‘Gay Marriage Harms No One.’ Really?

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marriage between a man and a womanIf Illinois gets its way, YOU are about to become a bigot if you believe in marriage between a man and a woman.

For years proponents of same-sex marriage have insisted that the adoption of such laws would harm no one. “Live and let live!” they say.

To those well-meaning, but naive Christian or deeply-religious, friends on the opposite side of this issue, I submit Exhibit A, The Illinois Proposal: the beginning of more unconstitutional religious liberties violations to come.

Here’s the ‘Gay’ Agenda You Were Warned About – WND

One only needs to observe how marriage in Sweden and the Netherlands has disappeared altogether after marriage laws were neutered, and how Christians and others with deeply-held religious beliefs have been marginalized and persecuted, to get a glimpse of the future in America unless the First Amendment to the Constitution is upheld.

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