No Good News for Utah’s Health Insurance Exchange

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Deseret News Editorial Headline: Good News on Avenue H Read the editorial here.

Update 1.8.2013:  I submitted the following editorial comment to the Deseret News.  For reasons unknown to me, (except that I disagreed with its editorial) the paper has once again not published my comment – online.  This is a disturbing pattern that I wanted my readers to know about, so I am re-submitting this post to ensure that this message gets through by alternative communications.

For more information on the state health insurance exchanges, go to Citizens Council for Health Freedom:   You will learn everything you need to know.  Here’s the brief on 15 Reasons to Oppose Obama’s Health Insurance Exchanges.

Also, Goldwater Institute has some excellent white papers.  Check them out here and here and here.

Now, here’s my response to the Deseret News Editorial on the state health insurance exchange that was not published:

IHC is not a government-run insurance program. It’s a 501c3. Avenue H is a government-run health care program – nothing free market – or “good news” about it.

Sebelius has informed Utah that its exchange must comply with the federal model. I don’t see Utah being a winner here.

What of Medicaid expansion requirements? A major concern.

Kudos to Speaker Lockhart for suggesting that Utah will not fund a dime and that the federal government will have to run such a program.

Avenue H supporters must show how private insurance providers will be able to compete with a government-subsidized program. How is this a “free market” solution?

The exchange is an incremental strategy to place health care under government control and is doomed to go the way of public education, which also destroyed the private market and excellent private, independent schools along with it.

There is no reason or rationale behind supporting Avenue H, especially when Utah is running a deficit. Do our lawmakers know how much is the federally-approved exchange is projected to cost? For more updates, visit the Goldwater Institute website and my blog site and sign up for updates.