebook page, twitter, blog sites or by email.

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Cherilyn Eagar

5 thoughts on “Save Our Sons – Sign the Petition – Contact the BSA”

  1. Cherilyn, Although I am dissapointed abot the situation and decision, it seems clear that the BSA is simply pushing the problem off onto the charterring oganizations, so they can be sued rather than the BSA being sued. Not exactly the example of standing for principles or honor. It will diminish the organization.

  2. I believe in the right of any private organization to operate under it’s own bylaws. that is the beauty of our Constitution and it is what i served two tours of duty in Viet Nam to protect. At the same time the Boyscout’s have that right to allow anyone into the organization they choose. After 40 + years of giving $$ and certainly raising money as a Church Leader i want to say I did this because the Boyscout’s represented the values my family believe in. i have two Eagle Scout son’s and have worked to get many others their Eagle Rank.if the Boyscout’s chose to select different values that i do not support i will discontinue my support.

    Thanks for this opportunity,


  3. This movement invalidates the Boy Scout Oath…”…Morally Straight…”


  4. Please do not cave to the pressure to have gay scout leaders. It not only is against the religious beliefs of many scouters, but it leaves you open to huge law suits. It is unnecessary! If you think this will draw more boys, I think you are entirely misled. It will be the opposite–boys will leave or not join because of it. How is a parent to know if their son is safe? Are these leaders going to wear a badge that says “I am homosexual.” There are many fine people who are homosexual, but there are plenty who would take advantage. You have enough to deal with with those who have other addictions–why take on another. This is a crazy world and this is not to the benefit of the boys you are sworn to protect.

  5. A long time ago, I had enough merit badges and was a Life scout working on Eagle. My Scoutmaster and I were LDS. On an overnighter he tried a homosexual act on me which I repelled. I dropped out of church and left scouting. I never earned my Eagle. Many years later after rejoining the church, I was called to be a scoutmaster and I accepted. I earned my Woodbadge, had a weeks Summer Camp Director training and was the Camp Director for a scout summer camp for two summers. I saw dozens of scout masters and hundreds of boys. Had I been aware of any homosexual activities I would have forced the participants out of the camp. Most people don’t want to say it so bluntly, but I will. If a horny homosexual older scout has discovered his penis there is nothing to stop him from trying it out on a cute, Tenderfoot Scout on an overnighter. Let the gays howl, threaten, wail into the night. Let them threaten timid CEOs, let them publish how intolerant the scout movement is, BUT DON’T WEAKEN!!!!

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